All You Need is Love

I: English Blood, Irish Heart:

Evan soon had a rival. Hunter Turner was a Factory star actor. He too had eyes for Pandora Wolf. The triangle started at the Lotus. Hunter was socializing with friends when he saw her. She sat alone at the bar. The Irish man couldn�t take his eyes off of her. She looked like an angel tonight. The actor had to have her. Hunter set down his drink.

�Excuse me, lads,� he said to his friends. The Irish man got up and walked over to his prize. Pandora looked up and saw this charming man walking towards her. Short red hair, tone muscle, olive-pale complexion, and a pretty tall soul. The newbie looked away breathlessly blushing. Hunter sat down next to her.

�Hi,� he said.

�Hey,� she said.

�What�s your name?�

�Pandora. Pandora Wolf.�

�Pandora, huh? The woman that opened the box.�

�Yeah, something like that.�

�I�m Hunter Tuner.�

�Nice to meet you.� They shook hands. Hunter grinned at her.

�You look cute!� he said as he looked her up and down. Pandora blushed at his comment.

�T-Thanks!� she exclaimed.

�Let�s say you and I get out of here and go somewhere!� he said. Pandora looked at him oddly.

�Are you� chatting me up?� she asked.

�You tell me!� he said. Pandora giggled at him. Meanwhile, Evan came out of the bathroom. He spotted the actor with his potential girl. Ms. Green Jealousy became his date tonight. �That Irish bastard is trying to steal my girl!� he thought. No! He just couldn�t lose Pandora to Hunter! Not ever! May the fight begin!

II: Innocence with Love:

Simon loved Nia. Loved her since they first met. She was a sweet girl. A huge polar opposite of Emily. Yes, Nia was no Emily. Innocence was the key difference. Nia had it, Emily didn�t. Simple as that! Or was it?

Problem was, the heiress wouldn�t leave Simon�s head. She was like a tick to him. That girl got under his skin and wouldn�t leave. But, Emily shot him down. He should hate her now for that. But, no. Simon just couldn�t do it and didn�t know why.

�Simon?� a soft voice asked him. The boy looked up to see his current girlfriend. He and Nia were taking a walk through the city one Sunday afternoon. Simon stared on at his girl. Her face always calmed his mind from Emily. Nia always brought him back to Earth. He didn�t need Emily�s wild party life style. Simple and innocent would do just fine.

�Is something the matter?� Nia asked. Simon shook his head.

�Nothing,� he said. Nia smiled at him kindly.

�Okay!� she said. Her boyfriend began to relax again. Nia�s smile had chased Emily out of his mind. For now anyway�

III: Jenny + Ryan II:

Today was the day. Jenny and Ryan were getting married. Just as planned! The wedding was a simple one. They went to the courthouse. She wore a short sexy white dress. He wore jeans and a t-shirt. Jenny and Ryan had a private ceremony. Only Andy and the band were the witnesses. The ceremony only took twenty minutes. The couple exchanged vows and got their marriage license. Reception at a buffet across the street. Later, Jenny and Ryan spent the night in a love hotel. Trashy? Say what you will! Jenny and Ryan are in love now! So, screw you!

IV: Pot Crush:

Conrad might like Kei. Who can say? He sure acts like it. The boy tries to keep the heiress happy. He walks her to and from the bus station. He carries her books. Simple, yeah? Maybe too simple. Friend-simple. Nothing hot there. It�s just neutral.

Still, something *could* happen. Maybe� Depends on if you want it or not. Conrad might. One would have to see.

But what about Kei? What does she think about all of this? Haven�t crossed her mind. As far as she knows, she and Conrad are just friends. She has other things on her mind at the moment. School and losing her virginity. Yes, the last part is right. Kei was curious about sex. She wanted know what it was about. No real reason, just curious. That can�t be good! Lucky for Kei, Conrad is there to save her when things get worse. But why? Love, maybe? Who can say?

V: For the Love of Andy:

Oh, Andy Teach. No one could figure him out. Was he gay or did he play for both teams? Hard to say. Some say he was voyeur. That seemed true. Andy always filmed many sex acts�straight, gay, lesbian, whatever. He watched some of the men in the Factory get undressed. Nothing ever came from watching.

But yet, Andy did have relationships. Ian was a good example. The director always bragged about his affairs with Andy. Yet, he knew he wasn�t the only one. Andy had many other affairs. Some were one-night stands. Others developed into fruitful relationships. However, Andy didn�t talk about his lovers openly. Didn�t need to. Everyone guessed his relationships and just ran with it. But what was Andy Teach? Gay? Bisexual? He�ll never tell!

VI: Jenny +Ryan III:

*Six weeks before the wedding*

Ryan took Jenny to a sushi bar on their first date. Good so far. However, Ryan still had a nagging question in the back of his mind. It just had to come out.



�Why do you want to marry me?�


�Because why?� Jenny smiled at him.

�To keep the band together!�


�Think about it!� Ryan did for a moment and shook his head.

�I�m not following!� Jenny grabbed him by the hands and leaned in close.

�If we marry, the band will stay together more easily. Consider it a business deal! Plus, you�re gorgeous. So what do you say?� Ryan stared at her confused. Her logic was confusing. Yet, she made it sound so attractive� Maybe too attractive� Ryan lowered his gaze to her hands and arresting his.

�At least let us go on a few dates first.�

�Fine!� Ryan relaxed some. This was just getting weirder and weirder. However, Jenny won that battle in the end. Ryan grew to like her and married her six weeks later. Score one for the woman!

VII: Triangle:

Pandora now had a conflict. She now liked two men. First, Evan came along and wooed her. Then, Hunter arrived and seduced her. Pandora couldn�t piece it all together in her head. How did this happen? Why her? Why were two men into her now? She couldn�t figure it out.

It�s all strange really. Guys never noticed Pandora before. Now, she had two admirers after her. So weird! Yet, she couldn�t complain. The freshman laughed the attention. However, she would have to pick one guy and one guy only. Who would it be�Hunter or Evan? They both were so pretty and nice to her. They both seemed into her. Such a close call�

Pandora sighed and shook her head in stress. She liked them both. The poor soul just couldn�t choose one! Hunter and Evan looked so hot! Oh, what�s a girl to do?

VIII: Love Me:

Love, love, love. It�s everywhere. One has to know where to look. Sometimes it�s big. Sometimes it�s tiny. One thing is certain: All you need is love, love. Love is all you need. And then some.

Black Kisses