Ana's Bio

Name: Ana Carmen Torres

AKA: Sexy, Chica, and Latina

Birthdate: 6/10/82

Age: 20

P.O.B.: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Species: Human

Occupation: DJ and writer

Hair: Black

Eyes: Wine red

Height: 5'7"

Love Status: Sort of single

Likes, Music, Moby, anime, manga, boys, internet, CSI, The L Word, salsa, sex, DJing, Facebook, Sneaker Pimps, Gorillaz, belly dancing, flirting, Sean Paul, trip hop, video games, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Tenchi franchise, yuri, yaoi, t.A.T.u, comedy movies, Lamb, horror films, Pussycat Dolls, TV on the Radio, beach, techno, and writing

Outfit: Black halter top, gold miniskirt, black kitten heels, gold bangles, and a gold chain necklace

Motorcycle: Roger

Animal Chibi: Cougar

    Ana lusts for life. Her story is a long one. She hails from Brazil. Chica had a decent childhood. She came from a big family in Brazil with a mother, father, two older brothers, three younger sisters, three aunts, four uncles, and many cousins. Ana pretty much grew up as a good girl in the family. Then, puberty came along. Ana became a wild child. The partying, flirting, and loud music always put her parents on edge. They even tried to drag her to church more often to save her soul. Despite her behavior, the girl got by just right.

    Music is her first love ever since she was eleven. She suddenly wanted to be a DJ. After she graduated from high school, Ana went to America for college. She found herself there. Ana got her first job as a party DJ at a campus night club in California. Her popularity sky-rocketed quickly. Also, Ana discovered sex, but, she was more of a flirt. Many men and women wanted her so badly. There is even evidence that she has gone out with both.

    Pretty soon, Ana transferred to Japan with the company that she was with at the time. Her popularity spiked there too. Also, something else fell into her lap. Josie and Lou were partying one night and discovered her. They took her back to the academy and signed her on and she's been there ever since. Ana has caught Travis' eye too easily. That caused her to make an enemy with Bad Noiz. So, they fight constantly. She has even managed to attract some of the female students at the academy. Ana has a dog named Frank.