Chapter Fourteen: Angelic Resting:


Testing was wearing me out. Watari said that it�s helping him with his research, but the truth is it�s tiring me out every day. I don�t even know what he wants. I flopped back on my couch in my living room.

�Damn it,� I muttered. �And I have to work today too?� I shook my head to myself.

�You okay?� I heard over my head. I glanced up and found Takashi beside me. I gave him a small smile.

�Yes,� I said. �I�m just tired.� He felt around for my hand on the couch. I took hold of his for him. He�s such a sweet guy. I almost want him to be my boyfriend.

�How much more with this?� Takashi asked. I sighed as I looked at his gorgeous face.

�A couple of weeks,� I answered. I groaned at that statement. �I don�t know how much longer I can hold out,� I complained.

�I�m here for you, you know,� he told me.

�Yes,� I said. A random thought occurred in my head. �Takashi-kun,� I spoke up.

�Yes?� he asked.

�Could you kiss me?� I asked. I had never seen his cheeks so red.

�I�m not asking so much,� I said. �Just one kiss.�

�What?� Takashi blurted out with red cheeks.

�It�s okay,� I said. �I won�t have sex with you, just one kiss.�

�You sure?� he asked.

�Yes,� I said. �I won�t even use tongue.� He still hesitated at first. Finally, Takashi bowed his head.

�Alright,� he said. Takashi leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I placed my hand on his cheek. My heart flipped in excitement. I�m not supposed to feel this way, but I can�t help it. Takashi pulled away and I felt cold. It�s over already? I looked up at Takashi.

�Why don�t you lie down with me?� I asked. His face looked so red.

�Char-chan!� he yelped.

�It�s okay,� I insisted. �I won�t do anything.� He didn�t move for a long pause. That angel moved to my side and lied down beside me. I held his hand the whole time. I kissed him on the forehead.

�See?� I asked, �Not so bad, is it?�

�No,� he said. I pushed his some of his hair out of his face. He�d be the perfect boyfriend. It�s a shame that Takashi can�t understand concepts like that. He�s still learning about sex. I�m tempted to sleep with him again. Somehow, that doesn�t seem like a good idea.

�Takashi-kun,� I spoke up.

�Hm?� he asked.

�How much do you like me?� I asked.

�What do you mean?� my angel asked. I rested my head against his chest.

�I think I�ve fallen in love with you,� I admitted. He held me in his arms. I pressed my lips together. Was it okay to say something like that? Am I really in love with him? �Do you understand what I�m saying?� I asked.

�I�m not sure,� Takashi answered. His grip tightened around my body.

�That�s okay,� I said. I took in the moment between us. �I have more testing tomorrow,� I spoke up.

�Alright,� Takashi told me. I stayed in his arms somewhat satisfied. This will do for now, I suppose.