Angels with Earth


I turned on the video camera and hit record.

Do you believe in angels? I have asked quite a few people this question. They gave me some rather interesting answers.

�Isn�t that a Western notion?� a high school girl asked on camera.

�I guess�� Michiro answered with a puzzled look on his face.

�Not really,� a seventh grade boy answered.

�Yes did, I think,� an old woman told me.

�Angels do exist; just ask my girlfriend, man!� one of the local punks answered with a cheesy grin on his face.

�No, I just don�t think angels exist. I just don�t.�

The answers are all pretty much the same. Some of them are intruding while others didn�t seem to match the question I was asking. What do I think? I turned the camera to face me.

�Yes,� I spoke into the microphone, �I do believe in angels. I fact I personally know one.�

Her name is Kurosawa Baby Doll. She died back in 2005. Okay, she�s more of a ghost in a sense. She can�t go to Heaven yet because she wants to find out who murdered her. I turned the video camera on her in the library. Baby Doll rolled her eyes at me.

�What?� she hissed.

�Say hi to the camera,� I said.

�Why?� my friend hissed as she kept her eyes on the computer screen. Clearly, she still doesn�t like me yet. I will have to work on that later.

�Have you found anything in the public records?� I asked as I focused the camera on the computer screen. She tried to hide it from me with her shoulder.

�No,� that angel hissed at me, �Could put the damn camera down? Why are you filming me anyway?�

�I�m just making a little documentary,� I told her. The frown on her face deepened.

�May I ask why?� she hissed at me. She tried to dodge me, but I kept the focus on her as she moved. I shrugged with the camera still filming in my hand.

�Just felt like it,� I said, �Come on, give me a break.� Baby Doll gritted her teeth.

�Look!� she snapped, �If you�re going to help me out here, out the camera down and help me out, damn it!� Some of the people in the library shushed her. I gave her quite a goofy smile.

�Shhh,� I said in a joking way, �We�re in a library, remember?� She stuck her tongue at me and returned to the screen.

�Shut up,� she told me, �Where did you get that stupid thing, anyway?�

�I borrowed it from the school,� I said while I was still filmed her typing on the computer.

�By �borrow,� you mean you �stole� it, right?� she asked me rather bitter.

�No, I mean I rented it for the weekend,� I corrected her, �Come on, don�t by like that.�

�Can you blame me?� Baby Doll asked, �You�re filming me.�

�What? Is there a rule against taping angels on camera?� I asked joking around with her.

�No,� she hissed, �But it�s rather annoying. Turn it off before I break.� I sighed and shook my head.

�Fine, fine,� I said. I hit stop and turned off the camera. �It�s off now, better?� I asked. She turned to me, frowning. Baby Doll didn�t say a word, but she pulled up a chair for me. I smiled as I sat down next to begin around round of searching for her killers.