Chapter Seventeen: Aniki:

-Five Days Ago-

A man walked up to the front desk on Ju-On-Cho.

“Hi, can I help you?” the receptionist asked. She froze when she laid eyes on him. The man’s deep brown eyes made her heart pound. Despite looking tired, he was pretty attractive.

“Is my brother here?” he asked. His short black messy hair hid his eyes. His skin tone had a deep tan. When he spoke, the receptionist found his voice so relaxing. She gulped and cleared her throat.

“May I ask who that is?” she asked.

“Urahara Kyosuke,” the man said. At first, the receptionist gave him a blank stare.

“Huh?” she asked. “Did you say…?” The receptionist covered her mouth.

“Oh!” she said. “I’ll get him on the phone right away.” She picked up the phone and started dialing. The man patiently waited.

“Hello,” the woman said. “Urahara-san there? No? Okay, have him give me a call. Okay, bye.” She turned back to the man.

“He’s on assignment right now,” the receptionist said. “Want me to take a message?” The man shook his head.

“Nah,” he said. “I’ll come back tomorrow.” He turned and walked away.

“Wait!” the receptionist said. The door closed behind the man.

For five days, this man showed up. He always asked for the same thing.

“Is Kyosuke here?” he would ask. Sadly, his brother would never be there. The man would just leave. The shinigami couldn’t figure it out. Who was this man? What did he want with Kyosuke so much? They couldn’t reach the shinigami those five days.

It would take Watari to finally reach him. Kyosuke gave him an odd look.

“Someone wants to see me?” he asked. “Who is it?”

“They said it was some man,” Watari said. “I don’t think the receptionist got his name.” Kyosuke was about to speak when his phone rang.

“Excuse me,” he said. Kyosuke picked up his phone.

“Hello?” he asked. “Yes, I’m here in the building now. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Is he still there? Okay, I will down there right now.” Kyosuke hung up and turned to Watari.

“He’s here,” he said.

“You can go,” the blonde scientist said.

“Thank you,” Kyosuke said. He bowed and walked out of the lab.


The man waited at the front desk. The receptionist’s eyes shifted back and forth.

“Can I get your anything?” she asked. The man shook his head.

“Nah, I’m good,” he said.

“Okay…” she said, biting on her lower lip. The receptionist and the guest turned when they heard footsteps enter the room. Kyosuke’s eyes widened as his jaw dropped.

Aniki?” he asked. The older man held out his arms.

“Little brother,” he said.