Anthony's Bio
Name: Stefan Nikita Stalin

AKA: Anthony and Tony

Birthdate: 7/18/70

Age: 32

P.O.B.: Moscow, Russia

Species: Demimortal

Occupation: Hentai writer and wandering publisher

Hair: Dirt blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 6'2"

Love Status: Married

Likes: Hentai, writing and reading hentai, sake, partying, Gorillaz, t.A.T.u, rock music, Patricia, Sikorsky, buying things for pretty females, ecchi, yuri, K-On!, shoujo-ai, anime, manga, Snow Patrol, Zeromancer, The Kills, Asians, Playboy, Russia, Japan, and Japanese culture

Outfit: Baggy jeans, black t-shirt, black leather boots, brown leather jacket, and one silver earring

Motorcycle: Sikorsky

Animal Chibi: Tiger

    Sly, seductive, clever, and a bad boy. All of these describe Anthony Stalin. He grew up around women from an early age. Tony lived with his mother and two older sisters from the age of three. All of them just showered him with attention and relied on him as he got older. He practically grew up spoiled by all of the girls in his family. By the time he made it to high school, Tony moved out on his own into the city part of Moscow at the age of fifteen. His grandmother supported him financially all the way up to college. He dropped out just days before graduation, but later back finished online just before his thirtieth birthday.

    Once Moscow's biggest playboys, girls left and right would fall for him. His charms began from elementary school. Three little girls even got into a fight over who would marry Tony one afternoon during recess. Over the years, he found himself pretty much attracted to sex and women in general. He bedded with them constantly. He couldn't remember a night that he didn't have a hot date by his side. The man didn't even think about settling down at all. That was until for met his wife at the age of twenty-one. They dated for two years and got married on Christmas Day. Ever since then, she keeps his womanizing and love of pornography in check.

    Brave and carefree, Anthony doesn't care what people say about him. The man just does as he solely pleases with making his wife happy on the side. He met Noizchild at a writers' convention in the spring of 2000 in Paris, France. Anthony persuaded her to let him join her academy. His good old charm won the catgirl over just as it had with every woman that he had met in the past. Tony is good friends with T.J. and Art at the academy. He has a dog named Rasputin with his wife in Moscow.