I donít know whatís going on. I have the number seven burned into my back. Iím going to die next year. No one else notices it. Well, there is one boy.

Tsukiyono Omi. Heís such a nice guy. He is like a brother to me. He is my brother. Okay, I already have an older brother. *Shutter*

I donít really want to talk about him. But, I have to. So, here I go. My real brotherís name is Ozawa Taro. We own a pawn shop. Actually, it was out parentsí, but they died when I was smaller. Now, itís just him and me. Not so goodÖ

TaroÖ wellÖ heís a guy. He is hot-blooded. Violent. Oversexed. Alcoholic. Not a good guy in short. I hate being around him. But, Iíve got no choice because of my situation. Awful, I know. But, I manage.

I find escape through school and Taroís horror film collection. Both keep me from losing it. Yet, Iím so lonely. What I really wanted was a friend. Every day, I kept wishing for one. I finally got my wish, sort of.

I am happy to have met Phoenix and Omi. Phoenix goes to my school. We never crossed paths until mow. Why would I up until this point? Iím a year and grade older than her. We live in different parts of town. Sheís American. She had her sister. See? Nothing in common. But now, we are under the same curse and we donít know why.

Now, on to Omi. He comes from the high school. He works at a flower shop called Koneko no Sumu Ie. Iíve walked by it once or twice. Funny name. But, Omiís really nice to me. Everything my brother isnít: nice, sober, understanding, patient, and gentle. I donít get it. Why couldnít Omi have been my older brother instead of Taro? Why? I just canít grasp that.

Oh well. Iíll have to manage what I have. I didnít choose Taro. Itís all funny, really. He was never like this in the beginning. My brother used to be like Omi. After our parents died, wellÖ I hate what heís become. I want to try and get him back home to me. Now, I just donít know what I want anymore. Plus, Iím going to die on the Fire Festival too. It just keeps weighing down on me.

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