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Dateline: The children battled Ultmacica . Grace saved Ultmacica.

    Tai and Agumon were walking down to Sepheroth. They had just woken up from being brainwashed. "You called master." he said. "Yes, I want you to go and attack the children." said Sepheroth. "Yes master." said Tai as he bowed his head. Then he and his digimon teleported down to where the children were. "I've got you brats now!" thought Sepheroth. Then he laughed out loud.

    "What now Inez?" asked Grace. "We're almost there." Inez answered. Then a black hole opened and Tai and Agumon came out. "The second real battle has began." said Tiffa. "Agumon! Attack!" yelled Tai. "Agumon digivole to..... Greymon!" yelled the evil digivoling digimon. "Naval blast!" yelled Greymon. "Duck!" yelled Inez. The children quickly ducked down. While the children were fighting Tai and Greymon, Kristine was hiding in a corner. "I don't want to fight daddy." she thought. She didn't want to fight Tai because she didn't want to hurt him. Grace went over to Kristine. "What's wrong? How come you're not helping us?" she asked. "I don't want to hurt daddy." she said. "But the only to get him back is to fight him." said Grace. "I don't want him to get hurt!" yelled Kristine. "Grace! Help us!" yelled Henrietta. "I'm coming!" she yelled back. "Kristine you have to help us." said Grace. "So are you in on this?" She stuck out her hand to help her friend up.
    Kristine didn't know what to do. She wanted to get Tai back but she didn't want to hurt him. "I don't want to hurt daddy!" she yelled. This made Grace angry. So she slapped Kristine in the face really how. "Now listen to me! He's your daddy and if want him back, you have to fight him or else he'll remain evil!" yelled Grace. Then she stomped off to the battle. Kristine thought for a little while. Then she flew over to the battle. "It's Kristine!" yelled Takeru. "Leer!" she yelled. The fire took Greymon back to Agumon. "Good going Kristy! Now I'll get him back!" yelled Grace.  "Bloodstone healing!" "Noooo!" yelled Tai. * You see cherry blossom pedals in his eyes * Tai was slowly turning good. "Now to get Sepheroth." thought Grace. Then he and Agumon fell to the ground.
    "Daddy. Wake up. Come on wake up." Kristine whispered to Tai as she shook him to wake up. "Wha... What happened?" asked Tai as she slowly woke up. "You're completely good now. The fight's over." said Kristine. Then she helped her daddy off of the ground. "Agumon is going to be okay." said Kari. Tai was relieved. Then Agumon woke up. "Agumon! How are you?" asked Tai. "Fine." said the digimon Then the children walked on.
The End