Beautiful Garbage

I: Attention Whore:

Ophelia just loved attention. She always wanted all eyes on her. It was Andy�s and her parents fault, really. They kept giving for all the attention she wanted. Not just them, either. Ophelia�s fans loved her just as much. They always wanted to know what type of fashion she wore every single day. Ophelia was voted most fashionable every week on polls. Fan listings for her popped like weeds over many nights. She was even one of the top favorites in the underground film world. That�s everyone�s favorite darling diva for ya.

Of course, Ophelia took it all in. Why wouldn�t she? She was an attention whore after all. Yes, I said that right. Ophelia Dayton was real life attention whore. She did any and everything in her power to be noticed. Her clothes always looked borderline trampy. Ophelia partied every night and talked loud in public. Whenever a guy offered to take her home for the night, she was more than happy to accept. It all equaled instant attention�good and bad. But yet, it was never enough. Ophelia had become so addicted to her attention that she went to seek out more when it was right in front of her. There was one person who she wanted them to notice her so badly. But yet, he never really did look at her anymore. Too bad she couldn�t understand that Andy was too busy with the Factory to notice.

II: Hide and Seek:

Emily felt like playing a game today. Hide and seek to be exact. She was the one �seeking� and who else, Simon was the �hiding.� Too bad nobody warned him of this. Because now, he was in for a nerve-wrecking day!

Emily found him in at the mall on Saturday morning. She didn�t understand why she loved the mall in Simple Tokyo. There wasn�t much to look at in the shops. The more popular part of Tokyo had much more to offer. But, Emily didn�t come here for the shopping. Okay, she was, but not that kind of shopping.

The Southern Californian princess wandered around the mall, looking around. As predicted, the Simple Tokyo mall didn�t have anything to offer such a diva like herself. But, Emily kept her options open. �Come on,� she thought. �I know you�re here somewhere.� She kept looking and walking around. Finally, Emily spotted a sale. Simon was sitting on the bench waiting for Kei and Nia was they were shopping around in Angelic Pretty. He looked rather bored. Emily smiled at this glorious opportunity that had danced its way in front of her. �Found you!� she thought. The young diva walked over to her target and sat down next to him on the bench.

III: Competition:

As an attention whore, Ophelia hated to share the spotlight. That means, she hated competition. Too bad for her, the Factory practically bred competition. Ophelia despised them all. But yet, two of them in practically ate away at her nerves. They were Pandora and Mona. Both of them were newbies. Andy had plucked them fresh out of England and Russia, respectively. Ophelia hated them when she first laid eyes on them. She had her swallow reasons for being jealous of course.

Pandora was eighteen and innocent with big dreams. She came to Tokyo to go to school. Andy gave her a key and lured her in. Now, she is designing different costumes for his movies. She is even starring in new films that Andy was making with her. Everyone seemed to favor the na�ve English girl. Hunter and Evan were locked in a battle over her heart. So disgusting. What�s so great about Pandora anyway? Sure, she�s innocent. She was even still a virgin. Ha! Wonder how long that�s going last? Ophelia counted on the day when Pandora lost her virginity and descended down into slut paradise. How many people would like her then?

Mona was a grown woman on the other hand. She was still innocent, however. Mona too was still a virgin. Despite working in a bar before Andy swooped up, she still maintained her virtue as best as she could. Mona didn�t really seem to trust anybody. That woman didn�t really have much of a good life in Russia. Yet, she and Pandora seemed to be getting along rather well. Of course they would all like Mona. She automatically got the sympathy vote. Ophelia huffed at that resolve. She hated those that used the sympathy vote to gain attention. Ironically, the diva used the waterworks to get her way.

IV: Truth or Dare:

Simon didn�t realize that Emily was playing a game with him until he looked up and sat her sitting next to him. His face went bright red. Emily pretended to look and just now notice him. A cat-like smile came onto her face.

�Oh Simon!� she cooed. �So nice to see you again!� The boy began to panic.

�E-E-Emily!� he stammered out. �What are you doing here?� The thirteen-year-old scooted in closer to her target. She put his hand on his left leg. The girl leaned in close to his chest.

�Why do you think?� Emily slowly moved her hand upwards on his thigh. Simon trembled nervously.

�T-T-The sales?� Emily gave him a devious little smile.

�You could say that.� Her hand found its way to his crotch and she began lightly stroking on it. Simon panic and shot up from his seat. Emily looked at him, angelic-like.

�What�s wrong baby?� Simon trembled in his spot.

�I-I-I have a girlfriend.� Emily shrugged at him, nonchalant.

�So?� Simon trembled again.

�This is wrong!�

�I don�t care.� She stood up and took the boy into her arms. Simon desperately looked around for an escape. Sadly, there was none. Emily looked up at him with mischief in her eyes.

�What�s wrong with having a little fun here and there?� Simon thought that he was going to have a panic attack. She just didn�t seem to take no for an answer.

V: Style, Baby!:

Ophelia always wore the best. There was nothing in her closet that wasn�t a name brand. Victoria�s Secret, Gucci, Kvoll, there was never a name brand the girl didn�t like. She wore them every single day. The girl was rather lucky to have the fit body she was blessed, because she looked great in everything that she wore. Style magazines always talked about how good she looked. Ophelia was even queen of the fashion polls online.

Of course, Ophelia took great knowledge in all of this. She even took the time to plan her outfits. You know the phrase if you got it, flaunt it? Ophelia follows this religiously. She was always flaunting off her breasts, hips, ass, and legs. Of course, the boys were always looking at the diva. Ophelia made sure that they always were. But yet, Andy never really did look at her�

VI: Tag!:

Emily gave Simon a big kiss on the lips after saying, �What�s wrong with having a little fun here and there?� The boy had planned on this move. Instinct screamed at him to push her off. But yet, his body wouldn�t move. He just stood there and took it. Emily pulled him in closer as they kissed. She let her fingers run through his hair. Boy, this was fun. Simon could use a little more work with kissing. But other than that, he was pretty fun to kiss. Her victim was so messed up in the head that he couldn�t think straight. Please let someone come along and rescue him.

�Simon!� someone yelled at them. �What the hell are you doing?!?� They broke off the kiss and looked up. Kei and Nia had just come out of Angelic Pretty with big bags in their hands. Kei stared at the pair sternly.

�What the hell is this and what the hell is going on here?!?� she snapped. Emily gave her an innocent little shrug.

�Nothing anymore,� she replied. Then, Emily walked away with a strong sense of satisfaction from a game well-played. Boy she just loved to play with Simon. In all senses of the word.

VII: My Beloved Andy:

Oh Andy! He steals everyone�s hearts. He stole Ophelia�s big time.

Oh Andy! She would do anything to have him steal one amorous look at her. But, he never notices. Not in that way, anyway. He seeing her as a person to help make him money. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh Andy! But yet, he was very nice to her. Andy showered her with gifts, clothes, big roles, modeling jobs, and any and everything that she wanted. This was good for her, at first. But then, it wasn�t enough for her anymore.

Oh Andy! Ophelia wished for once that Andy didn�t give her an expensive gift and least gave her a kiss or a caress. But, no. Andy never really had that much of an interest in her. She was just the show pony. But, Ophelia never gave up. She just wanted him all to herself. That diva wasn�t going to quick at any cost. Pipe dream or not.

Oh Andy!

VIII: Hooker/Waitress, Model/Actress:

It�s all so sugarless, isn�t it? One diva is trying her best to get attention. Another one just loves to play games. But why? For the attention of course. Hooker/Waitress, Model/Actress, or they can just go nameless. No matter what, it�s all the same to them. Bad for them, good for us. Hey, we need the entertainment after all.

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