Becky’s Funeral

Aneko barely knew Becky Combs. They met at a summer camp. Becky could be summed up in one word: tiny. Tiny American girl of ten. Blonde with big blue eyes. Becky looked like Cabbage Patch doll brought to life. Pretty short too. Becky also could be called a ghost. She barely talked at all. All Becky did was draw.

She did have some beautiful pictures though. Every week, everyone saw Becky’s drawings. They were a hit with all of the kids in the camp. But yet, little Becky never told credit for her work. Only a little nod came from the child. Always so modest.

Funny, Aneko never really got know Becky Combs. The princess was too busy with the other kids at the camp. Such a shame really. Because three months later, Becky died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

The news broke out when Aneko came home from school. Megan sat in the living room waiting. A sad look was in her eyes. The princess became worried.

“Mama,” she spoke.” Mama, what’s the matter?” Megan didn’t speak at first.

“Come here Aneko,” she spoke. Her daughter complied. Megan’s throat trembled.

“You remember Becky Combs?” she asked.

“Yes,” Aneko replied uneasily. “What about her?” Megan tried to fight back her tears.

“She, her older brother, and his girlfriend were out picking up some ice for their mother,” she explained. “And a drunk driver hit them. Only the girlfriend survived!” Megan broke down weeping. Aneko stared blankly. She didn’t know how to react. After all, she barely knew Becky.

“Okay,” Aneko replied. Then, she hugged her mother. The queen looked at her in silence.

“When is the funeral?” Aneko asked. Megan looked up at her.

“Saturday,” she replied. Her daughter nodded at her. She knew what that meant.

Becky’s funeral was a small one. Most of the kids from camp were there. Aneko felt so old. Mrs. Combs looked so sick and pale. One couldn’t blame her. Maybe she felt rage as well. Aneko made her way to Mrs. Combs.

“Hello Mrs. Combs,” she greeted. They slowly bowed to each other. Mrs. Combs led her other. Mrs. Combs led her into the backyard. The service was nice and simple. Aneko paid attention the best that she could. So hard to connect when she didn’t know the victim. But all around, Becky’s drawings were tacked up in the outdoor tent. Such beauty. They reminded everyone of the simple beauties in life. Becky always drew beautiful pictures. Aneko remembered that as little Becky’s coffin was lit on fire. It’s a shame the princess never got to know the girl.

To Be Continued…