Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Becoming:

He’s come undone. The wires are all but dead inside. Victoria’s death was the final straw.

Nobu heard about it from the kitsune. They said something about losing Sosuke in hushed voices. He froze when he heard the kitsune’s name, tsukai, and dead.

“What” the old man asked. Nobu strained to listen. He took the truth hard. The outside could hear him screaming. Tears streamed down his face.

“Victoria-chan!” Nobu asked. “Victoria-chan! Victoria-chan!” He cried all night.

It took several hours for him to go numb. He lay on the cold floor with empty eyes. First went Sharon. Now Victoria was gone. His body felt so heavy.

Victoria… -chan…

She had her whole life in front of her. His daughter may have been a brat, but she was his daughter. She didn’t have to die. He knew who to blame. This had to be Daisuke’s revenge for his murder. Anna had to be his puppet. There was no other explanation. It made perfect sense.

The numbness faded into a dull rage. Everything was their fault. The children were dying. His Sharon, his Victoria, Shichiro, and Amara…

I can help you take revenge.

Nobu roused from the abyss. Who are you?

A friend.

A friend?


But I don’t have any friends. They are all gone.

You have me. I can feel your pain. Let me help you take revenge. Please.

Nobu’s heart jumped. His whole body went stiff. He breathed heavily as his eyes widened.


The old man stood up as if in a daze. He placed his hand on the steel door. Nobu didn’t even blink when it vanished into particles. He smiled and started walking.

“Hey!” a guard shouted. “Stop right there!” Nobu’s eyes looked so empty. He raised his right hand.

“Hey! Wait! No!” the guard yelled, putting up his hands. His body exploded into pink mist. Nobu broke into a run, panting like a wild animal. One thought looped in his head.

Kill Anna! Kill Anna! Kill Anna! Kill Anna! Kill Anna! Kill Anna!

Nobu let out an animalistic cream in the middle of the night.