Chapter Eighteen: Betray Me:

Why am I here? Hisoka had fallen off the path for too long. The shinigami knew who to blame. First, there was her. Hisoka was familiar with how a level seven demon worked. He could feel himself wasting away, but he couldn't quite understand it.

"Why won't you kill me?" he asked. She only smirked at him.

"Do you want to die?" Jessie asked. Hisoka shook his head. The demon eyed him.

"No as in 'no' or as in 'you're unsure'?" she asked. Hisoka stared at her. The demon leaned into to his face.

"Well then," she said. "There's your answer." Hisoka blinked.

"Huh?" he asked. Jessie put her hand on his shoulder.

"Besides," she said. "Where's the fun in killing you now?" He had a blank look on his face. He had become her toy. Being in such a position humiliated him. The boy longed to be free of her, but something in him wouldn't let that happen. He shuddered to think why. Not that! I am not close to her like that!

"Oh, but you are!" the voice of the other betrayer said. Hisoka jerked open his eyes. Kohaku stood before him, grinning. The shinigami frowned.

"Oh," he muttered. "Why are you still here?" Kohaku pouted.

"Aww, don't you enjoy my company?" it asked. Hisoka glared at him.

"No!" he admitted. "And why are you still around? Didn't your tsukai die months ago?" Kohaku came around behind him.

"Yes," it admitted.

"So, why are you still here?" the shinigami asked again. Kohaku nibbled on his ear.

"Because," it said. "I like you."

"Liar," Hisoka said under his breath. Kohaku kissed his nape. Traitors, both of them. They had led him to rock bottom. No, they led and he followed out of desperation. Desperation caused by yet another betrayer. Tsuzuki Asato, the man who broke his heart. He betrayed him with that woman. Kimoto Anna was the worst out of all of them. She caused all of his pain and misery. She stole Tsuzuki away from him and married the goofball.

"No point in playing the blame game," Kohaku cooed. "It'll all come back to you in the end."

"Shut up!" Hisoka hissed. Kohaku nipped his ear again.

"Why so angry?" it asked. Hisoka sneered, feeling Kohaku kiss his neck.

"You are so cute like this," it said. The kitsune moved its hands to Hisoka's shirt. The shinigami shifted his body away.

"Stop," he said. Kohaku gave him an innocent little look.

"Aw, what's the matter?" it asked.

"Why do you do this?" Hisoka asked.

"Do what?" the kitsune asked. It continued to work on sliding off the toy's nightshirt.

"Don�t touch me!" Hisoka snapped. The kitsune turned his head to it and forced a kiss on his lips. How ironic; that same type of kiss was what first led him astray. It was a Judas kiss, to be exact. Such gentleness masked bitter treachery. Each kiss from Jessie and Kohaku was like a stab to the chest. At least Tsuzuki never tried to kiss him. However, it showed the boy affection in ways that were deemed too painful. All three of them hurt him with love. Tonight would be no different. Kohaku reached forward and stroked his member. Hisoka only shut his eyes and took it.


In the morning, Jessie rolled over and gave Hisoka another kiss from Judas.

"Hisoka-kun," she chirped. "I have one more thing I want to show you on our little trip."