Big Brother, Little Sister


She comes here every day. I don’t mind. She doesn’t cause trouble. Ayame just comes around to see me. I wonder why.

“Hey Ayame,” I said one evening.

“Hm?” she asked. I finished watering the roses.

“How are things at home?” I asked. She paused as she trembled. I noticed that she wasn’t smiling. In fact, the color drained from her face.

“Fine!” she yelped. “Just fine!” I gave her an odd look.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yes!” Ayame said. I still didn’t believe her. I gently touched her on the shoulder.

“Ayame, hey,” I said. “If you want talk about it…” She slapped my hand away.

“No!” she shouted. I backed up startled.

“Ayame?” I asked. She shook hard.

“Don’t touch me!” she yelled.


“Stop! Just stop!”

I went quiet. She took in heavy breaths. Ayame lowered her head.

“Forgive me,” she mumbled. Ayame sank to the floor. I hurried over to her.

“Are you okay?” I asked. That poor girl shook her head. That poor girl shook her head.

“Want to talk about it?” I asked. She shook her head again. I sat down next to her. Ayame leaned her head on my shoulder. My stomach turned as I heard her sob.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. She tried to pull herself together.

“It’s okay,” Ayame whispered back. “Can I stay like this for a moment?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Thanks,” she whispered. “I’m so tired.” I nodded. I had never seen her like that. Something must be that bad at home. I patted her on the head.

Maybe she’ll tell me one day. I don’t want to push her. I looked and saw her sound asleep on my shoulder. I couldn’t help but to smile. She reminds me of a younger Ouka in a sense. Just her face though.

Ayame comes to the flower shop every evening. I don’t mind. She doesn’t cause any trouble anyway.

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