Bitter Cut Ties

“Oh, could you help me with the dishes, Izumi-san?” Hanako finally asked. The angel gave her a strange look.

“Me?” she asked.

“Yes,” the main woman said. “I would like to speak with you in private.” The sharpness in her tone told Izumi that she had no choice but to obey. The angel lowered her head.

“Fine,” she said.

“Thank you,” Hanako said. Both women walked into the kitchen, leaving Tomie to bury her head in her hands.


Izumi stood over the soapy water with her stomach turning. Hanako kept smiling the whole time. But, the angel could see burning rage in her eyes. She was biding her time to lash out. Who would she take her anger out on first? Girlfriend or the mistress? Izumi buried her head closer to the sink.

Hanako walked into the kitchen at last. She walked beside the angel. Izumi glanced at her out of the corner of her eye. Hanako picked up a soapy dish rag and started washing. The women didn’t talk for what felt like minutes.

Hanako squeezed the rag.

“How long do you think your little fantasy is going to last here?” she asked loud enough for only Izumi to hear her. The angel jerked her head upwards.

“What?” she asked in a whisper. Hanako looked at her, glaring.

“I work a decent-paying nine to five job,” she said. “I pay for the food, bills, everything she needs, and nice things for her. We have been committed to each other for seven years now. What can you provide for Tomie-chan?”

“Sex?” Izumi asked. Hanako all but laughed at her.

“I provide her the same thing too,” she said. “Just because I am on the road all of the time doesn’t mean things are going to be any different. Sure, Tomie-chan gets lonely when I’m gone. But I make up for it with time and love well spent.” She dropped the rag into the hot soapy water.

“But you,” she said. “You don’t really have much to show for her. You have sex, but that’s about it. Do you have well-paying job?”


“Do you have your own place?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Are you paying for it?”


“Is it up to livable condition for her?”


Hanako put up her hands in a shrug. “Oh well, looks like if you took away the sex, Tomie-chan’s life would be miserable.” Her words stuck the knife in Izumi’s chest. Usually, she would throw a punch. But, she couldn’t bring herself to respond. And the angel knew why.

Hanako was right.

After the dishes were washed, Hanako walked their guest to the door. She grabbed onto Izumi’s arm just as she was going to walk out the door.

“If you come near my Tomie-chan again behind my back, I will make your life hell,” she whispered. The angel turned to her with big eyes. Hanako let go of her arm and smiled.

“Good night!” she said. Tomie kept her eyes low as she waved. Izumi shivered and rubbed her arm as she walked all the way home.

Those words still haunted Izumi even to this day while she was trapped in her own apartment.