Black Cherry Playlist

  1. Chapter One: Rebirth: "Halo" by Bloc Party
        Ah, nothing like Bloc Party to start us off.

  2. Chapter Two: Rabbit Hole: "Pictures of You" by Cure
        The Cure adds some charm to the story, don't you agree?

  3. Chapter Three: Motivation: "Last Night" by Moby
        Last Night is such a great album.

  4. Chapter Four: Day One: "Waterbaby" by Sneaker Pimps
        My favorite part of the song is when Keili sounds like she is underwater.

  5. Chapter Five: Sensuous Little Whispers: "Sweet Surrender" by Sarah McLachlan
        Sarah adds a romantic flavor to Anzuki.

  6. Chapter Six: New Age Therapy: "Mummer's Dance" by Loreena McKennitt
        Another seductive song that draws me in.

  7. Chapter Seven: Good Pals: "The Weekend Starts Here" by Fat Boy Slim
        Good song to relax to.

  8. Chapter Eight: Repayment Meal: "Fly Me Away" by Goldfrapp
        Anything by Goldfrapp sounds sexy.

  9. Chapter Nine: Bargaining.Loss: "Summer's Gone" by Placebo
        A nice dose of Placebo

  10. Chapter Ten: Lotus Requiem: "Down Slow" by Moby
        Moby brings the sensuous in this song.

  11. Chapter Eleven: Case Report: "Everybody's Hurting" by Jakob Dylan
        The sad tone of the song fits right in.

  12. Chapter Twelve: Torn Petals: "Eye" by Smashing Pumpkins
        Another good sexy-sounding song.

  13. Chapter Thirteen: Walking Zero: "Walking Zero" by Sneaker Pimps
        My favorite line: "Take more, give less."

  14. Chapter Fourteen: Two Bitches: "When I Grow Up" by Pussycat Dolls
        Sexy and trashy, 'nough said.

  15. Chapter Fifteen: Game Plan: "Deer Stop" by Goldfrapp
        More sexiness from Goldfrapp.

  16. Chapter Sixteen: Crossfire: "Crossfire" by Brandon Flowers
        This song perfectly fits Anzuki without any questions.

  17. Chapter Seventeen: Question of Marriage: "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac
        Soft and romantic mood for the chapter.

  18. Chapter Eighteen: Bright Red: "Why Don't You Come Over" by Garbage
        Shirley is so sexy, 'nough said.

  19. Chapter Nineteen: Like Eating Glass: "Like Eating Glass"
        More Bloc Party to make the story wonderful.

  20. Chapter Twenty: Planning a Party: "I Will Possess Your Heart" by Death Cab for Cutie
        The opening is long, but well worth it.

  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Feed Me: "I Miss You" by the Rolling Stones
        Mmm... tasty song for a tasty chapter.

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Because I Do: "Post Modern Sleaze" by Sneaker Pimps
        More Sneaker Pimps.

  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Wrinkled Paper Flowers: "One More Last Kiss" by Ivy
        Finally, a little Ivy to the story.

  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: Dead Orchid: "Sing" by Blur
        Oh the drama the song adds to the chapter.

  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Hospital Watch: "I've Got You Memorized" by Ivy
        I had the idea with the song from the beginning.

  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: It's Just for Us: "Tess Don't Tell" by Ivy
        Again I had the idea for this song from the beginning.

  27. Omake: Halloween Tokyo Tower: "Degenerates" by Moby
        See the last two songs.