Chapter Twenty-Four: Black Unravel:

It’s been quiet, too quiet. Muraki glared through his glasses. He did not like this. The doctor thought he had this plan in the bag.

But, something’s going wrong.

He didn’t like this. Why was it so quiet? Where did she go? Muraki couldn’t sense her anywhere. She couldn’t have gotten so far. Thinking about her enraged him. Why did she take his beloved shinigami? Because of her, Tsuzuki rejected him outright. When did he develop a spine?

Muraki fought to stay calm. She did this to him. She ruined everything. She had to die.

But then, he paused.

What was that? He could’ve sworn he heard footsteps. That couldn’t be right. She couldn’t have escaped that fast. Was it the Mother? That couldn’t be possible either. He cut off her power. The doctor made sure of that. Anna would be easy for him to kill. When the Mother merged with her, that went out the window.

This would not do. Anna had to go.

Muraki turned around. There it was again. Footsteps filled the air. It sounded like they were running behind him. But, he was alone. Or was he?

“Hello?” Muraki asked. She didn’t speak, but he knew she was here. This was turning sour. No! He would not let that happen. He could still turn this around. Muraki was ready to carry this war to the end if he had to. The trick would have to stay calm to win.

Then, the footsteps stopped. But now, Muraki wasn’t alone. He grabbed his knife.

“You won’t win at this game,” he said. “You are in my trap. I know you are here. Come out and show yourself!” Giggling took place of the footsteps. The doctor glanced behind him. He couldn’t see her face. But, she did give him one icy warning.

“You will never have him.”

A clawed hand grabbed Muraki by the right shoulder. Before he could respond, he was dragged into another world of darkness.


A pair of glowing eyes stare him down. Muraki awoke bound down to the crushing space. He couldn’t see the rest of her face. Her voiced chilled him.

“Welcome to hell,” the Mother said.