Boar and Rat

Chapter One: The Happy Day:

Halloween was coming in five days. But they didn’t think about that.

Tsuzuki playfully grabbed Anna from behind. He kissed her on the neck.

“Mmm,” Anna said. She turned to her husband. He kissed her on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his waist. They had to make this week count. This could be the last moment of peace they could have.

“What do you want?” Tsuzuki whispered. Anna pressed her lips together.

“Take me,” she said. He gave her an open-mouthed kiss. They had just put the baby down for the night.

Tsuzuki playfully pushed Anna back onto the couch. She looked up at him like a little child. His eyes met hers.

“You are so beautiful,” Tsuzuki whispered. He leaned in and kissed her. He slid her brown and dark red sweater over her head. Tsuzuki’s tie and blazer hit the floor. Anna lay back onto the couch. He moved down to her neck. She closed her eyes and moaned. Her nails dug into his back. Tsuzuki glanced up at her as he unzipped her jeans. His hand slid down her pants.

“Oh,” the shinigami said. “You are so wet.” Anna looked up at him with hungry eyes. He rolled her jeans off and threw them aside. Soon, both were naked on the couch. Tsuzuki’s eye never left Anna’s. Once she spread her thighs, he could not hold back.


It was the golden orange leaves that led him here. The warm air put him at ease. He closed his eyes and listened to the wind singing around him. The sound came from overhead. Her black hair danced in the wind. This woman pointed to a house in the distance.

“You want me to follow you?” he asked. The woman flew towards the house. He followed her as if in a trance.

The house looked so much bigger close up. The exterior looked just as pink as the cherry blossoms surrounding it. The door and windows were wide open. He looked at the doorway and noticed a big black shell starting to open up. From inside, another woman rose up. Silk blue robes wrapped around her curved body and came down to her ankles. The wind caressed her long black hair. She held out her hand to him.

“Welcome,” the woman said. He could smell the soft jasmine perfume coming from her body. He walked up to her and took her hand. As they walked inside, her robes turned black and fell to her waist. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her bare back.

“Where are we?” he asked. She didn’t answer him. They came into a room colored in gold. White lilies covered the floor. Red flowers surrounded the bottom of a brown couch. He looked up to see another woman in a purple dress. She wore no make-up but her skin glowed. He wanted to run his fingers through her long black hair.

“Welcome home,” she said. He took slow steps towards her in a trance. She took hold of his hand and kissed him on the lips.


Tsuzuki rested his head on Anna’s breasts. She ran her fingers through his short dark hair. Even if Kirika-chan woke up crying, it would be welcome compared to what was coming in a few days.