Chapter Forty-Five: Bonnie + Clyde:

So much can happen in three days.

It started out as a normal night. Miki and Katsumi walked into a ramen shop. The place wasn’t crowded at the time. Only the cook and three regulars sat inside. Katsumi scanned around with his eyes and nodded. Miki held their box to her chest. She followed her boyfriend to the counter.

“Welcome!” the cook greeted them. “What can I do for you today?” Katsumi looked at the menu.

“You got any pork ramen?” he asked.

“Yeah,” the cook asked.

“What would you like, babe?” Katsumi asked. Miki looked at the menu on the counter.

“Shrimp ramen,” she said.

“Coming up!” the cook said. The couple took a look at their potential victims. Four people and only three had to die.

“Leave one alive,” Aiguo said. Miki frowned as she remembered his instructions.

“Why do we have to leave one alive?” she whispered.

“I don’t know,” Katsumi said back. His girlfriend frowned.

“Seems stupid to me,” she said under her breath. Two men entered the ramen shop. Miki pretended not to see them as they stared at her ass. The cook returned with the couple’s orders.

“Here is your order,” he told them. Katsumi paid for both bowls as the cook looked at the clock on the back wall.

“Oh, is it time already?” he asked. At ten o’clock, he turned on the stereo.

“Oh I love this song!” Miki exclaimed. She jumped up and started to dance to the high-energy retro song. The three regulars, two middle-aged businessmen and a woman in her thirties, paid her no mind. The two twenty-something men eyed the wild girl. It didn’t take long for them to dance over to her.

“Hey darling,” one of them said. “Care to dance with us?”

“Sure,” Miki said. She danced with the two men to the song. Katsumi smirked as he ate his dinner. They pulled this trap before. Five… Four… Three… Two… One! As if on cue, one of the men grabbed Miki’s ass. She whipped around, glaring.

“You!” she snapped. The girl drew out a stun gun and zapped him on the neck.

“Ow! Hey!” the man shouted. “What the hell?! I was just playing with you, man!” All he got in response was a stab to the stomach. Miki laughed as he sank to his knees. The other patrons began to panic. The cook reached for his phone, but Katsumi shot him in the hand.

“You ain’t callin’ no one!” he snapped. Katsumi turned to his plump girlfriend.

“Baby, want to pick at the end?” he asked.

“Can I make the final kill?” she asked.

“Of course!”

Miki squealed, clapping her hands. “I love you, babe!” The cook was the first to die. Miki set the box on the counter.

“Ready?” she asked. Katsumi picked up his gun.

“Yeah!” he shouted. Bang! The cook took a bullet to the chest. His blood splashed on Abaddon’s Box.

“Baby,” Miki said. “Let’s get them all!”

“We have to spare one,” her boyfriend said. Miki put up her hands.

“Fine, fine,” she grumbled. Katsumi raised his gun at the men with his girlfriend.

“Bring them closer, will you?” he asked. Miki pushed the twenty-something men closer. Her boyfriend smirked.

“Perfect,” he said. One shot a piece fed their vile box. He turned and shot one of the business men twice in the chest. Miki walked up to the two remaining victims and took the gun from Katsumi. The man and the woman trembled as she waved the gun back and forth between them.

“Kagome, Kagome,” Miki sang. “The bird in the cage. When, oh when will it come out? In the night of dawn. The crane and turtle slipped. Who is behind you now?” Her gun landed on the remaining man in glasses. Miki smirked at the woman.

“Sorry, bitch!” he said. She screamed before the teenaged girl pulled the trigger. Once the woman’s blood fed the box, the demon flew out to feast on the carnage. The lone survivor looked around at the black slime and screamed.

“What the…?! What the hell is that?!” he cried. Miki broke into a huge grin.

“It’s our pet!” she said. Katsumi kissed her on the lips as the demon ate the flesh and blood of the bodies. After the last corpse, the demon flew back into the box. The teenaged terrors ran off to have sex in the back alley, leaving the lone survivor in a ramen shop filled with bones. Clothes, and liquefied organs.