Chapter Ten: Bonnie on the Run:

-October 9th, 2011-

-3:00 a.m.-

Anna’s phone buzzed next to her head. She mumbled to herself as her hand reached for it.

“Hello?” she whispered, half-asleep.

“Anna-san,” Jotaro said on the other line. A confused look came over Anna’s face.

“Jotaro-kun?” she asked. “Why are you calling? Where are you?”

“Holding cell,” he said.

“So… How are you…?”



“I’m on my payphone.”

“I am not understanding you. What are you talking about? How are you on a…?”

“No, I said my payphone.”

Anna shook her head. “Never mind. What do you want?”

“I have a small favor to ask you,” he said. She narrowed her eyes.

“What is it?” Anna asked. Jotaro broke down what he needed.


-7:00 a.m.-

Anna sat at the kitchen table. She found the note in her jacket pocket from yesterday. A storage locker in Kabukicho, huh? How was she going to do this? She looked down the hall. Tsuzuki was in the shower now. He would be out in about… ten minutes? Maybe? Anna pressed her lips together. Well, okay. She knew what she had to go.

-7:48 a.m.-

“Good morning,” Tsuzuki said as he walked into the kitchen. He looked around, finding it empty.

“Anna-chan?” he asked. “Usagi?” The shinigami found a note on the table.

“Huh?” he asked. Tsuzuki picked up the piece of paper.


I went out for the morning. I’ll be back sometime later. Have a good day.

Love, Anna

Tsuzuki pulled out his phone. Straight to voice mail, twice. The shinigami gritted his teeth. He called up the baby-sitter and headed out the door.


Anna pulled her hoodie over her head. She looked around with her purse by her side. Jotaro would be released today. What did he want to meet up in Kabukicho so much? He didn’t tell her much on the phone. He said it was urgent. Anna had a sinking feeling in the pic of her stomach. Tsuzuki must’ve gotten her note by now. She needed to a cover story. I don’t want to do this. Why would she even help him at all? Why target him? Anna rubbed her forehead. Better to get this over with before it blows up out of hand.

Anna stuck up her hand in the air as she looked for a taxi. A cab pulled up to her.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

“The laundromat,” she said. “I’m meeting up with someone.”

“Okay,” the driver said. “Hop in.” Anna bowed her head and climbed into the back. She looked around as the cab pulled away. The woman pulled out her phone. Two missed calls and six texts. Anna sighed and started typic up a new message. After she hit send, she turned off her phone. Anna closed her eyes. I am so sorry, Asato-kun. I have to do this. I promise this won’t be long. Wait for me.

The cab disappeared through the barrier and appeared ripping through the streets of Tokyo in Chijou.