Chapter Twenty-Four: Bravery, Foolishness, Stupidity, and Justice:

They can’t go back to being normal.


Hitomi walked down the street with a piece of paper in her hand.

I just wanted to live a peaceful life. That’s not possible anymore, but I can stop Haruka-sama. I can’t die with blood on our hands. Death’s already breathing down my neck.

People would say what I’m doing is brave. I don’t think so. It’s something that should’ve stopped long ago.

Forgive me, Haruka-sama.

Hitomi walked up to the address and knocked on the door. A hooded man led her inside.


Anna looked out the bedroom window.

I have to see this through. I can’t stop; I have to see this through. Asato-kun can’t stop me. He knows that. But what happens after I get my revenge? That thought has never occurred to me.

She rubbed her forehead.

It all seems foolish. I see it now, but I can’t stop. I’m too far in. Papa pushes me…


I’m doing this for revenge, but I’m pushing me. No one else. I’ll do this now and then enjoy my future.

Anna walked back to her futon and went to sleep.


Victoria cleaned up her dishes from dinner.

I have to play nice. I’m doing this for me. I refuse to die. Sosuke knows the end is coming for this clan. I don’t want to go do with them.

I already ran away from home. That old man’s no use to me anymore.

They would say what I’m doing is stupid. It’s not. Surviving isn’t dumb. It’s the smartest thing ever. It’s all I have.

I intend to live.

Victoria cut off the water and went to bed.


Minori sat in the bathtub.

I have to do this. For my dad and brother. They were taken from me. Eda-Kimoto must pay for their crimes. Grandfather is the only one who understands. Everyone else says I am wrong. But this is all I have.

I just want justice. Justice for my dad and brother. I cannot stay here. I have to go and rejoin the hunt. Things could turn dire if I don’t.

Minori leaned over the tub.

I hope my message reached them in time.

She climbed out of the tub and dried off. Anna left Minori a pair of cute pajamas.

The motives lead back to one source. It would take a series of events to fast track the final war.

It would all start in the spring.