Brooke's Bio
Name: Brooke Emma Wright

AKA: Brooklyn and Brookey

Birthdate: 3/3/88

Age: 14

P.O.B" Frankfort, Kentucky

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Student and writer

Hair: Blackish-brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'0"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Anime, Gorillaz, rock, Weezer, writing, Kentucky, sports, swimming, being single, Limp Bizkit, Dirty Vegas, pizza, junk food, soda, manga, comics, Shounen Jump, Led Zeppelin, action movies and anime, guns, hunting, knives, comedies, prank shows, Japanese sports, internet, steak, pulling pranks, fishing, Quentin Tarantino, burgers, fights, and other tomboyish things

Outfit: Dark blue baggy jeans, dark green t-shirt, sneakers, hunter green socks, dark green scrunchie in her hair, tan overcoat, and six silver hoop earrings

Animal Chibi: Fish

    Rowdy and wild, this girl used to hate writing. However, her seventh grade teacher opened her mind and inspired her. Now, she can't seem to stop writing at all. Brooke was raised by her aunt because her parents died when she was only a baby. Her aunt's boyfriend taught her how to fish and hunt. Her aunt tried to get Brooke into girly things like dolls and dresses. That didn't really take off and the girl stuck to tomboy things. Even some of the boys in her class and neighborhood couldn't keep up with her.

    Descendant of Helen, her mother ate a piece of the dead maiden's heart in a pear while she was pregnant with Brooke. Helen raised the baby when the mother died. Brooke isn't interested into dating or other romantic things of that nature. However, she has gotten to that age where she can befriend both guys and girls with no problem. In fact, Katie is her best friend in the academy. Despite her friend's attempt to make her more girly things, Brooke and Katie get along like sisters.

    Brooke was in a writing chat room when she met Noizchild. Brooke gave the headmistress a couple of her essays. Noiz liked them, so she took Brooke in. The girl likes junk food so much that she had her back teeth already filled. She hates the dentist, but she won't stop eating sweets and junk. Brooke has one dog named Rocket. Along with Katie, she bonds with Jun-Jun, Sarah, and Bemmer.