Chapter fourteen: Bullet with Cho Wings:

    “Pressed up against the others in an effort to keep out of the cold, head empty and heavy at the same time, brain a whirlpool of decaying memories. Indifference deadened the spirit. Here or elsewhere-what difference did it make? To die today or tomorrow, or later? The night was long and never ending.”

-Elie Wiesel “Night”
    Aneko sprung awoke hours later panting. “I fell asleep!” she thought. She cursed herself for doing so and looked out the window. The sun was rising. “Oh shit!” the princess thought. Then she began to check on Takeru.

    “Teddy.” she whispered as she lightly shook him. The boy didn’t stir. “Takeru.” Aneko said as she shook him harder. Still nai respond. Fear consumed her rapidly. “Oh Kami! Dozo don’t let him be…” she thought.

    Then she had her answer. Aneko saw tiny drops of hikari. She was relived but she knew she had to act fast or Takeru’s hikari would be out-- permanently! But where to go?

    Aneko had the answer. She kissed her out cold lover lightly on the lips and whispered: “Hang in there Teddy. I will get you back. You have to stay alive! Not for me, but for your mom, friends, -- everyone. Stay alive!” Then she opened his window and flew out to Washu’s hidden lab.

To Be Continued…