Chapter Thirty-Four: Butterfly Cage:

-August 16th, 2011-

Anna stared at Jotaro.

“What did you say?” she asked. Jotaro had no emotion in his eyes.

“I can’t let you leave,” he said. “You have to play his game. He’ll go after you family if you don’t.”

“But, my husband’s a shinigami and harming my daughter could kill us all.”

“He doesn’t care. My father will go after your mom and friends in America. Please, just play along. Do it for them.”

Anna shot him a cold glare. Her plan worked to well. So why was she still angry at herself. She closed her eyes.

“Fine,” Anna and Airi said. Jotaro bowed his head.

“Thank you,” he said. Anna frowned and gritted her teeth.

“Can I get dressed at least?” she asked.

“Yes,” the boy said. His captive snorted and took her clothes into bathroom. Jotaro watched as the door closed. I’m so sorry for this.


-August 15th-

Charlotte toughened up. “How did you find me?”

“Simple digging,” her ex said. “My blonde doesn’t suit you, Liz.”

“Why are you here?”

“Why else? I’m taking you back with me.”


Her ex gave her an odd look. “Are you telling me no?”

“I’m not going back with you!”

“Why? Don’t you know I love you?”

“I don’t love you!” Charlotte took a step backwards. She gritted her teeth.

“I don’t understand you,” her ex said. “Why don’t you love me?”

“Because I don’t!” she said. “It happens! Plus, you ripped out my heart and stuck in a core!”

“I did that to keep you by my side forever!”

“That is reason enough! We are over, Dante! I’m seeing someone else!”

Her ex froze. “What?”

“Yes.” Charlotte clenched her fist to her chest. “We’ve put together for a year and I love him! He loves me too!”

“But I love you!”

“That’s not love! You were smothering me! That’s why we aren’t together anymore! Don’t you understand?”

Dante looked ready to cry. “But Lizzy…”

“No! That will not work this time! I will not go back with you! Please leave me alone!” She wouldn’t back down, not this time. Come on! Show me your face! I’m not afraid! Her ex’s nostrils flared.

“Eliza!” Dante barked.

“That is not my name.” Charlotte hissed. She clenched her phone in her hand.

“Enough!” her ex yelled. “You are coming back with me!”

“No! Go home!”


“Go home!”


“Go home!”

Dante lunged forward. Charlotte screamed as he grabbed her wrist.

“Let me go!” she shouted. “No!”

“You are coming with me!” Dante yelled.

“No!” she shouted. “Get off!” Her screaming drew attention from other students in their classrooms. Charlotte screamed to get their attention.

“Help!” she cried. “Somebody call the police!” Some of the students whipped out their phones to do so. The male students jumped at Dante, pushing him off of Charlotte. Meanwhile, she took off running down the hall.

“Come back here!” her ex shouted. He broke through the crowd and gave chase. Charlotte tried not to look behind her. She closed her eyes and started to pray. Takashi-kun! Watari-sensei! April! Kyosuke! Help me.

Charlotte peeked out of her right eyes. Her heart jumped when she saw Takashi up ahead.


-August 16th-

Tsuzuki and Hisoka appeared in front of the hotel. The younger shinigami turned to his partner.

“Is this the place?” Hisoka asked.

“I think it is,” Tsuzuki said. His fist should at his side. Anna-chan, I will bring you home and sort through this mess!

“Ready to do this?” he asked.

“Yes,” Hisoka said. The shinigami vanished from in front of the hotel.

Good, all of the pawns for the game are here.