Chapter Four: Calming World:

April traced her fingers along Kyosuke’s chest. This trip to Sapporo did their romance some good. They had decided to make thing official last year.

“I’m so happy for you,” Watari said on Christmas. Kyosuke was thrilled to bits.

“Thank you,” he said. The shinigami kissed April on the cheek. She smiled to herself.

Kyosuke smiled in his sleep. Not much had changed. He was still awkward as hell. But Kyosuke tried to be a good boyfriend. April sat up in bed. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a calm morning like this. 2016 was a headache. Too many dead people. She did get to meet George Michael before Christmas.

The English shinigami rubbed her forehead. Come on! Don’t think about work. This was winter break. She should be relaxing. They should be relaxing.

April looked up when she heard Kyosuke stirring awake.

“Good morning, babe,” she said.

“Hm? What time is it?” he asked. April picked up her phone from beside her pillow.

“Seven,” she said. Kyosuke groaned and rubbed his eyes.

“That early?” he asked. “Dang.” He started to get out of the futon when April lightly grabbed his arm. Kyosuke turned his head.

“Stay,” his girlfriend whispered.

“But…” he said. The English shinigami gently put her finger to his lips. Kyosuke went quiet. She gave him a quick kiss.

“Stay,” she said again. “We’re on break.” April lay down beside him. Kyosuke watched wide-eyed. He couldn’t think of any arguments. The shinigami laid back down too. April giggled.

“This is nice,” he said.

“Shhh,” she said. Kyosuke gave her a blank stare. Her lips curved into a small smile.

“Let’s just enjoy this moment,” she said in hushed voice. Kyosuke thought of something to say. April put her finger to his lips and shook her head.

“Shhh. Shhh,” she whispered. Her boyfriend gulped. The English shinigami drew back her finger. His cheeks turned bright red.

He was still learning. Kyosuke didn’t get a chance to form an actual relationship in life. Sure, there were the sweet little gestures. They had their dates. Plus, the sex was… just…

Kyosuke blushed at the thought. It didn’t help that April was staring at him right now. He took a deep breath. How long would they lay here? This was April’s idea. She didn’t exactly give him directions on how to do to do this.

That was another thing he had to get adjusted to.

April took the lead so easily. He followed with no questions. He didn’t mind it. It just happened. April seemed to enjoy taking the lead. It felt so natural. But why was that? He couldn’t wrap his head around that one.

April pulled him in for another kiss. Almost instantly, his mind went blank. She wasn’t going to let him think on this trip, was she?

Somehow, that was okay. This was winter break after all. They should be relaxing and basking in the love. So this should be fine.

Kyosuke felt the chill when she pulled away. April caressed his right cheek. He gave up on asking what came next. The shinigami would have to go along with it.

April couldn’t help but smile. Good, he’s learning. Now he’s getting it.