Candy-Chan's Bio

Name: Candy-chan Yumiko Komachi

AKA: Candy, C-chan, and Bunny

Birthdate: 5/13/71

Age: Less than a year (But looks 12)

P.O.B.: Tokyo, Japan

Species: Goma

Occupation: N/A

Hair: Black

Eyes: Pink

Height: 4'5"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Anime, manga, dolls, toys, games, Doramen, the beach, snow, sweets, festivals, playgrounds, music, pop, chocolate, art, cake, TZA staff, flowers, paints, and traveling

Outfit: Little pink skirt, little pink sleeveless hooded shirt, pink jellies, and little good hoops

Animal Chibi: Kitten

    Candy-chan is the baby of the staff. The others protect her like a jewel. C-chan has no family but doesn't care; she's happy to be with the staff. The kid has the mind of a baby. So, the staff pretty much have their work cut out for them. They sometimes have to tone down their wickedness when she is in the room. Either that or distract her by getting her out of the room in any way.

    Daughter of Helen and angelic lord, she was conceived inside of the maiden at first. However, when Helen committed suicide and her body was chopped up and scattered out, C-chan died in the womb with her. However, with the Blood Mum War, Helen's soul possessed Noiz's body and killed Akasha. After the war's end, Candy-chan was born. She travels everywhere. C-chan is a bomb of cuteness and she has a puppy named Dignity.