Cat Fight

I: Kei vs. Student Reporter:

This was a late night. Kei was heading back to Tokyo from the airport. She had been in California to visit some friends of her dad. The flight was long. Simon and Conrad greeted a tired Kati at the airport. She didn�t feel like talking at all. The boys knew. They saw it on her face. So, Conrad and Simon said nothing. Too bad everyone else couldn�t take a hint.

The walk to the bus felt long. Cameras hounded Kei the whole way. She kept her tired head down the whole time.

�Look at how tired she is,� Simon whispered to the pot dealer.

�I know,� Conrad said. �Somethin� �bout to go down!� And something did go down.

An eager reporter got too close to Kei. She was from Kei�s school and the preppy-perky type. This idiot got too close to the young heiress� face.

�Welcome home!� she chirped. That just caused a total snap. Kei just attacked the reporter girl for no reason! The poor victim cried out in misery. Kei didn�t let up either. Her beating got faster and harder. She wasn�t human anymore. Kei had become a wild animal. Simon and Conrad panicked. They had to do something quick. The boys ran over to their friend.

Conrad grabbed Kei by the waist and tried to pull her off. The girl fought him the whole time. She still wanted more.

�Let me go!� Kei yelled. �I want to kill her!�

�You are out of your mind!� Conrad barked. �Just calm down and get on the bus!� Kei struggled the whole time for more blood. Once on the bus, the heiress calmed down some. Simon apologized to the reporter the whole time.

Yamaguchi Kei got away this time. The young reporter didn�t press charges. However, this wouldn�t be the last time that Kei would grapple with a reporter.

II: Jemima vs. Ophelia:

Jemima always hated snobs. Ophelia was public enemy number one in her eyes. That bitch was so stuck up! She looked down on everyone. That little diva got jealous if anyone even *looked* at Andy �too long.� Ophelia was especially rude to Pandora. That was one thing Jemima couldn�t stand. So, she decided to do something about it. In the best way possible.

The mission started one Saturday afternoon. Pandora and Jemima were on the Factory roof having lunch. The after had become used to the city air. It was supposed to be a nice day today. Then, the clouds set in.

A loud snort drew the girls� attention to the door. Ophelia stood in the doorway. She sneered at them both.

�And what the hell are you two doing up here?!?� the diva hissed. Jemima sneered back at her.

�What does it look like we�re doing?� she barked. Ophelia snorted again.

�Sucking up good air to me!� she snapped. Jemima growled at her. Pandora tried to stop her.

�Jemima, please,� she whispered. Her friend kept quiet. Ophelia snickered.

�Oh how cute!� she said. �Your owner won�t let you fight!� Big mistake! Jemima saw red now. Pandora freaked.

�What did you say?� the other woman hissed. Ophelia laughed again.

�I said you�re the commoner�s little dog!� she practically shouted. Oh snap! It was on now! Jemima broke away from Pandora�s grasp.

�Say that again!� she snapped.

�You are a mutt!� the snot yelled. Jemima flew at her with full force. She punched Ophelia right in the face. The diva shrieked in pain.

�You bitch!� she cried. Ophelia hit her right back. Pandora watched on scared as the fight picked up. Jemima was really beating the shit out of Ophelia. The other English girl couldn�t take anymore. She ran forward between them.

�Stop it guys, both of you!� Pandora screamed. �Stop it! Stop it!� The girls kept trying to fight each other still. Pandora struggled  to stop them. This could go on forever.

In a few minutes, the fighting stopped. Both combatants gave up and quit. Ophelia ran away injured and scared. Jemima got her point across, loud and clear! So well done to her!

III: Louise vs. Toshiko:

Six months after Toshiko and Saji started screwing, Louise grew jealous and suspicious. Sure, he was still being sweet and whipped around her. But yet, something was� different� He had changed somehow. Louise didn�t like it one bit. �He�s cheating on me!� she thought. The girl wanted to know who.

For weeks, Louise kept an eyes on any and every girl that came into contact with Saji. She just couldn�t trust anyone anymore. Saji saw the contempt in his girlfriend�s eyes and saw that trouble was not too far behind. That came a whole lot sooner than he thought.

It came just days before Halloween. Louise and Saji were on a date. As usual, Louise kept her eyes on all of the girls around them. Saji sat nervous the whole time. He could tell something would go down tonight.

Suddenly, Toshiko walked by their table in the Frog Caf�. She paused and took one look at Saji. Louise�s inner radar sounded right away. �She�s the one!� she thought.

�Quit staring at my boyfriend, bitch!� Louise snapped Toshiko raised an eyebrow at her.

�Make me!� she challenged. Saji sat on, watching nervously. He hoped Louise wouldn�t take her up on the offer. But sadly�

Too bad no one told Louise about Toshiko�s high school days. She often and constantly fought with everyone. If Louise has known that, she wouldn�t have tried to face her. But sadly�

The fight didn�t last long. Louise got her ass kicked big time. Saji had to haul his girlfriend away to safety. Needless to say. Toshiko won.

IV: Jenny vs. a Fan:

Jenny had a little problem. The Indigo Kids were steadily gaining fans. Good, except for one thing. There was this certain fangirl that tried to get to close to Ryan. Jenny did not like that. He was her husband and she refused to share him. So, Jenny decided when she saw that fan again, she would teach her a lesson about boundaries.

On July first, the band had their first major gig at the Pink Club and Bar. Popular place for budding musicians. Andy booked them a gig for one night. Everything started out normal. Jenny sang most of the songs. But then, her eyes drifted over to Ryan on her right. That stupid fangirl was at it again. She had gotten on stage and was trying to flirt with Ryan again. Security was doing their best to hold her back and struggling with the task. Jenny tried her best to ignore it at first.

Then, the fangirl broke away from the security and raced over to Ryan. Jenny just snapped! �Oh hell now!� she thought. Jenny threw down her mic and walked over to the girl. She grabbed her by the hair and dragged her away from her husband. The fangirl screamed and clawed at the other woman. She got free and punched Jenny in the face. That pissed the Polish woman off big time!

�Bitch!� Jenny snapped. She moved in to attack again. A cat fight broke out from there. Jenny went to town on whooping this fangirl�s ass. She would have killed her if Ryan and Allison, the Indigo Kids� drummer, hadn�t intervened in time. The fangirl ended up in the hospital.

V: Savannah vs. Ophelia:

Ophelia got herself in trouble again. This time with Savannah. How? The story goes like this:

Andy was shooting a new Indie film. He needed a female lead. Both Savannah and Ophelia looked like shoo-ins. But who would get the part? May the battle begin!

So far it had just been catty comments back and forth. Nothing too serious. Everyone else rolled their eyes at it. However, they kept watch closely. Anything could explode soon�

That happened in the Factory bathroom. Savannah was putting on her make-up for the casting call. Normal and long so far. But then, Ophelia came along. She pushed Savannah out of the way to do her own make-up. Savannah didn�t like that at all. She pushed the other diva out of the way to reclaim her space. Ophelia pushed back. Her rival sneered at her.

�Move bitch!� she snapped. Ophelia looked up at her.

�And why should I?� she asked.

�Cause,� the other diva said. �I�m getting the part.� Ophelia snorted aloud.

�Ha!� she said. �Like hell you will!� Savannah glared at her.

�And what�s that supposed to mean?!?� she hissed. Ophelia smirked at her.

�I will!� she said. Savannah sneered at that one. The other diva noticed her expression.

�What?� she asked. Her rival turned around her.

�And why should *you* get the part?� she questioned. Ophelia smirked at her.

�Because,� she said. �I�m young, cute, Andy loves me, and unlike you, I can *actually* act!� Oh, big mistake! Savannah got pissed off.

�You bitch!� she snapped. The diva slapped her rival in the face. Ophelia looked at her in shock.

�How dare you!� she snapped. She slapped Savannah back. The diva gave her a death glare.

�Oh sweet heart!� she said. �Now you�ve done it!� Savannah hit Ophelia back. From there, a catfight broke out. Both women were matched. It looked like it could go either way. Such a close fight�

In the end, the fight was a draw. Both divas were beaten and worn out. And all for what? A stupid part in a movie. And the best part? Neither one got the part!

VI: Pandora vs. Hunter�s Ex:

It�s a surprise to see sweet little Pandora in a catfight. Not by choice anyway. But, it did happen, believe it or not. The story goes like this:

Pandora and Hunter were out on a date at a bar. (He insisted on treating her.) The English girl was nervous at first. Bars were *still* outside of her comfort zone. Yes, she was still a good girl. Usually, Hunter would want to ruin girls like her by now. But, Pandora was different. Hunter not only wanted to have sex with her, he wanted to love her in general. Yes, Hunter wanted to love and take care of Pandora in special ways. However, there were still some problems to deal with. One of which was coming� right� now.

�What the hell are you doing with my boyfriend, you slut?!?� a drunk female yelled. The couple looked up, startled. A dark-haired, pale girl marched up to them. Her piercing baby blue eyes were red with envy at the moment. Black could not hide her rage. Pandora looked at Hunter confused.

�Boyfriend?� she questioned. Hunter sighed aloud.

�That�s my ex,� he explained.

�Your ex?� his date asked. The Irishman nodded.

�Yes!� he said. �Now can we go before things get ugly?� His date still looked lost.

�What do you mean?� Pandora asked. Too late now. The ex made it over to the couple at the bar.

�Hunter! Who the hell is this skank?!?� she screamed. Pandora looked offended.

�I am not skank!� she cried. �I�m still a vir--!� Hunter quickly covered her mouth. Too late! The drunk ex glared at Pandora still.

�White whore!� she screamed. Then, she slapped the English girl in the face! Pandora gasped aloud. The ex didn�t stop there. The crazy bitch started beating on the poor English girl. It would have been worse if Hunter hadn�t intervened just in time. He pulled his ex away from his date and held Pandora to his chest as she trembled in fear. The Irishman glared at his ex.

�Go away Nina!� he yelled. �It�s over between us! Move on!� Nina didn�t listen; instead she tried to attack Pandora again. This time, Hunter blocked her. The couple left the bar after that.

VII: Mo Billie vs. Ophelia:

Yes, Ophelia did it again. This time with newcomer Mo Billie. Mo Billie didn�t fit into the Factory�s glamorous life. Ophelia constantly reminded her of that. At first, the ex-con ignored her. But after a few days, she had had enough. Time to shut the bitch up for good.

So one day, Mo Billie was looking out at the view on the roof. Ophelia walked outside and looked around. All as expected. The diva spotted the ex-con. She snorted aloud.

�Still here, I see?� the snort asked. �Too bad. I guess a jailslut like you has no real home to go back to!� Silence. Ophelia wouldn�t stop. She walked closer to her target.

�Funny,� the diva said. �I still fail to see what Andy sees in you. You�re poor and just got out of prison You�re just damaged goods. Me on the hand, I�m perfect and Andy loves me! You are a sad little reject!�

By this time, Ophelia stood right behind Mo Billie. The ex-con smirked to herself. Perfect! Mo Billie whipped around and punched the snob right in the face. Ophelia fell to the roof out cold. Mo Billie looked down at her, smirking.

�Thought so!� she said. Then, the ex-con headed inside. Don�t. Mess. With. Mo Billie! Seriously.

VIII: Girl Fights:

Ah, cat fights. Why do girls love to fight? Why do we like to see them fight? Think about it!

Black Eye