Chapter Twenty: Change of Hands:

February 21st, 1977.

Iijiri Kyoko knocked on Kato�s door early in the morning. Her neighbor just moved into the village. At the time, the former priest kept to himself; he just wanted to be left alone. Too bad Kyoko didn�t see it that way.

�Leave me alone!� Kato yelled inside. Kyoko did the opposite and knocked on the door harder.

�I�m coming! I�m coming!� he said at last. The door slid open and Kato looked her up and down. Kyoko looked about his age with her deep royal blue hair in two tight braids. Her hand knit shawl was wrapped tight around her thin body. Her western-style clothes underneath made her look misplaced with the year. Kyoko�s height reminded him of him tiny his wife was compared to him. Kato looked at her funny.

�What do you want?� he asked. Kyoko grinned at him. Kato blinked at him.

�Can I help you?� he asked.

�Just saying hi!� she chirped. Kato didn�t seem to believe her. Something told him she wasn�t going to leave right away.

�Why?� he asked.

�May I come in?� the woman asked. Kato raised an eyebrow at her.

�Why?� he asked again. Kyoko didn�t answer; she just pushed herself past him and went inside.

�Oh come right on in, why don�t you?� Kato mumbled sarcastically under his breath. The former priest slid the door shut behind them. Kyoko walked around the house looking around.

Feel free to leave now!, Kato thought over and over again. He stared at Kyoko when she turned around to him with a puzzled look on her face.

�What?� the former priest asked. Kyoko shook her head.

�You have no pictures,� she pointed out. Kato raised an eyebrow at her.

�So?� he asked.

�That�s so sad,� she summed up. Kato thought she had just lost her mind.

�And?� he asked.

�Don�t you have family?� she asked. Kato glared at her.

�They�re dead!� he hissed. Kyoko went serious and lowered her head.

�I�m so sorry�� she mumbled. The former priest leaned against the wall. Kyoko saw the sorrow in his eyes.

Poor lonely soul, she thought. Kyoko leaned against the wall with him. Kato didn�t look up, yet he somehow knew he had a new ally.

May 23rd, 2009.

The next morning, Kyoko went out to check the mail. It all looked the same at first, but then she saw it. A deep black envelope with Kato�s handwriting on it. Kyoko froze in her place. The old woman ran inside and threw down the rest of the mail on the coffee table. Kyoko looked at the envelope again.

Oh Iwao, she thought, What have you gotten into now? Kyoko drew in a deep breath and opened the letter.


By the time you get this letter, I will be dead. As I told you over the phone, I brought Anna back from the dead. However, Haruka still wants to kill her. I have been guiding Malchik to the truth. That�s where you come in.

I�m entrusting you to guide her to the truth. Use anonymous e-mails; Riku-chan can help you with that. I have left you the keys to my apartment and Midori�s inheritance money to help you with Malchik. I have written the instructions on the next page. Don�t fail us; Malchik needs you.


Kyoko stared at the letter for a long while. Her old friend was dead? She always knew his dealings with the Eda-Kimoto clan would get him killed. Now, he was asking her to pick up where he left off. He did so because he knew that he could rely on her. Kyoko drew in another breath. Okay then, that meant one thing however. Good thing the old woman had the keys for that.

Meanwhile the evening, Emiko worked fiercely on her computer. The demon hadn�t eaten or slept in days. Hotaru came up behind her girlfriend, embraced the butch demon, and cuddled close. Emiko pushed her off.

�Not now,� she mumbled. Hotaru looked at her, pouting. Emiko sensed that she wasn�t leaving. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

�What, Hoto-chan?� the butch demon asked. The loli demon pouted as she shuffled her feet.

�Well�� she mumbled. Hotaru tried to fit her needs into words. Emiko turned and stared at her.

�Speak!� she barked, �I�m busy right now!� Hotaru swallowed and trembled.

�I miss you so much,� she murmured at first. She paused and clinched her fists tight. Emiko waited.

�What is it?� she pressed. Hotaru shut her eyes tightly.

�We hadn�t had sex in a long while!� she blurted out. Her cheeks turned a bright red after saying that. Emiko�s face didn�t change.

�Is that all?� she asked. Her girlfriend nodded quickly. Emiko gave her a kind, little smile.

�Sweetie,� she addressed, �We will have sex when I am finished with my work.� Hotaru looked at her, unconvinced.

�When will you be finished?� she asked. Emiko went quiet. Her girlfriend sighed and blew up her bangs annoyed.

�Figures,� she mumbled. The loli demon walked away disappointed. Emiko sighed and went back to work. Truth was, back when she was trying to overthrow Hell to free the innocents, Emiko and her troops made a pact to deny themselves pleasures such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and sex. She wanted them fully focused on the battles ahead. However, that was years ago. Emiko began to feel the effects of desire racing in her mind. She tried to fight it off long enough to keep researching information on the Eda-Kimoto clan and how to overthrow Lucifer again. Over time, it began to sink in. Emiko�s mind wandered back to the bedroom. The butch demon shook her head hard.

No!, she thought, I need focus on the mission! Emiko pushed herself to keep working. However, the harder she worked, the worse she couldn�t focus. The demon�s mind kept coming back to Hotaru�s bare pale skin. Her innocence hid her mischief well. She missed hearing Hotaru crying out in pleasure. Oh, the sweet taste of her�

Emiko shut her eyes tightly. She tried to block it out, but the images got stronger, more vivid. Finally, the demon resolved to the only known way to get rid of temptation.

The butch demon shut everything down and got up from her deck. She walked up the stairs to her and Hotaru�s bedroom and slowly pushed open the door. Hotaru sat on the bed waiting. Emiko stood in the doorway looking in. Her girlfriend raised an eyebrow at her.

�Yes?� she asked. Emiko walked over to the bed and crawled on. The butch demon leaned in and kissed her girl on the lips. Hotaru didn�t bother to resist. The kiss increased from there. Emiko lightly pushed Hotaru back onto the bed, but the loli demon had plans of her own tonight. Hotaru quickly flipped her girlfriend on her back and climbed on top. Emiko looked up surprised.

�Hoto-chan�� she said in a gasp. Hotaru sat up grinning as she lightly put a finger to her lips.

�Uh-uh-uh,� the loli demon whispered, �I�m in control tonight! You just lie there and enjoy yourself!� Emiko quickly nodded.

�Okay, take me!� she said. Hotaru grinned wickedly.

�That�s better,� she cooed. The loli demon leaned down and kissed her girlfriend again. She slipped her tongue into her beloved�s mouth while she slowly rolled off her white tank top. Emiko lifted her arms as she did so. Hotaru broke off the kiss to get an eyeful of the butch demon�s small yet full chest. Lucky for them both, Emiko never wore bras. Hotaru cheeks turned bright red.

�Beautiful!� she breathed out in a whisper. Hotaru felt herself getting hot and wet in her own panties. She began breathing heavily as she slowly slid off her black baby doll dress. Emiko stared on in delight at her lover�s black strapless bra and panties. Hotaru knelt down and kissed her lover again. Emiko reached up and slowly unhooked Hotaru�s bra. She trembled at Emiko�s touch. Once the bra came off, the butch demon tossed it to the floor.

Hotaru slowly reached down to Emiko�s tight black jeans and playfully tugged on them. Her lover moaned loudly in her mouth. Hotaru quickly undid the black and spike-jeweled belt followed by the jeans themselves. Emiko felt herself getting wet at Hoto-chan�s touch. Her girlfriend smiled in satisfaction. She slowly rolled off her beloved�s jeans as Emiko trembled with heated sweat. With the jeans thrown to the floor piled on the other clothes, the lovely demons were in panties.

Emiko reached down tenderly and grabbed a hold of Hotaru�s lacy black panties. She yanked them off as the loli demon�s hands strayed down to the butch demon�s small breasts. Emiko squealed as she squeezed on them. She spread her while Hotaru�s panties ended up on the floor. The loli demon took her girlfriend�s cotton blue and white panties off. Hotaru slowly began kissing down her neck. Her beloved whimpered and moaned aloud.

�Oh yes!� she whimpered. Hotaru began licking and nibbling on the skin slowly enough to enjoy the taste. Emiko screamed aloud and shut her eyes. She began stroking her girlfriend�s long, loose black hair. The loli demon kissed down to Emiko�s breasts and started sucking on them.

�Yes!� her cried, �More, more!� Her lover was more than happy to comply. After a few more sucks, Hotaru kept licking and kissing downwards until she came to her final destination and slipped her tongue inside. Emiko screamed and arched her back.

�Oh yes!� she screamed. �Hoto-chan! Oh!� Hotaru licked faster and added in her fingers into the mix. The heat and moisture greeted her with ecstasy. Emiko�s head swam with intense pleasure.

�Hoto-chan!� she yelled. �I love you! I love you! I love you!� A sea of bright red of passion washed over them intensely. Neither one wanted it to end. Emiko came in a high flood when Hotaru gave her favorite place one last, big stroke.

�Hoto-chan, I love you so much!� she screamed. Hotaru licked up her sweet prize. Her lover whimpered and moaned with a red face.

�Oh wow!� Emiko yelped, �You�re so great!� Once she licked the last drop, Hotaru slid upwards and lied down next to the butch demon. They smiled at each other warmly. Hotaru lightly tapped Emiko on nose. She lightly giggled at her.

�Good enough?� the loli demon asked. Emiko gave her a little kiss. Hotaru kissed her back. The butch demon gave her a sexy little smile.

�Shit yeah!� she replied. Hotaru giggled as her fingers tangled in her lover�s long orange hair. They fell asleep in each other�s arms. Emiko felt much better; maybe she could focus much better on her work now.