Chapter Thirty-Six: Charlotte’s Hero:

-August 15th-

“Takashi-kun!” Charlotte shouted. The angel paused when he heard his name.

“Char-chan?” he asked. She ran towards him. Takashi held out his arm. Charlotte grabbed his wrist.

“Takashi-kun!” she said.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes!” she said. The angel pulled her into his arms. She broke down trembling.

“I was so scared,” the woman whispered. “I was so scared! I was so scared.”

“Shhh, it’s okay,” he said. “It’s okay.”

“Oi!” someone shouted. The couple looked up. Dante stood, panting

“Who the fuck is this?” he asked. Charlotte grabbed Takashi’s shirt.

“He’s my boyfriend!” she said. At first, Dante looked dumbfounded.

“What?!” he said. “But he’s…”

“What?” Charlotte asked. He shot her icy glare.

“Blind!” her ex shouted.

“So?” she asked. “I don’t care about that! He treats like a person, not an object! And he’s not you!” Dante gritted his teeth and growled.

“Bullshit!” he shouted. “I won’t allow this!” Dante ran forward.

But then…

“What the… I can’t move!” he shouted.

“That’s as far as you go,” a voice said. Dante turned his head. Watari stepped forward. April held Charlotte’s ex still with her invisible strings on her fingers.

“Who the hell are you?!” Dante asked.

“Friends,” Watari said. “And I have a couple of questions.”

“What?!” the ex asked. The blonde scientist walked over to Dante as he tried to break out of the hold. Watari grinned in his face.

“What the hell is this?!” Dante shouted.

“Shhh,” the shinigami whispered. “I’m asking the questions here. Got it?” Charlotte’s ex glared at him.

“Good,” Watari said. “Where did you get Moore-san’s core?” Dante snorted.

“Screw you!” he shouted. The young man screamed. “What the hell?!” Watari looked behind him.

“Ease there, April-san,” he said. “You don’t want to risk crushing his bones.”

“What?!” Dante shouted. The invisible binding got tighter.

“April-san,” Watari said.

“Sorry,” the English shinigami said. “It’s his face. Just looking at it pisses me off.” Kyosuke shivered. Takashi held Charlotte tighter.

“Now, where did you get Moore-san’s core?” Watari asked.

“I don’t know,” Dante said. “Some guy said he would help me keep Eliza by my side forever! I jumped at the chance.” His ex looked like she wanted to scream.

“You!” Charlotte yelled. Takashi held her back.

“Shhh,” he whispered.

“Go on…” Watari said to Dante. The young man snorted.

“I suspected that Eliza was going to leave me,” he said. “I didn’t know how to convince her to stay. I went out to a karaoke bar to clear my head.”

“That’s where you met that bad man?”


“What did you say?”

“I don’t remember. He offered to help me.”

“Did he ask for anything in return?”

Dante shook his head. Watari raised his eyebrow.

“Didn’t you find it strange?” he asked.

“Of course I did,” the ex said. “But I didn’t care. I couldn’t lose Eliza.” Charlotte’s fear turned into rage. She broke down trembling.

“Asshole!” the woman hissed. Watari looked behind Dante, April, and Kyosuke. A crowd started to form around them. Better wrap this up.

“Can at least tell me the man’s name?” the blonde scientist asked.

“He only called himself Orphan,” Dante said.

“Do you remember what he looked like?” Watari said.

“He had a rose tattoo on his right hand,” Dante said. “I never saw his face.”

“I see,” the blonde scientist said. He turned to Charlotte and Takashi.

“Moore-san,” he said. “This young man will never bother you again.” She and her ex looked stunned.

“What?” Charlotte asked. Watari slapped Dante on the back.

“You just leave him to us,” he said. “We have a few more questions to ask him,” Dante shivered at the gleam in the blonde scientist’s eye.

“Takashi-san,” Watari said.

“Hm?” the blind angel asked. The shinigami winked.

“You take good care of her, okay?” he asked. Takashi held onto Charlotte.

“I sure will,” he said.

“Good,” Watari said. He grabbed Dante by the shoulder.

“And you are coming with me,” he said. They vanished before Dante could say a word.

“You will be fine now,” April said. “You don’t have to run away anymore.” Kyosuke bowed as he and April vanished as well. Charlotte turned to Takashi as the crowd began to whisper.

“I guess that’s it,” she said. “I am fully yours now. I am free.” Takashi kissed her on the head.

“I will be here for you,” he said in a low voice. Charlotte rested her head against his chest. She felt like she woke up from a long nightmare.