Chapter Two: Charlotte + Takashi:


He’s starting to get it. I think our relationship has grown over the summer. The nights were the best part.

-Charlotte’s Summer-

I was still stuck on taking my relationship further with Takashi. After we slept together, part of me wanted more from that angel. First, I quit me hostess job.

“You’re leaving?” Mama asked as I gathered up my things.

“Yep,” I told her. “It’s time for me to move on.”

“We’ll miss you.”

“Yes and I will miss you too.” I placed my locker key in Mama’s fat hand.

“Good luck.”

“Thank you.” I bowed and walked away. Takashi was surprised with my actions when I told him the news.

“Why would you quit your job?” he asked. I climbed into his lap.

“Because,” I told him. “That wouldn’t be right since we’re sleeping together now, would it?”

“It wouldn’t?”

“No. You wouldn’t want to share my affection with another man, now would you?” I turned his face to mine and kissed him on the lips. Takashi sat there and let me kiss him.

“What was that for?” he asked. My lips curved into a smile.

“I like you,” I answered.

“But why?”

“I just do.” He didn’t until affection or the concept of love. I still needed to work on him.


I spent my nights getting closer to him. I started off gentle. Every night ended with a kiss. I would come in from my summer classes and greet him with a kiss. He couldn’t understand it at first. He didn’t complain or try to push me away. Instead, he let me do as I pleased with him. I didn’t find it satisfying soon enough.

“Takashi,” I complained one evening. “Do you feel anything when I kiss you?” He shook his head at the dinner table.

“I don’t know,” he answered. “Do you want me to feel something?”


“What do you want me to feel?”

I sighed and lowered my head. “Forget it.” What is would it take for him to see it? I was running out of ways to show him my love without coming off like a manipulative bitch. Still, I couldn’t give up. I lifted my head and took a deep breath.

“Could you sleep with me tonight?” I asked.

“What?” Takashi asked in a high-pitched yelp. I stood up and walked over to his side of the table. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and lean in close to his ear.

“Meet me back in my room,” I whispered. He shuddered in my arms as I licked his ear. I walked away, smirking. That should draw him in.  He may be an angel, but he’s still a man when it’s all said and done. I just hoped he would catch on right away. I paused and looked over my shoulder.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” I told him in a flirty tone. I made it back to my room and flopped down onto my bed. Sure enough, Takashi found his way back to my room.