Christmas Vacation

Dateline: Three years has passed and the crew has older but a little wiser. What adventure will come their way this time? We’ll just have to see.

    "Are we there yet?" asked Yolei for the fourth time today. "You'll see." said Takeru. Our friends are going to Oakiyama for their Christmas vacation. Aneko decided to invite her friends this year to do something different. "We're almost there!" Aneko reported as she looked out the bus window. They had been traveling for hours now and evening was falling fast. "You better wake up your father or he'll miss our stop and will be stuck on the bus!" said Hikari to Zoey. “Hai san.” said she. Then the girl turned to her father. "Hey dad! Wake up!" yelled Zoey as she shook him. "Wha... Are we there yet?" asked Willis as he woke up. "We're almost there!" said Zoey very cheerfully.

    Just then a huge garbage truck pulled of a corner and Jordan had turn a tight turn which knocked Willis off of his bed and on the floor, Aneko out of the windowsill on top of Takeru. on her back, and the others on floor. "Hey! Why don't you watch where you’re going you SON OF A BITCH?!?" yelled Jordan in rage. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?" yelled Mitch as he got up off the ground. "I'm sorry." said Jordan over the intercom. "But some baka decided to pull out in from of me!" (Noiz note: Baka= “Idiot” in Jap.) Jordan straightened her hair. "Oh." said Zoey. "I'm okay!" said Aneko. "Yeah we're all glad that you’re okay but could please just get off me!" said Takeru. "Suumanaku-Omou dear." said Aneko as she climbed off him and got back on the bus windowsill. (Noiz note: Suumanaku-Omou= “Sorry” in Jap.) "Hey don't look now, but were here!" "Attention passengers. We are now entering Oakiyama. No picture taking!" said Jordan over the intercom. "Um... I guess I'll put this down!" said Hikari as she let go of her digital camera. "We are we going?" asked Yolei. "To meet Hoshi." said Takeru. "Who’s Hoshi?" asked Melody. " Hoshi is our cousin." said Mitch.


    "Hoshi! How are you?" yelled Jordan as she ran over to hug her cousin. "I'm just fine!" said the old woman. They stopped hugging each other and Hoshi looked at Mitch, Aneko, Lisa, Chillie, Erica, Serena, Takeru, and Kamru. "And how's my little Lisa and Chillie?" asked Nanna as she picked up her nieces. " Hoshi!" yelled Erica and Serena as they ran to their aunt. "Oh my Takeru! Look how you've grown!" said Hoshi. Takeru just didn't know what to say “Uh… Arigato Hoshi.” was all he said and left it at that. "Now Davis, I warn you, don't mock me!" Aneko said to Davis. "Hoshiiii!!!!!" She had her arms open to hug her. Davis was snickering. "*Laughs* Wimp! Hoshiiii!!!!" Davis mocked Aneko. Then Hoshi quickly grabbed Davis by his mouth and stretched it out. Then she yelled: "Don't you dare mock my little Aneko!" "I didn't mean it!" yelled Davis. “*Sigh* I told him. But did the boy listen? Nai folks, he didn’t.” Aneko mumbled loudly. “Shut up bitch!” Davis barked. Hoshi pinched the corners of his mouth harder. "Don't worry!" said Takeru. "Just read this!" He was holding up a sign in Japanese. "Sumimasen lady-dono!" Davis read aloud. "Well, in that case, you’re forgiven!" said Hoshi as she let go of his mouth. "Come on I'll show you to your rooms." The others followed her. Davis was rubbing the pain of the corners of his mouth away.


    Mitch, Matt, Brock, Ash, Gary, and Taichi went out to look for a Christmas tree. The boys took Erica with them to help find the best tree. Ash had to leave Pikachu with his future daughters so he wouldn’t get lost and freeze to death. “You just want me to point you out the best tree?” Erica asked the boys. “Hai.” said Matt. “All right.” said the immortal of plants. “Hey Gary.” said Ash. “What?” the pokemon trainer asked. “Why did you bring Gezzele along with you?” Ash asked. “There’s plenty of snow back at the Hoshi’s house. Gezzele can play there.” Gary answered. “Oh.” said Ash. They walked into forest full of trees. Ash and Gary were shocked. They had never seen so many fresh trees since the war. “All right Erica, do your thing.” said Mitch. “Okay.” said the little girl. Then she folded her hands as if she was praying, closed her eyes, and began chanting. “Evesta of the trees, guide us to your freshest produce. Evesta of the trees, guide us to your freshest produce.” she said. A mild wind blew overhead. “Found it!” Erica said. “Take us there.” said Taichi. “Hai san!” said the immortal of plants. Then she ran through the woods with the boys chasing after her.

    “Here?” Matt asked her when they came to the tree. The crew had come to a tall and thick green evergreen tree. It was worthy to be made into a Christmas tree in a beautiful house. “Hai.” Erica said with a nod. “Well back up guys, Cause I’m gonna chop it down!” said Matt as he raised his ax. The others obeyed as the digi-destined began to swing forward. “Naiiiii!” Erica yelled as she jumped in front of the tree, blocking Matt. “Don’t hurt it!” The boy froze in distress. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Don’t cut it! You’ll kill it!” the immortal of plants explained. This angered Matt. He took a couple of steps away from the group. “We brought the kid with us to look for a Christmas tree…..” he mumbled. “Huh? What are you saying?” Ash asked him. Matt looked up in anger. Ash backed away a little bit. “Uh…. Matt, Are you okay?” Erica asked. “And she says: ‘Don’t cut it! You’ll kill it!” he continued. “Is there a problem?” Taichi asked. “So tell me,” said Matt. “HOW THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO BRING HOME A TREE IF WE CAN’T CUT IT DOWN?!?” *Sweat drops all around* “Uh…. Erica.” said Mitch. “Hai?” asked she. “It would be best to let him cut this one down.” her cousin explained. “But he’ll kill it!” Erica argued. “But you see he’s getting cranky. So just step out of the way.” Gary said. “NAI!” Erica snapped. Her eyes were turning violet. She too was getting angry. Here, she and the boys had found this beautiful tree and Matt wanted to chop it down. The immortal of plants couldn’t allow it! Nai san, she couldn’t!

    After much persuasion from the other boys, Erica finally stepped out of the way. Matt chopped fiercely at the tree while Erica watched in sorrowful anger. “Sumimasen I couldn’t save you.” she thought. The immortal of plants fought back her tears. When the painful process was over, Mitch and Taichi loaded the tree on the sled and dragged it with the crew. Matt led to way back while the other boys followed behind him with the sled. Erica lagged behind with her hands to her chest. “The tree! It was crying! I could feel it!” she thought. The girl just couldn’t let the image of the tree suffering its last moments of life as Matt hacked at it go. It screamed. It cried. It hurt. Now she was just going to grin and bare the fact and deal with it.

    Gezzele was playing around when she looked up and saw her father and the group coming towards them. She became overjoyed. “Daddy!!!!!” the immortal of snow yelled as she ran over to Gary and hugged him. “Hey Gezzele.” said he. “Did you get a big Christmas tree?” the girl asked. Gary smiled big. “Take a look!” he said. Gezzele looked at the tall and thick green evergreen tree. It too met with her approve. “I LOVE IT!” the immortal of snow yelled. Then she looked at Erica. The immortal of plants set looked forlorn. “What’s with her?” Gezzele asked. “She just had a little problem with the tree.” Gary answered. “Oh.” said his daughter. She automatically understood why. So she walked over to Erica and put her arm around her. Erica didn’t look up. But she felt a little better. Jenny and Roxanne came outside. “You boys back with the tree?” Roxanne asked. “Hai!” all the boys said. “Well then, what the hell are you waiting for? A personal invitation? Bring it in!” Jenny exclaimed. The boys all complied with Erica pouting behind them and Gezzele confronting her.


    "Where do we take our bath?" asked Davis. "I'll show you!" said Takeru as Davis followed him outside to the hot springs. Both were undressed with towels around their waists. Aneko, Kari, Melody, Zoey, Miraiah, and Kanmu were in the hot springs bathing. "Right there?" shrieked Davis. "What's wrong?" asked Takeru. "There are girls in the lake!" yelled Davis. "So?" asked Takeru. "So?!? So?!? So that's not right!!!!" yelled the lost and confused brown haired boy. "Well, That's the way it is here." said Takeru. "I'm not getting in there!!!!" yelled Davis. "Mitch, Taichi!" said Takeru. "Right!" they said as they picked him up. "Hey!!!! Put down right now!" yelled Davis. They carried him all the way to the hot springs and threw him in the water. "Davis! I'll wash your back if you wash mine!" said Melody very sweetly as she took off her towel and threw it on the deck. "Hey Takeru! Come on in! The water's fine!" said Aneko very sweetly. "Sure!" he said as climbed in with her. "Hi daddy!" said Kanmu very cheerfully. Hikari, Zoey, and Miraiah just looked at the brown haired boy in the hot springs with them and then they screamed really loud.

    Pretty soon, all the boys joined in. No one had anything to say. Just glares and stares. (Hoshi asked if she could pull the opaque pearl Japanese-style screens closed and they all said hai!) Sake was being passed around. Aneko was drinking her sake when she dropped the empty bottle in the water. “Whoops.” she said softly. The princess bent down to pick it up. The water was foamed with bubbles so she had to look for the bottle first. Takeru looked up through one of the narrow cracks in the screens to the girls’ side and saw his girlfriend bent over with her round tight booty showing through her tightly wrapped towel. The boy was blushing and staring naughtily. Perverted ideas aroused in his head as he watched on. “Uh…. Takeru…. Are you feeling okay?” Brock asked him. No answer. “Are listening?” the rock pokemon trainer asked. Silence. “Hey!” Brock yelled as he moved in front of Takeru. “Huh?” said the boy. “Are you feeling okay?” Brock asked again. “Uh… Brock.” said Takeru. “Hai?” the rock pokemon trainer asked. “Could you move out of my way? You’re blocking the view.” the digi-destined asked. Blood was running from his nose. “Oro?” Brock asked. Then he turned his head and saw Aneko’s ass sticking out. Brock just looked confused. (He didn’t fall for her for 1.) He had Tina as a girlfriend and 2.) He was eighteen and the princess was sixteen.) But when Brock turned again, Takeru was gone. “Hey! Takeru, where did you go?” asked he. But the worse was only coming.

By the time Brock looked up, Takeru had pushed one of the screens open and was walking to the other side. “Nai!” Brock said aloud. The other boys looked up and saw the blonde-haired digi-destined on the girls’ side. Tenses grew high-strung. “What is he doing?” they were thinking. “Come back Takeru!” Brock wanted to yell. But the words wouldn’t come out. “Got it.” Aneko said in triumph as she had found the empty sake bottle. But before she could stand up, Aneko had a strange awareness arouse in within her. She didn’t know better, the girl would say she was being groped on her firm booty. Usually, Aneko could senses a lech coming towards her to do something perverted upon her, but this time, those reliable senses failed her. The princess felt her cheeks burn with offense. The girls were frozen in shock and offense. Kari, Sora, and Yolei were ready to slap that boy-pervert. Aneko was speechless for she figured who was groping her. Finally, she said: “Takeru! What are you doing?!?” The boy froze in lust. Aneko quickly shot up and turned. Takeru’s face was as red as an apple. Both genders were waiting for a response. Finally, Takeru said: “Uh…. Sumimasen my usagi, but…. I couldn’t help myself.” Aneko began to relax a bit. “But I did like what I felt!” the digi-destined thought. The princess froze in her tracks when she heard his thought. Boy, I everyone could hear Aneko screaming from outside the hot springs! Takeru thought he was going to go deaf.


    "When are we going to decorate the tree?!?" asked little Kanmu. "You'll see." said Takeru. Dusk was setting up her show. The immortal of sleep was waiting a long time to decorate a Christmas tree. "I have the tree all set up and the lights are already on." said Hoshi as she came out of the kitchen with the hot chocolate. Erica was still a little sour about the tree. "Yay!!!!!!!" yelled Kanmu as she ran over to the undecorated Christmas tree dragging both her mommy and daddy by their hands. “Whoa slow down Kanmu!” Aneko said. But the girl was too caught up in the excited to listen.

    Soon, our friends got to work on the tree and the fireplace. Gezzele got to brag about her pink Hello Kitty ornaments. The others were pretty annoyed but said nothing. Jimmy got to make jokes about them. Jessi wanted to hit her brother but withheld such an action. The tree was coated with Hello Kitty, angels, apples, teddy bears, musical interments, Santas, snowflakes, flowers, and hand-made ornaments.

    When everyone except Aneko had finished decorating the tree, the others turned to Aneko and asked: "Where's your ornament Aneko?" "I bet she didn't even bring anything!" said Davis. "I did." Aneko said calmly. "Where is it then?" asked Yolei. "Hold on." said Aneko as walked to her room. She came back with not an ornament, but the tree topper. It was a small diamond image of an angel holding up a diamond star high. All of the immortal children became jealous of Aneko as Hoshi placed the awfully beautiful tree topper on the top branch. They were so jealous of her that they wouldn't even talk to her at dinnertime. They would just glare at with animosity. Aneko tried to pretend she didn’t notice.

    That night Aneko just lied there on her futon thinking about what happened that dusk. Her puppy, Snowy, came up to her. She sat up and reached out petted him on the head. Snowy licked her arm. "Oh, Snowy. When will they ever learn that I'm not trying to show off or anything? I can't help that my stuff is greater than theirs. Why do they even get jealous right off the bat?" Aneko asked sadly. Snowy just stretched out and walked in a small trying to get comfortable. Finally he found a spot and lay down. "Your right. I should try not to think about it." she said. Then she lied back down again. " O-Yasumi-Nasai Snowy." she whispered. “Try not to be concerned about it.” the princess thought as she drifted off to sleep.


    “Uh…. Takeru.” said Mitch early the next morning. “Hai?” said Aneko’s future husband as he was putting his breakfast tray in the dirty dish pile in the kitchen. “Where’s Aneko?” her uncle asked. “She took Kamru with her down to some carnival around here.” Takeru answered. It took five seconds for the message to reach Mitch’s brain. “Damn! I was hoping to harass her this morning! And the little oni takes off without warning! My fun is ruined!” he yelled at last. “Not my fault.” Takeru said under his breath. Then the boy went back to his room.

    “Are you sure you know where we’re going?” Kanmu asked Aneko. She and her mother were walking along a snow-covered trail. Aneko promised to take her child to a surprise. “Sure I do. Trust me.” the princess spoke up. “Okay.” said the immortal of sleep. The two walked into they to a curtain of fresh green reeds. (Which was bizarre for everything else was covered in ice and snow.) Aneko stopped. Kamru was bewildered. “Uh… mommy?” she asked. “Shhhh!” said Aneko. The immortal of sleep complied. Then the princess pushed back the moss curtain. “Woww!” the immortal of sleep exclaimed. She viewed a small bright-colored pixies floating around. Dust-colored tents were to the left and right. Rides great and small glistened in the cold December sun. “Where are we?” Kanmu asked. Aneko chuckled. The little princess looked up at her future mother. “This is a small town carnival.” the current princess answered. The little immortal of sleep’s eyes lit up. “Oh arigato mommy!” she cried in joy. Then she hugged her future mother. “Do Itashimashite little one.” Aneko replied. (Noiz note: “Do Itashimashite”= “You’re welcome in Jap.) Then the two girls walked in.

    As they were walking in, Kanmu noticed something. “Mommy.” said she. “Hai?” Aneko  questioned. “Why aren’t the people here?” the immortal of sleep asked. “It’s early. So everyone is just starting.” Aneko answered. Kanmu looked around. Beef noodle, kimchi, and other Asian food and drink stalls were opening and starting up their grills. A couple of year boys were removing the chains off the entry of the queue. “Then why did you bring me here early?” Kanmu questioned her mother. “Would you rather wait and push through all the people?” Aneko questioned her back. The immortal of sleep looked around as she thought about that question. “Nai.” she answered at last. “That’s what I thought.” Aneko replied. “So what do we do now?” the little princess asked. Now, Aneko didn’t count on this. So she pondered that thought for a second. At, last she said: “We’ll just have to sit down and wait.” Kanmu didn’t like the sound of that and began scowling. Aneko caught that. “But we’ll play game while we wait.” the current princess added. The little princess began to smile. “Okay!” she said. So mother and daughter began to a red bench that found nearby and sat down on it.
    Pretty soon, the carnival came to life. Residents of young, old, male, female, native, and foreigner started coming in progressions. Kanmu was amazed at the diversity of all the people. She always thought only people in Japan looked the same here nowadays. But she was proved wrong this noon. “Well…” Aneko spoke up. The little princess looked up. “What’cha waitin’ for? Let’s go have fun!” her mother exclaimed. “Yay!!!!” Kanmu yelled. Then the girls leapt up and disappeared into the crowd.

    Aneko and Kanmu spend the day riding the roller coasters, thrill rides, water rides (the water was hot, I’ll have you know,) and gentle rides, stuffing their faces with Asian food and drinks from the stalls, and playing all the game in the carnival. They played around until the immortal of sleep fell asleep on her mother’s back. Right then and there told Aneko it was time to go. She looked up at the sky. The sun was setting and that was a sure sign it was time to go. The princess kissed her future daughter on the forehead said: “Let’s go back.” Then the duo started heading back to the lodge.


    Aneko was walking back to lodge when she noticed…. “Oro? Mitch, what’s the sour face for?” asked she when she neared. Her uncle was standing on the porch glairing at her. Mitch wore an angry scowl on his face. “What’s with the sour face?!?” he snapped. “’What’s with the sour face?!?’ She asks!!!!” “Oro?” Aneko asked. “Deserter!” Mitch yelled. Aneko was even more bewildered. “Don’t worry.” said another voice. The princess looked up. “He’s just upset cause you weren’t there to harass this morning.” Takeru said serenely. “Ohh. I can.” said Aneko. “Shut up Takeru!” Mitch barked. The boy didn’t answer. Then Mitch turned to Aneko. “Damn you deserter! I’ll get you for this!” he yelled. “Shhh! Kanmu is sleeping!” Aneko whispered loudly. Both boys fell silent.

    “In any case,” said Mitch once the process was inside. Aneko set her little future daughter on the black futon couch and covered her with the blanket. “Catch!” Mitch said quickly as Aneko rose up. “Oro?” asked she. And before she knew it, the princess ended up catching a pair of small white ice stakes. “Whoa!” she exclaimed. Then Aneko eyed her uncle. “What are you doing?” her eyes asked him. “Take them with you, we’re going ice staking!!!!” he said aloud. It came clear to Aneko. “All right. Sure.” said she. Then the three headed out the door.

    When Takeru, Mitch, and Aneko headed out to the lake, the rest of the crew was all ready ice staking. Some were sitting on fallen logs. Gezzele was staking and boasting loudly. Mitch went ahead of the couple. Takeru started to go ahead but stopped and turned to Aneko standing still. “What’s wrong usagi?” asked he to her. “I…. uh… well, I don’t know how to put this but….” Aneko started. “Let me guess, you don’t know how to ice stake.” Takeru finished. The princess nodded. This shocked her boyfriend. Here, Takeru thought Tsukibara Aneko could do anything. Now, he was proven wrong. “Well,” the digidestined of hope replied. “I’ll teach you how!” Aneko’s eyes widened. “You really…. will Takeru?” she asked in shock. “Hai.” said her boyfriend. The princess grew overjoyed. “Arigato teddy!” she exclaimed. Then Aneko threw herself Takeru and hugged tight. “Excellent.” said Takeru. “Now come on!” Then boy broke from her grasp, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her down to the lake. “Whoa!!!! Slow down Teddy!” the princess yelled as she was hauled down to the others.

    Once they got down to the lake, Aneko began wobbling wildly. “Teddy! Help me!!!!!” she cried out. “I’ve got you.” said Takeru as he held her in his arms. Aneko opened her eyes and looked to see herself safely braced by her lover. “Whew!” she sighed in relief. Then Takeru loosened his grip and grabbed his beloved by her graceful slender dark wrist. Aneko looked around. The children and their future parents were staring at them now. “Uh… Teddy.” the princess whispered. “Hai usagi?” he asked. “Now what?” his lady asked. “Just follow my lead.” Takeru answered. Aneko nodded. Then Takeru dragged to stake along the lake. Aneko began to get nervous right off the bat. “TAKERU!!!!!” she yelled. “Hai dear!” Takeru said, not pausing. “SLOW DOWN, I’LL FALL!” Aneko cried. Her boyfriend stopped and chuckled. Aneko grew even more upset. She thought he was laughing at her sudden fear. She was really to scream at him when Takeru said: “Anything for you my usagi.” Aneko’s anger dissolved into relief. “Okay. Start again.” said she. “Gladly.” said the digidestined of hope. Takeru started up again, this time going slower. Aneko felt much better that time.

    Pretty soon, Aneko began to pick up on ice staking. “Teddy! I think I’ve got it!” she yelled. “Ready to try a jump, spin in the air, and land on the ice?” Takeru asked her. “You think I can do that?” the princess asked him. “Hey! You can do anything!” he said. “Okay.” Aneko said uneasily. Then Takeru left go and Aneko was on her own. The princess began to draw in a deep breath and began staking fast. Then as if she naturally knew how, Aneko leapt up into the air, twirled four times in the air, and landed on the ground on her feet. She looked around and saw…. The children and their future parents were clapping hard. “I did it!!!” Aneko yelled. “Congratulations usagi!” Takeru yelled. Aneko laughed aloud in joy.

    Soon, the others joined the couple on the frozen lake. Jimmy, who was also good at ice staking, challenged Gezzele to an ice-staking race. The immortal of ice and snow agreed. The finish was at a lone standing pine tree. “Get set. Ready. Go!!!!!” Sora yelled. The two immortal kids were off. All was fine for Gezzele until she slipped and fell on her butt. Jimmy stopped staking and turned. The immortal of ice and snow’s face was screwed up with pain. “What’s the wrong Gezzele? I thought you could ice stake perfectly.” said the immortal of death. “Fuck off Jimmy!” she yelled. All the immortal of death do was laugh. The other children burst into laughter as well. Even the parents began to titter. Gezzele felt like crying but she fought back her tears. Finally, Roxanne staked out to her future daughter and helped her up. Once the laughter had died down, the fun awoke and came back again. The crew all staked out until late night. The children were starting to fall asleep, so the parents came them on their backs back to the lodge. Takeru let Aneko lean on him. “You did great back there, usagi.” he whispered to his beloved. “Arigato gozaimasu teddy.” the princess whispered back. (Noiz note: “Arigato gozaimasu”= “Thank you very much” in Jap.) Takeru just smiled and walked on in triumph.


    Early next morning was Christmas Eve. Aneko started to have a great desire to cause mischief. So she reached out to her backpack and into it for the cell phone and dialed up her panther in crime. The phone rang in the Yagami 's room.

    "Moshi-Moshi." said Hikari in a very tired voice.

    "Hey Hikari." said Aneko.

    "Hey Aneko! What's up?"

    "Well, I was planning to work on the special effects in the karaoke show this evening while causing some mischief and I was wondering would you like to help with me?"

    “But you know who’s in charge of the show this year, right?”

    “Hai. So?”

    “How are we going to persuade her to let us work the special effects?”

    Aneko hadn’t counted on that. She thought for a while and said: “Leave that to me. Now are you helping or not?”


    "Okay sayonara." said Aneko. Then they hung up.


    The afternoon went by quickly. Aneko and Hikari when planning their prank. The princess didn’t even shower her boyfriend with her usual affection. And when someone asked the girls what they were up to, they’d say: “Just talking amongst ourselves.”

    Aneko had made a list of pranks to pull. She even had the map of the gadgets. They were prepared. Now they only needed one little thing. And they knew just how to get it.

    “There is NAI FUCKING WAY I’m letting you girls work the special effects!!!!” Washu yelled. Hikari, Aneko, and Washu were in the multi-purpose stadium office talking out some deals. “But why Washu-san?” Hikari and Aneko asked sweetly. This fired Washu’s rage even hotter. “WHY NOT?!? WHY NOT?!? I’LL TELL YOU EXACTLY WHY NOT! YOU ALWAYS GO AND SCREW THINGS UP IN SHOW!!!!!” she screamed. Washu panted hard. “You mess things up!” Doll A said. “Yeah! You cause trouble!” Doll B said. “Oh gee Washu.” Aneko cut in. “We were going to be sweet little tenshis this year too.” (Noiz note: “Tenshis”= “Angels” in Jap.) Washu turned sharply. Hikari and Aneko were looking like sweet little tenshis. “Do you really mean that?” asked she. “Hai!” the girls answered. “Are you serious?” the mad scientist asked. “Hai. Dozo?” said Hikari and Aneko said with angelic eyes and big smile. “Well….” Washu began. The girls’ grins and eyes grew bigger. “All right.” the mad scientist said at last. Hikari and Aneko rejoiced and danced again. “But!” Washu snapped. The girls looked up. “If you cause any trouble,” Washu warned. “You know the consequences! Got that?” “Right!” Hikari and Aneko said quickly. “Good.” said the mad scientist. Then she turned and walked off. “Haiii! We did it.” said Hikari. “Now all we have to do is play out the pranks.” said Aneko. The girls laughed aloud. “This will be too easy!” the princess thought.


    By evening, the multi-purpose stadium was packed with people from all over Oakiyama. Jessi and Jimmy made some money at the front gate selling tickets to the large. Hikari and Aneko ran up to the control center. "Now who is going to be singing today?" asked Aneko. She was all ready to go. "Tsukibara Kanmu." said Hikari. "Perfect!" said the princess.

    Soon the lights got dim, the audience got quiet, and the curtains opened. Sasami came out on stage dressed in a bright red and green silk kimono. "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the 27th annual karaoke show! And now for our star: Tsukibara Kanmu and she will be singing ‘O Christmas tree!’" she said when the princess got to the microphone. Then Sasami walked back stage. Kanmu rose up on the platform stage center.

    "Okay. When Kanmu gets to the word ‘thy’ in the song start showing the baby pictures! Got it?" whispered Aneko. "Right!" said Hikari.

    "O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! How lovely are thy..." Kanmu sang. Just then, an image of Takeru in his little light blue swimming trunks doing a cannon ball into the lake followed by an image of Matt sitting on an old log with a fishing rod. He thought he caught a whopper but caught Gabumon's fur on accident. The audience was laughing very hard.

    Kanmu stopped singing and looked up. "What are you laughing for?" the little girl asked audience. "Look behind you!" yelled Tenchi in laugher. The princess turned around and saw a green scene. "I don't get it!" Kanmu said. "Walk up the ramp." said Sasami. Kanmu obeyed. Then she saw an image of Grace and Hikari both dressed in Hawaiian costumes doing the hula. "Is this supposed to be part of my song?" Kanmu asked Washu. "No!" yelled the mad scientist. Then Washu ran up to the control room. "Girls...!" yelled the mad scientist. But they were just standing there innocently whistling with anime type wings on their backs. So Washu went back down stairs.

    Pretty soon, Sasami got to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen! Tsukibara Kanmu and she will be singing ‘O Christmas tree’ again!" said she. Then the princess walked back stage. "Okay, when Kanmu gets to ‘thy’, press the self-destruct button." whispered Aneko. "Right!” said Hikari. Then she paused. “Wait! Are you crazy?" Hikari spoke up. "The self-destruct button is connected to the stage and it just transports her back stage." explained Aneko serenely. "I was about to say!" said Hikari.

    "O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! How lovely are thy..." Kanmu sang. Then... BOOM! The whole center stage blew up. When the smoke cleared, Kanmu wasn't on the stage. "Kanmu! Are you okay? Where are you?" yelled Washu. "I'm right here!" yelled Kanmu from backstage.

    It didn’t take long for Washu to figure out blew up the stage. For she ran up to the control room to talk to those people. "Girls...!" yelled the mad scientist. But they were just standing there innocently whistling with anime type wings on their backs and halos on their heads. "You know! I'm beginning to think that it's both of you girls causing this trouble that Kanmu is having on stage!" said Washu. So Washu went back down stairs.

    Soon, Sasami when she got to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen! Tsukibara Kanmu and she will be singing "O Christmas tree" once again!" said the princess. Then Sasami walked back stage in an unhappy mood because she had to introduce Kanmu twice.

    "Okay boys. When Kanmu says ‘thy’, just pick her up!” Aneko said to Davis and Takeru. "And carry her off the stage!" said Hikari. "Right!" said Takeru and Davis. (The boys were dressed up like Kay and Jay off of Men in Black.)

    "O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!" Kanmu sang. Then Davis and Takeru walked stage from two different directions. Then they nodded at each other. "How lovely are thy..." Kanmu sang. Then Takeru and Davis picked up Kanmu and carried off the stage.

    Sasami walked up to the mic and said: "*Sweat drop* Ladies and gentlemen our show is now over!" "And you and I know what to do!" Aneko said to Hikari. "Hai." her friend replied back. Then Washu ran up to the control room. "Girls...!" yelled the mad scientist. "RUUUNNN!" yelled Aneko and Hikari as they ran away with Washu chasing them.


    On Christmas morning, Takeru got up and stuck outside. Then he reached up picked off a twelve-inch piece of mistletoe off of an oak tree. When he got back inside, Patamon flew to him and asked: "What are you doing?" "Well, I do this every Christmas." he whispered softly. Then he shut the door and leaned in closer to his digimon.

    "You see this cute branch in my hand?" asked Takeru as he held up the mistletoe. Patamon nodded. "That's mistletoe." said the flying pig. “That’s right.” said the boy. "And I'm going to use this on Aneko."

    Takeru tipped toed upstairs. Patamon followed quietly. When they both got upstairs, Takeru put his finger to his mouth. Patamon obeyed. Takeru opened the Tsukibara's bedroom door a crack. " Aneko, are you awake?" Takeru whispered. Aneko was still asleep. Takeru opened the completely and tipped toed in.

    He climbed on her bed and crawled over to the young sleeping beauty. Takeru held the mistletoe over her head and knelt down over her. Her face was more beautiful than anything he had ever seen. He kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear: "Meri Kurisumasu Usagi." (Noiz note: “Meri Kurisumasu”= “Merry Christmas” in Jap.) Then she woke up and kissed him on the lips. After all that, Takeru carried Aneko down the stairs.

    When they got downstairs, the season was alive in the living room. The immortal children were all up and running around. Their parents were standing around talking. The crew looked up when the couple came in. “Look who’s awake!” said Mitch. The couple didn’t say anything but just kept walking in.

    “Great!” Hoshi spoke up. “Now that everyone’s all here, we can open all the gifts.” “YAY!!!!” yelled the immortal children. They quickly flocked and delimited the tree. “Wait!!!” Hoshi cried. The kids froze in their tracks. “Let me sort out the gifts.” the woman said. *Sweat drops on everyone’s heads* Hoshi knelt down under the tree and started separating the gifts one by one. “Who sorts out gifts before they’re given out?” Jeffrey asked. “You’re asking the wrong person!” Venus replied loudly.

    Once the gifts were sorted out, the gift opening fun began. Some of the gifts were lame and shameful. But others were better and worthwhile. The boys had snuck out and bought their girls gifts last night. They either were slapped or hugged to death by their women.

    By the end of the gift-opening fest, the floor was a sea of torn wrapping paper. While everyone was lost in the chatter, Takeru and Aneko quietly snuck outside to the back porch.

    “Okay Takeru!” Aneko said with her eyes closed. “What is this all about?” “You’ll see.” her future hubby replied. Aneko could hear his footsteps stepping away from her, the trunk of the bus opening and shutting, and Takeru’s footsteps getting closer to her. The princess felt his hands lifting her hair. “Could you hold your hair up for a sec?” he asked. “Sure.” Aneko answered. Then she complied patiently. The future queen felt Takeru’s fingertips fondling her nape. Though she felt an enjoyable pleasure from his touch, it aroused suspicion in her. “What are you doing?” Aneko asked at last. Takeru stopped touching her. She heard him going around her.

    “All done. You can look now.” Takeru said at last. Aneko opened her eyes and looked down. What she saw next would stun her with beauty. Takeru had placed a platinum chain with a jade usagi attached to it around her chocolate brown graceful neck. The princess was speechless. “What do you think?” Takeru asked her. All Aneko could do was run to him and hug him. “I’m so glad you like it!” her boyfriend said. “Arigato!” Aneko cried out. Takeru just smiled and kissed her on the head. Then they walked back into the lodge.


    “Aw! We’re leaving soon some?” Kanmu asked pitifully. The boys were packing their bags into the trunk of the bus. “Hai sweetie.” Aneko answered. “Why?” her future daughter asked miserably. Aneko bent to her child to be. “So we can spend Christmas in Tokyo.” answered she. “Yay!!!!!” Kanmu yelled. And then she ran to the bus. Aneko stood up and smiled. Then she went over to her cousin.

    “Arigato for a great time Hoshi.” Aneko said as she bowed gracefully to her cousin. “No problem dear!” said Hoshi. “Come back anytime.” “We will.” said Aneko. Then she ran back to the bus. Once she got in, Jordan cranked it up and drove off. “Sayonara! And be safe!” Hoshi called out them.

    “So.” Aneko spoke up. Everyone looked up. “How did you enjoy your trip?” she asked them. “Hai!” the crew answered. “Great! And will we be doing this again next year?” Aneko asked. “Hai! You bet! I’m game! Sure!” the crew all said. “That’s great!” Aneko said aloud as she grinned proudly. Her jade usagi caught the sun’s rays. “I’m happy to hear that.” said she.

Noizchild: And that ends our little Christmas trip! Meri Kurisumasu all!

Author’s Note: Whew! Well! Here it is! My first Christmas story! After it took me four tedious long years to write! *Pants hard* And now at long last, I’m finished with it. On to others projects!!!!!!

The End