City of Angels

Dateline: Cameron fell into doubt but Mitch got her back into hope again.

    “The city of Angels.” I said aloud. “A holy city of peace and love. Isn’t lovely Cameron?” “Uh-huh.” she said as she fixed her long white silk toga and straighten her dark pink orchid. “And it’s being attack by the samurai lord demon, Shogunfu.” I did some research on this demon. Shogunfu was 6’4, black, gold, and red, wore a kimono and wooden sandals, and he held a seven-foot-long Japanese style sword. The sword was sharp and poisonous.

    “Are you up for this, Cameron?” I asked my female companion. “Yes!” she said eagerly. And with that, Cameron and I headed into the city.

    The city was beautiful. White like pearls with gems and gold. It was also empty and silent. “Hope we’re not too late.” I thought. Then we heard a scream. “Hurry Cameron!” I yelled. Then we picked up the speed and ran to the source of the cry for help.
    A pink haired girl dressed in a white dress was curled up in fear in a corner. Shogunfu was standing in front of her with his sword up in his hand, ready to attack. “Don’t worry! This won’t hurt… TOO MUCH!!!!” he yelled. The girl screamed again. “Hey Shogunfu!” I yelled. He paused and turned to us. “Yes?” he asked. “I want to challenge you to a dual!” I yelled. While I talked, Cameron was signaling to the girl to escape. The girl nodded and began crawling Shogunfu laughed. “All right but don’t except to win!” he yelled. Just when the girl almost got away, Shogunfu picked her up by her dress. “I’ll destroy you when I’m finished with these two buffoons!” he hissed. She trembled in terror. Then he picked up Cameron and I with his other hand and the four of us flew to the clock tower.
    Once we got to the clock tower, Shogunfu threw Cameron and I down and imprisoned the girl in a glass cage. “Be careful!” she yelled. I nodded. Then without warning, Shogunfu attacked from above. We dodged in different directions. Shogunfu battled me while Cameron watched in terror. I was mostly dodging Shogunfu’s blade. When I tried my razor gun, he blocked the bullets and knocked it out of my hands. Cameron tried her flower disks but Shogunfu blocked them with his blade, sending them flying back. It would have sliced Cameron’s head off if she hadn’t dodged it in the nick of time.

    All hope looked lost until the girl in the glass cage helped us out. “Use your other weapons!” she yelled telepathically. Feeling that our options were few, Cameron and I pulled out gold spike shooters and sucked Shogunfu dry. He screamed aloud until he vanished into thin air.

    After our battle, we freed the girl. (Come to find out, she was the princess.) She thanked us and used her powers to transport us back to the city.

    Once we got back to the city, the princess thanked us again and gave us new weapons to fight Heri. Cameron and I thanked her and headed for our next adventure.
To Be Continued….