Chapter Five: Clawing:

September 21st, 2010.

Her father sat in the living room, watching an old comedy rerun. He laughed as he sucked down yet another bottle of beer while the lovers waited for their opportunity.

She looked inside, and began trembling as soon as she saw him sitting there. Belching, farting, scratching his useless nads.

“There he is!” she whispered as she peeked inside. “We have to kill him! We have to!” He held her hand.

“Let’s do it,” he whispered. She nodded in agreement, walked up to the front door and pulled out her key. He circled around to the back door to take up his position.

She took in a breath and opened the door as usual. Her father looked up when he heard the lock click.

His eyes shifted from side to side in the darkness as footsteps grew closer.

“Who’s there?” he demanded. The lecherous old bastard turned to see his daughter glaring at him. He huffed a watery breath, punctuated with a smirk.

“Well, well, well,” the man said. “Look who’s here. Where the fuck have you been, you nasty little bitch?”

She clutched a huge rock in her hand that she had picked up from the yard. “Fuck you, old man. You're never gonna put your filthy fucking hands on me again!” she screamed through clenched teeth. Her body was shaking but, the old man simply laughed as he stared at her clutching the rock in her fist.

“You must be joking!” he roared. Her father lurched forward and grabbed her by the waist. “I own you, bitch! Get that into that stupid little head of yours!" He stood up and loomed over her as he spat out his words. "I. Fucking. OWN YOU!” He poked her in the chest to emphasize each word.

“Now, get that pretty little ass up to your room!”

“No!” She turned on her heels and growled.

Her father’s face burned bright red. “I said go to your—”

Kerthwunk! The blade sang out as the boyfriend stabbed him between the shoulder blades. He whipped around, howling in pain; trying desperately to dislodge the knife. The boyfriend stood behind the old man grinning, quite pleased with his handiwork.

“You little shithead!” he hollered. The pervert staggered over to his rival. Before he could grab him by the throat, the girl swung the rock at her father, and smashed it into the side of his head.

The man staggered dramatically across the room in his death throes until he wound up face down in the fish tank. His daughter held him under until he breathed his last.

“Not so damned tough now are you, old man?!” she shouted. “ARE YOU?!”

Her father’s blood swirled around the fish tank in a thick stream of red that clouded the water crimson red as it gushed from his wound.

Her boyfriend pulled her away from the body, swept her into his arms and kissed her. She broke the kiss, took him by the hand and led him up the stairs. The couple found her mother sound asleep in her bedroom stretched out on a futon. He strapped her down and duct taped her mouth shut. Her mother struggled awake with widened eyes to see her daughter and the boyfriend staring down at her, snickering. She panicked When she saw lit match in her daughter’s hand, she panicked and tried to scream through the tape.

"Shut up! Just fucking shut up!" she yelled. "Useless good for nothing bitch! You never did anything for me, did you?!"

"Mmm...mmnnf!” she mumbled through the gag.

"Why?! Why'd you let him have me? You stood by and did nothing. Well, that shit ends today, Mama-san..."

The boyfriend poured gasoline over the woman, and his dutiful companion dropped a lit match.

The glow of the flames reflected in her eyes as she watched the fire consume her mother. She looked over at her boyfriend and grinned wickedly.

“I want more,” she giggled. He took her proudly by the hand and led her out of the room. They heard a door opening and stopped at the top of the stairs as the made their way to the front door. They turned to see her little brother, Shu, watching from the doorway of his bedroom. She had an almost maternal look in her eyes as she smiled at him.

“You’re free, Shu-kun!” she shouted. “You’re free now!”

That was the last siblings would see each other. The little boy was sent away to live with his grandmother while his sister and her boyfriend began their month-long wave of terror.