Chapter Forty-Nine: Closed Deal:

The Mother pulled a difficult care today.

“Uh…” Tsuzuki said. “You have a very beautiful granddaughter with us.”

“I have no granddaughter!” Daiyu’s father barked.

“How long are you going to be like this?!” Daiyu cried. “Why can’t you just let it go?”

“That girl is nothing to us!”

“She is my sister!”

“Seriously?” Anna spoke up. “You’re going to punish a baby for what your daughter did?”

“Dear…” Daiyu’s mother said on the other line.

“Shut up,” her husband hissed. Watari cleared his throat.

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “We have a little problem dealing with your granddaughter.”

“Why does it concern me?” Daiyu’s father asked.

“It concerns us all, really.”

“And why is that?”

“Her blood.”


“You are familiar with the story of the giant demons, yes?” Aiguo asked.

“Yes,” Daiyu’s father said.

“Well, the gate holding them is crumbling. If they get out, we living beings are dead.” Aiguo took the baby out of Anna’s hands. “Your granddaughter’s blood could keep that gate closed.”

“And what does that have to with me?” Daiyu’s father asked.

“They are running tests on her!” Daiyu cried. “Just let me take her home! She belongs home with us.”


Daiyu frowned. “But why not?!” The men winched at her whining.

“The baby means nothing to me! You coming home tomorrow morning!”


“Are you defying me?”

“I’m not leaving without my niece.”

“You will too!”

“No, I won’t!”

“And how would you support yourself?”

Daiyu puffed up her cheeks. “I’ll manage.”

“Excuse me,” Tsuzuki spoke up. “Excuse me.”

“What?!” father and daughter snapped. Tsuzuki nearly fell out of his chair. Still, he had to say this.

“My wife and I could take Kirika-chan,” he said.

“And who’s Kirika-chan?” Daiyu’s father asked.

“The baby,” Tsuzuki said. “I want to adopt your granddaughter.”

“No!” Daiyu yelled.

“Why?” her father asked. Tsuzuki grabbed Anna’s hand.

“We love her,” he said. “I have gotten close to her in this short amount of time. I apologize if I come off selfish, but…” He squeezed Anna’s hard enough to break it. “But… This is how I feel!”

“What about me?” Daiyu asked. Anna pressed her lips together, breathing hard.

“Enough,” she muttered. Tsuzuki and Daiyu eyed her.

“Excuse me?” her husband asked. Anna lifted her head.

“Kirika-chan is not a bargaining chip,” she said in a steady rhythm. She didn’t need to yell to get her tone across.

“You are all forgetting that she needs a family,” she said. “Sure she could close the gate or whatever, but she still needs love. Can you all stop fighting about this gate or your ego and focus on Kirika-chan as a human being?” Tsuzuki’s eyes widened.

“Anna-chan, so you mean…?” he asked.

“Yes!” his wife wailed. “Anything to make you happy.” Tsuzuki hugged her wildly.

“Thank you, honey!” he exclaimed. Anna resisted pushing him off. Daiyu’s father snorted on the other line.

“Whatever,” he said.

“What?” Daiyu asked, whipping her head towards her phone.

“I don’t care,” her father said. “Do as you like. I will not be involved!” Daiyu felt like crying as he hung up.

“Okay,” Watari said. “I guess the it’s settled.”

“Wait!” Daiyu spoke up. She stood up with eyes on her.

“This… This isn’t over yet,” the demon girl said. “I will take my niece. I won’t sit back without a fight!” She turned and walked away. As she walked out of the room, the Mother glared and gritted her teeth. What the hell? This wasn’t supposed to happen. Traitor! She slammed her fist against the wall.