Coming Back to Home

“Oh hell no! Not on my watch! You won’t get away that easily!” He reached out to Baby Doll.


He drew back his hand. He gritted his teeth. “You!”

Masayuki leapt up and grabbed onto Baby Doll from behind. His body took physical form at last. He had his hands on her chest. His lips inches from her ear.

“When I say three, you have to get up,” Masayuki whispered. Baby Doll turned her head.

“I can’t,” she said. He clung to her tighter.

“You are going to have to try! You want to get out of here don’t you?” the boy asked. The angel nodded once.

“Then you have to try,” he said. “Try and get up!”


“You have to try! Do it!”

Her captor growled at her. “You will not get away! Come back here!” He reached for her chest again. Baby Doll held her breath.

“Take me with you!” she shouted. The angel drew a breath and started to stand up. Masayuki held on as tight as he could. The heat in their bodies rose faster. Both passengers took in heavy breath and stayed focused. Baby Doll glanced over at Botan in his trap.

We will be back for you. I promise!

“Don’t. Just go.”


She could feel Masayuki’s fingernails digging into her clothes.

“Don’t lose focus! We’ll get him later! Focus on me! Get up!”

“I’m trying.”

“Keep trying! We can still make it!” Masayuki started to try and pull her up himself. The angel clenched her teeth and forced herself to get up. Slowly, she started getting up. Her captor let out a loud roar.

“No! I will never let you go! Come back here!” He reached out for her chest. The pair rose up and vanished into thin air.



Baby Doll and Masayuki crashed to the floor on the kitchen.

Ow,” she mumbled to herself. “Did we make it?”

“Yeah,” someone said over them. Baby Doll and Masayuki looked up. Natalia stood over them, smiling.

“Welcome back,” she said. Baby Doll laid her head back onto the floor and sighed.

“Cool,” she said.