Chapter Fifteen: Confused:


I didn’t feel like getting up this morning. Mike wouldn’t say a word. That last time with him was… Whew! I couldn’t exactly describe it. I pulled my sheets over my head. I had so much on my mind about it.

That’s the problem.

I’m no longer a virgin. That’s not good. Sex’s supposed to occur after marriage. I might as well marry Mike. I shuddered at the thought. No, no, no! I heard a knock on my door.

“Yes?” I asked.

“You in there, girl?” Mike asked. I rolled my eyes. Oh, great! I just had to think him into being.

“No,” I lied.

“Can I come in?”


“Alright.” He opened the door anyway. Great, come right on in, why don’t ya? Mike on the foot of my bed.

“What’s the matter?” he asked. I peeked up from the sheets, frowning. Really? He’s asking me that?

“Nothing,” I said.

“You sure?”

“Yes!” I snorted “What do you want?”

“Not much.”

“Then why are you here?” I gritted my teeth as he shrugged. Bastard!

“I just came up here to check on you,” Mike said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Hotaru said.”


“Okay.” He stood up and walked to my door. I sat up with a blank stare.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. Anything else?”

I struggled at answer. “Uh… No… I guess…”

“Okay, bye.” Mike walked out the door. What just happened? I pressed my hands to my forehead. That guy. Ever since I slept with him, everything’s gone sideways. He’s attractive, I’ll give him that. But he’s still an asshole. I gritted my teeth. Damn it! I looked at my clock. Good thing I didn’t have class today. I flopped back in bed. Now what?

I turned my head when my phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Vivian,” a familiar voice asked. I sat up wide-eyed.

“Mom?” Finally, some relief here.

“How are you, baby?”

“I’m fine. I’m doing good.”

“How is Japan at this time of year?”

“Good,” I said, nodding. “Kind of chilly, though.”

“Are you eating well?”


“How are your grades?”

“Good. Look, I’m doing great. Really I am.”

“Vivi, you’re hiding something from me,” mom said. “What are you not telling me?”

Damn it, her tone’s got me again. That woman’s tone could make the hardest criminal confess to their crimes. She should be a police officer. I sighed and dropped my shoulders.

“Fine,” I said. “There’s a guy.”

“Ooo! What’s he like?”

My cheeks turned light red. “Frustrating!” She giggled on the other line.

“What?” I asked.

“That’s how your father was when I first met him.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. He was so cool.”

I sneered at mom turning into a teenage girl on the phone. Mike like my dad? No!

“What do I do with him?” I asked.

“How do you feel about this guy?” mom asked. My face felt like it was on fire. Damn! She got me. Nothing got by her. I sighed and pressed my hand to my forehead.

“I don’t know,” I said. My mom giggled again.

“You sound like a woman in love,” she said.

“I-I-I I do not!” I shouted.

“You’re not fooling me,” mom told me. “I was your age once; you know?” I puffed up my cheeks and frowned.

“Listen,” she said. “You’ll have your answer when the time it right.” A puzzled look washed over my face.

“Huh?” I asked. What is she talking about? I shook my head.

“Anyway, how are you and dad?” I asked.

“We’re doing good,” she said.

“How are Regina, Kim, and Fiona doing?”

“Great. Regina got engaged.”

“Oh! When’s the wedding?”

“She hasn’t set a date yet.”

“I see.” Although we had a nice phone conversation, I still didn’t know what to do with Mike. Looked like I was back at square one.