Corrupt Fruit Playlist

  1. Cotton Candy Lip Gloss: "Get Enough" by Ivy
        Ah, nothing like a little Anzuki fluff to start off a dark story. Ivy opens us up to this.

  2. Weep for Angel Blood: "#1 Crush" by Garbage
        This song is beautifully dark and sexy. Shirley Manson is a hot woman! And yes, I am comfortable to say that out loud.

  3. Ghost E-mails: "Anybody Here?" by Naomi
        I had recently got into this album series called, "Erotic Lounge." This song is from vol. 2 or 3. It has a nice, forlorn sound to it. I think they even sampled "Take Five" from the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

  4. Doctor and Former Patient: "This Modern Love" by Bloc Party
        I love this use band. I will use them for the series as well.

  5. Drowning: "Anchorless" by De-Phazz Feat. Pat Appleton
        This soft song is also from "Erotic Lounge." Nicely calm.

  6. Letting it Die: "Let it Die" by Foo Fighters
        This song fits into the tense relationship between Hisoka and Tsuzuki.

  7. Professor: "Fever (Black Dog Mix)" by A Guy Called Gerald
        Another song from the "Erotic Lounge." Good music for a snow day.

  8. Who was Nakata Rieko?: "Stupid Girl" by Garbage
        Shirley Manson is still hot!

  9. No Sunshine: "Ain't No Sunshine" by Jazzamor
        This version of the song is so sexy sounding and it fits into Shichiro's bad news perfectly.

  10. Embryo Hunting: "Never Let Me Down Again" by Depeche Mode
        Dave Gahan has a sexy voice of a vampire and this song plays into the yuri S&M for the chapter.

  11. Distractions: "Barracuda" by Heart
        This song makes think of S&M and dark strip clubs. Yum!

  12. A Father's Confession: "Same Deep Water as You" by the Cure
        I just picked this song at random when I was running out songs to write with for the story.

  13. She Who Holds the Whip: "The Upper Hand" by the Maxwell Implosion
        Another song from "Erotic Lounge." Nicely works for Amaya and Shichiro.

  14. Bad Blood: "Fire" by Kasabian
        Good band, good song.

  15. Shichiro's Darlings: "Strange Times" by Black Keys
        Another song I used as random.

  16. Doctors: "Absence of One" by Recloose
        Fourth song from the "Erotic Lounge."

  17. Parallel Lines: "I Know" by Blur
        This song was so good, I decided to use it again.

  18. White Crystals: "Mojo" by Peeping Tom
        This song makes me think of sex and drugs in a dark, surreal way. I loved this song when I first heard it.

  19. Eda-Kimoto Connection: "Echo Parcours" by Trio Eletrico
        Another good song from the "Erotic Lounge."

  20. Safe Word: "This Picture" by Placebo
        I love Placebo as much I love Bloc Party and Ivy. All three bands are going to be used throughout the series. This song in particular makes me think of Emiko + Hotaru in general.

  21. Rieko's Thoughts: "Yellow Daffodils" by Malia Feat. Eric Truffaz
        This is song is also on the "Erotic Lounge" cds. The song's mournful fits into Reiko's sorrow in her diary.

  22. Yamashita's Confession: "Push" by Matchbox Twenty
        This song had to be used again. 'Nough said!

  23. Shichiro II: "Get Back to Serenity (Beach Mix)" by Vargo
        Another song from "Erotic Lounge." I just picked the song at random.

  24. Drivin' Me Wild by "Drivin' Me Wild" by Common and Lily Allen
        I love this song! It just sounded natural with more Hisoka-Tsuzuki drama.

  25. Cold Summer: "Summer's Gone" by Placebo
        Another good Placebo song. Sounds like something they would place at the end of the episode in something like "CSI" or "Criminal Minds."

  26. Blood Payment: "Anistar" by Massive Attack
        Another good English band for the masses.

  27. It's Not Over Yet: "Question of Time" by Depeche Mode
        Dave Gahan fits into the theme of this chapter.

  28. Danger in Love: "Danger of Love" by DJ Krush feat. Zap Mama
        This "Erotic Lounge" song fits into another Amaya + Shichiro love chapter. I love to write lemons for them; don't know why.

  29. Conflict: "Sweet Apocalypse" by Moby
        The songs from Moby's "Last Night" are the best from his career. I haven't heard all of the songs from "Wait for Me" yet. So, I can't compare yet.

  30. Soft Night: "I Think of You" by Ivy
        Another Anzuki moment for the story to soften things up before another dark wave washes through.

  31. Anniversary Plans: "Erophone" by Pluto Project
        Another sexy song for Amaya and Shichiro as they get it on!

  32. Trust the Angel: "Inside Out" by Solar Moon feat. Jen
        Another sexy song for a tender Anzuki moment before the storm.

  33. Panic Bells: "Black Sheep" by Sneaker Pimps
        I just can't get enough Sneaker Pimps

  34. Dark Carnival: "Twenty Years" by Placebo
        This song is the perfect core to Hisoka's mind rape that will start a chain reaction.

  35. Sweet Little Prelude: "Stopwatch Hearts" by Delerium
        This sexy song adds into the whole mood of the chapter. I heard the song on Pandora and fell in love with it.

  36. Nigauri: "Slow Down" by Morcheeba
        The sad tone of the song heightens Hisoka's confusion and sorrow.

  37. Train Ride: "Quiet Storm" by Alex Gopher
        The only thing that ruins this song is the voice itself. Other than that, good song.

  38. Time Bomb: "You Have to Come with Me" by the Funky Lowlives
        Another song I picked at random that I thought would work.

  39. Soft Summer Night: "Until Morning" by Thievery Corporation
        The song, just like the chapter, is just a filler before the heavy stuff comes.

  40. Man and His Wife: "At Night (Afterlife Remix)" by Shakedown
        Another good song for Amaya and Shichiro. Plus, Kohaku gets a taste of the action as well.

  41. Club Orange: "Dream of You (Fernseh Fassung)" by Schiller mit Heppner
        Another filler song before we wrap up the story.

  42. Rain Prism: "Under the Rain (Album Version)" by Planet Funk
        I like this song so much that I want to use it again for a hotter Anzuki chapter.

  43. Misery Lust: "Eye" by Smashing Pumpkins
        This sounded so perfect on Pandora. But then, my evil laptop shut down on me. But then, I got to hear it again on YouTube. Fits into the chapter just perfectly.

  44. Trust and Mother: "Silence" by Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan
        I had the strangling idea from this song ever since I heard it. Works beautifully if I say so myself.

  45. Second Therapy Case: "Mad About You" by Hooverphonic
    This song wraps up everything so well and I have fallen in love with this song since I heard it Pandora.