Cowgirl Road to Nowhere

    Dusty, barren road. A woman (Jenny Cooper-Moon) stood along the road in cowgirl boots, booty shorts, bikini top, and cowgirl hat. She looked both ways along the road. A truck pulled towards her. The cowboy girl stuck out her thumb. The truck driver looked and saw her. He licked his lips and pulled forward. The cowboy stood up straight as the truck came to a stop. The driver peeked out the window.

    "You need a ride?" he asked. The cowgirl gave him a little smile.

    "Sure," she purred. The driver (Ian) opened the door.

    "Hop in," he said.

    "Sweet!" she cheered. The cowgirl climbed into the truck and sat down. She closed the door behind her as the driver drove off. The cowgirl looked around.

    "Nice truck," she said.

    "Thanks," the driver replied. "Where are you headed?"

    The cowgirl shrugged. "Just anywhere."


    The cowgirl smiled. "I never really have a destination, you know? I just go where the wind guides me."

    The driver gave her a puzzled look. The cowgirl noticed his face.

    "What?" she asked. Her new acquaintance gave her a shrug.

    "Nothing," he lied. The cowgirl saw right through it.

    "You think I'm crazy, don't you?" she asked. The driver shook his head.

    "Now, I didn't say all of that."

    "I question if you're the crazy one."

    The driver looked really lost now. "Me? Crazy?"



    "Well, you live a boring life."

    The driver snorted at her. "No, I don't!"

    "Prove it!"

    "Well, I get to drive my truck everywhere."


    "I deliver stuff."

    "What kind of stuff?"

    The driver shrugged. "Just different kinds of stuff across the country."

    "And that's it?"

    The driver nodded. "Yeah." There was silence for a moment on the drive. The cowgirl gave him a fake yawn.

    "Boring!" she declared. The driver sneered at her.

    "And what do you do?" he asked. The cowgirl smiled to herself.

    "I wander the roads, baby!" she said. "I take life for a ride. I belong to no one. I just do as I please! That's what I do." The driver blinked at her.

    "How?" he asked. The cowgirl went quiet at first. They passed a patch of cacti.

    "Stop the truck," she mumbled. The driver blinked.

    "What?" he asked.

    "Stop the truck," she said again. Her acquaintance complied. He turned his head to her.

    "Uh... did I offend you or something?" the driver asked. The cowgirl still didn't speak. Instead, she leapt onto him and kissed him on the lips. She didn't stop kissing him and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Confused, the driver kissed her back. While they made out on the dirt road, the cowgirl leaned in close to his ear.

    "Come with me and I'll show you," she whispered. The driver looked deep into her eyes.

    "But what about my deliveries?" he asked. The cowgirl gave him a wicked smile.

    "Forget all about that and keep heading North!" she commanded. The driver gave her a huge smile.

    "Yes ma'am!" he replied. The driver continued on the road as the cowgirl laughed and slipped her hand down his pants as he did so.

    The cowgirl danced in the desert as the credits rolled by.