Dragon Ball Z Guide


Episode 1 - The Arrival of Raditz:

The Saiyans are a race of alien warriors who crave destruction. They have sent their mighty warrior, Raditz, to the Earth to search for his younger brother, Kakarot. Raditz is to finish the job his brother neglected: to destroy all traces of human life on the planet! Raditz confronts Goku, one of the Earth's greatest defenders, and shocks everyone by revealing that Goku is really Kakarot with amnesia! Raditz commands Goku to accept his heritage and attack the Earth. When Goku refuses, Raditz kidnaps Goku's son Gohan an commands Goku to destroy 100 Earthlings by the next morning to save his son's life.

Episode 2 - The World's Strongest Team:

Still reeling from the shock, Goku suddenly finds help from an unlikely source...his arch-enemy, Piccolo! Despite their differences, they both realize that they must team up if they want to have a chance against Raditz. However, once their battle against the Saiyans has begun, it becomes obvious that, even together, they are not powerful enough to challenge Raditz!

Episode 3 - Gohan's Hidden Powers:

How will Goku and Piccolo make up the difference? What sacrifices will have to be made to protect the Earth? It seems that Goku must sacrifice his own life to destroy Raditz and save the human race.

Episode 4 - Goku's Unusual Journey:

Goku sacrifices himself to ensure the destruction of Raditz. Piccolo takes Gohan to train in preparation for the battle of a century against the Saiyans.

Episode 5 - Gohan's Metamorphosis:

Piccolo takes Gohan to a deserted wasteland to train him to utilize his incredible power. Gohan is left alone to survive for six months, while Piccolo watches over him from afar. On the night of the first full moon, Piccolo witnesses an incredible scene as Gohan becomes a gigantic ape!

Episode 6 - Gohan Makes a Friend:

Gohan gradually gets used to living in the wasteland, even though he misses his parents. One day, he helps an injured dinosaur and the two become friends. Later, Gohan's new friend is attacked by another evil dinosaur! See if Gohan can save his friend!

Episode 7 - Trouble on Arlia:

The evil Saiyan warriors, Nappa and Vegeta, are getting closer to Earth, eager to gather the seven Dragon Balls and realize their wish for immortality. On the way to Earth, the two warriors decide to stop by planet Arlia to have some fun. Watch out because fun to a Saiyan warrior means destruction!

Episode 8 - Home for Infinite Losers:

Goku has fallen off Snake Way into the land of no return. There, two ogres give Goku a test. They promise that they will show him the way back to Snake Way if he wins a competition against them.

Episode 9 - Princess Snake's Hospitality:

A selected group of warriors have gathered at the top of Korin Tower. There they will prepare for the Saiyans. Meanwhile, Goku reaches the end of Snake Way only to fall into the treacherous hands of the beautiful Snake Princess.

Episode 10 - Escape from Piccolo:

Gohan misses home very much. One day, he escapes the wilderness, but his handmade boat is wrecked in a storm. Gohan is saved by orphaned child on an island and makes some new friends. When he almost reaches home, Piccolo reminds him of his mission: to save Earth!

Episode 11 - Showdown in the Past:

Earth's warriors, Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha, are training at Kami's lookout, but get frustrated at the speed of their training. Kami's assistant, Mr. Popo, tells them that knowing themselves will make them stronger, and that learning about their enemy will defeat it. Mr. Popo sends their spirits to the virtual reality of the Pendulum Room, where the warriors experience the overwhelming power of the average Saiyan. Then they learn the terrible reality that the two Saiyans who are approaching Earth are twice as strong!

Episode 12 - The End of Snake Way:

Gohan is continuing his training under Piccolo. One night, Gohan suddenly transforms to a giant ape again and attacks Piccolo! Piccolo discovers that a moon image is projected from Goku's old Saiyan space pod and Piccolo must destroy the pod before Gohan destroys him. Meanwhile, Goku finally reaches King Kai's small planet at the end of Snake Way. There, Goku finds that he must train in gravity that is ten times stronger than Earth's.

Episode 13 - A Fight Against Gravity...Catch Bubbles!:

After Goku passes King Kai's test to make him laugh, the training begins. Goku's first task is to catch King Kai's pet monkey, Bubbles, in a gravity that is ten times stronger than Earth's. King Kai tells Goku that the planet Vegeta, the Saiyans homeworld, had the same gravity as his place and that the two Saiyans that are on the way to Earth are even stronger than King Kai himself! This test reinforces Goku's determination to train even harder to defeat them.

Episode 14 - The Legend of the Saiyans:

Goku's next task in his training is to hit Gregory, a super fast grasshopper, with a heavy hammer. King Kai is amazed to see how quickly Goku can conquer the gravity and decides to teach him the ultimate techniques called "Kaio-Ken" and "Spirit Bomb." One day, King Kai reveals more to Goku about his Saiyan heritage. Goku learns that the planet Vegeta had vanished and he is one of the only four Saiyans that survived. Goku will have to confront the rest of the surviving Saiyans soon.

Episode 15 - Black Day for the Planet Earth:

Goku completes his training under King Kai and is ready for the battle against the Saiyans. While Goku hurries back on the Snake Way to Earth, the evil Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, finally land on Earth and launch a diabolical wake-up call for the planet. They first sense the power of Piccolo and Gohan and proceed to them. Their purpose is to find the Dragon Balls and make their wish: immortality. Can Earth's Special Forces hold out until Goku arrives?

Episode 16 - The Battle Begins...Goku Where Are You?:

Vegeta and Nappa reach Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin. Vegeta recognizes Piccolo as the one who told Raditz about the Dragon Balls before finishing Raditz off, and then reveals that Piccolo is an alien from the planet Namek! The Saiyans then grow plant monsters, called Saibamen, to fight Earth's warriors first, just as Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha arrive to help!

Episode 17 - The Saibamen Strike:

The Earth's Special Forces show their newly developed power in their battle with the plant monsters known as the Saibamen. Unfortunately, the Saibamen are only a prologue to the real battle against their creators, the evil Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa.

Episode 18 - Nappa...The Invincible?:

Nappa powers up and picks Tien as his first prey. Chiaotzu tries a sneak attack, but Nappa's enormous power prevents anyone from helping Tien. Piccolo plans a new attack, but will it work on one who seems invincible?

Episode 19 - Tien Goes All Out!:

Tien uses all of his powers to help Piccolo and Krillin attack Nappa, but Nappa continues to dominate the Earth's Special Forces. Just as Nappa is about to finish off Piccolo and Krillin, Vegeta calls a three hour break to see if Kakarot (Goku) will show up. Where is Goku?

Episode 20 - Time's Up!!:

When the three hour truce ends, Goku has not arrived, so Nappa resumes his devastating attack. Suddenly everyone senses that Goku will arrive soon. When Vegeta discovers that Goku's power level is at least 5000, he orders Nappa to finish off the remaining three warriors before Goku arrives!

Episode 21 - The Return of Goku:

Nappa defeats Krillin and fires a massive power blast to finish off Gohan. Piccolo saves Gohan by sacrificing himself, but this also sacrifices Kami and the seven Dragon Balls necessary to wish everyone back alive! Gohan is enraged and uses all of his power to avenge Piccolo, but Nappa is too strong. Luckily for Gohan, Goku finally shows up!

Episode 22 - Goku Strikes Back:

Goku arrives and surprises everyone with his new power. Vegeta orders Nappa to retreat, but the enraged Saiyan attacks Krillin and Gohan instead. Goku stops Nappa by using his new Kaio-Ken technique, and the injured Nappa pleads to Vegeta for help. The powerful Saiyan shows his ruthlessness by blowing up Nappa instead! Now it is time for the showdown between Goku and Vegeta!

Episode 23 - Goku vs. Vegeta...A Saiyan Duel:

Goku must now face Vegeta, the prince of the planet Vegeta, the strongest Saiyan warrior, and a villain so ruthless he destroyed his own partner, Nappa, for being injured. When Goku's double Kaio-Ken attack fails, Goku breaks his promise to King Kai and uses the triple Kaio-Ken. Vegeta becomes so angry he decides to blow up the Earth.

Episode 24 - Vegeta...Saiyan Style!:

Vegeta realizes that Kakarot is stronger than he expected, so he uses the ultimate strategy, transforming to a giant ape. Goku is in great danger! On the way to Master Roshi's, Gohan and Krillin sense Goku's crisis and hurry back to help him. Meanwhile, Goku decides to try his other new technique, the Spirit Bomb. But does he have enough time to gather the energy!?

Episode 25 - Stop Vegeta Now!!:

As the giant ape almost crushes Goku, Yajirobe manages to cut off its tail! A furious Vegeta now attacks the other three warriors, while Goku tells Gohan to fight against Vegeta to give Goku a chance to give the Spirit Bomb to Krillin. As Vegeta corners Gohan, Krillin throws the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta!

Episode 26 - Battle's End:

Even after getting hit by the Spirit Bomb, Vegeta is still alive! Although he is injured and weak, Vegeta seems still too strong for the Earth's warriors. Just as Vegeta is about to finish off Gohan, Gohan's tail grows back again! Gohan then transforms to a giant ape and starts attacking Vegeta!