Chapter Twelve: Daisuke�s Sin:

July 10th, 1983.

Daisuke lied back onto the porch. �Where to begin with my story?� he asked.

�Any way you can,� Kato answered.

�Okay�� the boy mumbled. He settled himself in place. The boy closed his eyes.

�It began after I ran away from home,� Daisuke started, �I had just moved into student housing. I met two American girls during summer session. They both came from military families.�

�Was one of them her mother?� Kato asked. Daisuke nodded in regret.

�I didn�t want to continue my family�s curse,� he lamented, �I vowed not to have any children.�

�So what happened?� the old man asked, �Love? Alcohol?� Daisuke shook his head humiliated. Kato became intrigued by this point.

�Then� what happened?� he asked. Daisuke�s face burned red as mumbled the truth under his breath.

�I�m sorry?� Kato asked. The boy looked him straight in the eye.

July 5th, 2010, 6:00 p.m.

Daisuke�s Tape Entry #129:



He said, �My name is Kimoto Daisuke. I am eighteen years old and a single father. I have committed a sin against myself last year. I vowed to never keep up my family�s curse. I hoped to let part of it die with me. Fate has a funny way of betraying me.

�It happened shortly after I ran away from home. I just wanted to start fresh and distance myself from my family. The school provided me with housing on campus. I even started to make new friends. Then on June thirteenth, 1982, I met two American girls. Their names were Allison Parkman and Daisy Kessler. Both of them lived in Camp Zama, an American Army Base in Kanagawa. They would take the train to Kobe on their days off from school and weekends.

�Allison was a brash loner. Her outward stoic appearance scared little children. She didn�t seem to have any other friends besides Daisy. Some of my friends didn�t even approach her. I couldn�t understand how she and Daisy became friends in the first place.

�Daisy, on the other hand, was as sweet as they came. Pretty shy girl may I add. I guess that�s why I liked her so much. I met Daisy and Allison while I was buying dinner. Daisy waited outside the store for her friend. I remember thinking she looked so cute in that yellow and green watercolor sundress. I found myself walking over and talking to her. Daisy was a nice girl. She and Allison moved to Japan two months ago. They were visiting a friend in Kobe for the weekend.

�It didn�t take much from there to click. Through visits and phone calls, we started to date. On the twenty-first of June, I proposed to Daisy. I know it sounds silly, but I was like a little boy in love. She hesitated at first, but said yes. Now, I told her I didn�t want any children. Despite having reservations about my request, she agreed. However, one summer night made it come undone.�

-Side One Ends-

Tsuzuki flipped over the tape and hit play.

-Tape Resumes-

�I remember that whole day on July first. Unbeknownst to me, my baby sister, Kirika-chan, was brain dead at the hospital. That night, I agreed to a double date with Daisy and Allison. I wondered how this would work out. I doubt anyone would go out with Allison. To my surprise, she managed to get a guy for the evening. He looked rather panicked to be with her. To be honest, I felt sorry for that guy.

�The date turned out to be rather nice. Daisy and I enjoyed each other�s company. The other guy warmed up to us almost instantly. Allison stayed quiet for most of the night. I remember that I felt sorry for her.�

Daisuke paused on the tape.

�It�s really embarrassing to repeat. Sometime later, it began to rain. I took everyone back to my dorm. My roommate was out visiting his family while the school was closed for a paint job. It should have ended there.

�However, it took an unfortunate turn.

�Allison and I stayed up talking. She just wanted to be left alone. I could understand how she felt. I can�t really explain how it occurred. I guess my kitsune seduced and then we��

Daisuke paused again on tape.

�I cringe remembering it. But yes, I slept with Allison Parkman. I still embarrass myself thinking about it. I� I� I� I think I need a bath. Excuse me.�

End of Tape Entry #129

An elegant finger hit stop on the tape player. Tsuzuki looked up to see his wife standing behind him in a towel dripping wet and sneering.

�I detest that man�s voice,� she hissed. The shinigami stared at the woman. In a normal situation, he would be all over that curvy Junoesque body instantly. However, she was not his Anna-chan. Anna loved her father. This woman only knew how to spew venom. His wife snickered.

�Daisuke was a bad man after all,� she said, �Cheating on his fianc�e with her best friend. Shameful.�

�He didn�t want to!� Tsuzuki snapped.

�He still did it,� the Mother pointed out. Her husband glared at her. Meanwhile, she sized him up in her own eyes. He didn�t look it, but this shinigami could be quite useful. Why else would Anna be so drawn to him? The woman smirked to herself.

I will devour him! she thought.