The Night of the Dance.

Dateline: Matt's finds his future twin daughter and son. (Yay!) But they were destroying Tokyo while they in a find to prove with is the strongest. (Boo!) But Megan fixed them. (Double Yay!)

    "I can't believe Rosebush-san gave us a math on the last day of school." whined Nina. "Are you going to eat that?" asked Jimmy as he pointed to Grace's tomato bacon sandwich. "Hai!" she said. "I've got to sneak somebody's lunch." he thought.

    Jimmy looked around the lunch tent to see who his next pigeon would be. Then he saw Takeru. "I going to get his lunch." he thought. "Um... Takeru?" Jimmy said as he tapped on his shoulder. Takeru turned around. "Takeru do you want your hot dog?" Jimmy asked slyly. "Yes. Why do you ask?" asked the eight year old boy. "No reason!" Jimmy said sadly.

    "Attention students I have an announcement for you!" said Jarman-san though the loudspeaker. All the students turned there heads to there principal. "You will see an assembly before leave today." she said. All the students got up, some of them had lunch boxes so they closed them up and took them, and ran past the principal.

    Soon all the students were all seated in the bleachers. They were wondering what the assembly was about. "Some cheerleaders have came to this school to perform for you. And here they are." said Jarman-san. With that she walked off the center gym floor. The non cheerleader fans and little boys were not happy, But the day dreamer girls and the older boys were. Then twenty cheerleaders stepped out on the gym floor. One of them was Brandy. Then for some odd reason Brock's moonstone (which is not the evolution stone that you saw on Pokemon) began to glow. He took it out of his backpack to have a closer look at his gem. Then it was in his hand it floated four inch above his hand. Then he stuffed it back into his backpack before any teacher could see it.  The show lasted about fifty-five minutes. When the show was over some students walked down the bleachers. Other students ran down the bleachers. A few students hoped down the bleachers. And the rest just jumped off the sides of the bleachers. Grace knew who Brandy was. She was a star point. Brandy stuck up her arm high and waved it hard. So Grace ran over to Brandy. "You found!" Brandy yelled with joy. "Do you want to come with us?" asked Grace. "Sure." Brandy. With Brandy left with them.
    There were students rushing out of the school. Grace walked over to the bike stop racks and unhooked her bike. She could smell and feel the feeling of summer. It was the last day of school. It was June 1st. The children were walking home when they heard an evil female laugh. "Here we go again!" sighed Ash. They said:
"Prepare for trouble!" said Jessie.

"Make it double!" said James.

"To protect the world from devastation!" she said.

 "To unite all peoples within our nation!" he said.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!" she said.

"To extend our reach to the stars above." he said.

"Jessie!" Jessie said.

"James!" James said.

"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!" Jessie said.

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight." James said.

"Meowth that's right" said Meowth.

    "You again!" yelled Tai. "Yes!" said Jessie.

    Noiz: Hold your horses people! "What's wrong?" asked Kari.

    Noiz: Team Rocket, I thought I kicked you out of my book series. "We let ourselves back in! Now if you have a problem with that little missy let Meowth handle it." said  Meowth as held up his paw with razor sharp claws.

    Noiz: Bem!!!

    Bem: Yes Noizchild.

    Noiz: Get these two clowns and their crazy cat outta here!!! Pronto!

    Bem: As you wish! He picked Team Rocket and threw them out of the story. "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!" Team Rocket yelled. The children left the scene.

    "I'm home mommy!" yelled Grace. "I'm in the kitchen with your aunt Jordan." Megan replied. "I have a surprise for you." said Grace as she as she closer to her mommy. "What is it?" asked Jordan. "It's Brandy." the princess said happily. "Excuse us just a minute." said Jordan as dragged her sister in the living room.

    "Out of all the star points she had to find Brandy." whispered Jordan. "Why don't you like her?" asked Megan. "She is a pain." said Jordan. "How come?" asked Megan. "I'll show you! John John he's our man if he can't do it you'd be a real bummer!" yelled Jordan. "Give her a chance!" said Megan. "All really but if that girl comes anywhere near me cheering I'm going to hurt her." said Jordan.

    "Speaking of school is your daughter going to the dance?" asked a voice from behind them. They turned around to Cary. "You know the answer to that question." said Megan. Meanwhile Grace was sitting on the stairs listening to her mommy and her two aunts talk. "I don't want to go to the dance! I'm not going to the dance! I'm not going to the dance! I'm not... Hey I wonder if  Takeru has a date to go with him. I'll ask him!" she thought. With that she got up off the marble purple carpet covered steps and ran to her bedroom.

    "This my fifth time of asking you to the dance with me!!!" yelled Gary. "And this is my fifth time of saying no to you." said Angela as she walked up to the rosy red apartment that she lives in. "But Angela...!" yelled Gary as Angela slammed the door in his face. "Uh! I can't stand him!" yelled Angela. "Gary gettin' on you nerves again?" asked her little sister, Moesha. "Yes!" said her older sister. Then she looked around. "Where are Teeny and Shannon?" asked Angela. "Teeny is cleaning her and Shannon's room and Shannon is taking a nap." said her little sister. (Teeny and Shannon share the same room.) Just then the doorbell. Angela answered the speaker. "Um? Hello? Angela?" said Ash. "Are you really Ash Ketchum?" asked Angela. "Yes! It's me!" he yelled. "Did you have any trouble getting here?" she asked. "Yes!" he said. "Then come in and we'll talk about it." she said. And he did.
    "Well here goes nothing!" thought Grace and she floated down on the nearest stone. She drew a deep breath and cried out "Oh Takeru." He ran over to her to see what she wanted from him. "I...*pant pant* have something to say to you. *pant pant pant*" little Takeru. said out of breath. "What is it?" she asked. " Grace, Will you? You? You? Go to the dance with me?" he asked. "Sure I'll go I'll go to the dance with you." Grace said. Takeru just blushed.
    Ash was not in a happy mood when he got to Angela's dorm. He was angry because:

1.) The apartment employee had confused him too much.

2.)The visitor's pass line was too long so it took him two hours to get his pass.

3.) The elevator was too crowded so there were more stops than ever. And

4.) it took him five hours just to find Angela's dorm.

    "Have a nice time coming up here?" asked  Moesha. "Moesha! Please!" whispered Angela. "NO!" Ash said. A few minutes later Ash had clamed down and said: "Angela, I have something to ask you." he said quietly to her. "I'll leave you two alone." said Moesha evilly as she tipped toe away to her room. "What is it?" Angela asked. "Angela will you go to the dance with?" asked Ash. "Yes!" said Angela as she kissed him on the cheek. Ash just blushed.

    5:00 That evening a some of children were getting ready for the dance. "Megan,  how I look?" asked Ash as he put on his jacket. "You look fine." said Megan as she helped him out. "What if I mess up badly?" he asked. "You'll do fine." said Megan gently. "But Grace on the other hand..." She looked at her daughter's bedroom door.

    Inside Grace couldn't make up her mind about what to wear to the dance and Hikari was helping her. "How about this?" asked Hikari as she held up a light blue sun dress decorated with sailboats on the oceans. "Is there anything else?" asked Grace for the sixteenth time. "This is all that is left." said Hikari. "Well I'll take that one." said Grace sadly.

    A few minutes later Takeru. was waiting downstairs for Grace. Then she walked down the stairs in her lovely light blue sun dress decorated with sailboats on the oceans. "How do I look?" she asked. "You look great." said  Takeru. as if he had seen her hundreds of times. "Have a nice time." said Hikari. "Are you sure your not coming?" asked Grace. "No." said Hikari. "Okay." said Takeru. as he and Grace walked out the door and closed it. "Maybe some day I'll have a boyfriend of my own." thought Hikari. Then she ran back up stairs to play with Salamon.

    5:13 Ash knocked Angela's door. He was wearing what he usually wears. She came out wearing an orange Japanese style shirt and a pair of black Capri pants (her usual outfit.) "Ready?" he asked. "Yeah!" she said.  "How are going to get to the school?" asked Ash when they got to the lobby. "Jeania said that her boyfriend, Tray was going to pick us up." said Angela. A few minutes later they heard a car horn. "That's are ride. Let's go!" said Angela. And with that She and Ash left the lobby and went out to Tray's car.
    6:59 When Takeru and Grace got to the dance it was breath taking! Rainbow steamers, confetti, and balloons were everywhere. The tissue paper on the wall and gym mat were reflecting bright shades of yellow, red, blue, green, and purple in the reflecting gym spot lights. The snack table look ready to be eaten off of by hungry boys and girls. Kids were dancing hard. The school was playing Savage Garden's "Crash and Burn". "I didn't know what I was missing before! But now I know!" Grace thought. "I've never seen anything like this have you?" asked Takeru. "No." said Grace.
    7:13 Ash and Angela have been in car for an hour now. (Noizchild: And you know? *Looks around quickly* I think Tray's lost.) "So Ash who all is not going to the again?" asked Angela to make the ride less boring. "Sora, Misty, Brock, Gary, Tai, Matt, Izzy, Mimi,  Joe, and Kari." said Ash. They sat in silence until Angela asked the most question in every car trip all around the world: "Are we there yet?" She was really bored. "Chill." said Tray. "Whatever you say!" Angela sighed loudly. "Okay. But I hope were not lost." said Ash sadly.
    8:34 "Hey Grace!" yelled Brandy as she ran over to her. "Hey Brandy!" said Grace. "Are you enjoying the dance?" asked Brandy. "I sure am!" the princess said gladly. "And are you enjoying the dance as well, Takeru?" the cheerleader asked. "Yes I am." said the blond haired boy said gladly. "How are you enjoying the dance." asked Grace. "It's fun!" said Brandy. The three kids talked for a long time. "Enjoy your dance you two." said Brandy as she ran back to the action. "Do you want to dance?" asked Grace. "Sure!" said Takeru. And the two kids dance the rest of the night away.
    9:30 Ash and Angela still in the car. Ash looked outside. "Hey! Did we pass that kids clothing store two hours ago?" he asked as pointed to the little kid's store. "Huh?" asked Angela. "Look up." he said as he pointed to it again. Then she looked up. "Hey you are right! We have been going in circle!" she yelled. "Um... I got lost!" Tray said. "But you said you went to the high school prom!" yelled Ash. "I lost on the way there too." said Tray. Angela looked around for a minute and saw a coffee shop. "Driver stop the car! We're getting out right now!" yelled Angela. "But I thought we were going to the dance." said Ash. "Yeah but I've got a better idea!" said Angela. So Tray stopped the car and Ash and Angela got out of the car. Tray drove away. Ash and Angela walked to the coffee shop and walked in. "I would like one double cappuccino coffee with loads of whip cream and lots of chocolate chips." said Angela. "That will cost you twenty bucks." said the lady behind the desk. Angela took two tens out of her purse and paid the woman. While the drink was being made Angela got two straws and four napkins. When the cappuccino was done Angela got the drink and she and Ash found a booth and sat down in it. Ash put the straws in the drink. The two finish the drink. "Angela will you be my girlfriend?" asked Ash. "Yes!" said Angela. The two kissed on the lips.
    9:52 Takeru and Grace have danced for a long time. Grace decided it was time to make her move. "Takeru aren't going to kiss me?" she asked. "What?" asked Takeru. "You don't have to pretend you don't want." she said. "What am I going to do?" Takeru thought. Then he made up his mind. "O.K. But don't tell anyone yet." he said. He closed his eyes. Grace closed her eyes and got closer to him. The two kissed on the lips. Takeru and Grace opened their eyes. Then Grace to the punch bowl to get a drink. "This is the best summer night ever!" thought Grace as she got a drink.
The End