Chapter Twenty-One: Dawn of Corrupt Love:

Hisoka lied on the bed in a daze. He could still taste the blood in his mouth. Jessie stood before the bed in her underwear. The riding crop at her side mesmerized her toy. The leather bindings on his wrists and ankles told the shinigami that they were in for a rough night. His captor smirked with devilish intent.

"You are a piece of shit," she said. Hisoka chuckled at that remark. Yes I am, he thought. He counted down to their depraved games. Jessie crawled onto the hotel bed, wiping away the drool from Hisoka's mouth.

"Heh," the demon said, snorting. She saw what he wanted. He already gave up being pious on this road trip. Her tolerance spell really did wonders on him. Jessie paused when she heard him murmur something.

"I'm sorry?" she asked as she lowered her ear to his mouth.

"Give it to me," her pet demanded. Jessie pulled up with a twisted smile on her face.

"Say please," she said.

"What?" Hisoka asked. One whack across his abdomen came from her riding crop. She licked her lips upon hearing his howl of pain.

"Say please," she repeated.

"Never," Hisoka whispered. He drew in a sharp mouthful of air as the whip came down on his chest hard enough to draw blood.

"Say it," Jessie cooed. Her nails sank into his chest. Hisoka clenched his teeth as she dragged them down to his stomach.

"Oh come on," Jessie said, "I can be really nice, just say please."

"Screw� you�" the shinigami whispered. He put on a mask of pride through the pain. He wouldn't give in right away. Hisoka kept that in mind while Jessie pressed her nails deeper in his wounds. She looked him in the eye.

"Still won't say please?" the demon asked. Jessie drew back her nails.

"Well then," she spoke. She reached under the bed for her stick. "Allow me to teach you some manners," Jessie cooed. Hisoka smirked at her back.

"Fuck you, bitch," he growled. A smack across his injured abdomen took all of the air from his lungs. It meant nothing to him. She could beat him up all she wanted; he would just heal in the end. His smiling face made her blood boil. She decided to go for a different target.

Jessie unzipped his jeans. A cat-like smile spread on her face as she saw his member erect and proud. Hisoka lifted his head as his captor went down on him. He moaned when her mouth connected around the hard skin. Her tongue took small, slow laps up and down.

"Jes�" Hisoka moaned. The demon glanced up with mischief in her eyes. Her target let off a cry of pain as she bit down on his member hard enough to draw a small amount of blood. His body jerked, restrained by the bindings on the bed.

"Fuck!" the shinigami screamed. Jessie switched back to licking before taking another hard bite.

"Oh God!" Hisoka screamed. Jessie slowly pulled away and sat back.

"You know what you have to do," she reminded him.

"Never�" Hisoka whispered.

"Say it," the demon hissed at him, whip ready in her hand. "It's the only way." The shinigami shut his eyes. Of all the ways to end up like this�

"Please," he said in a hoarse voice. Jessie paused and eyed him.

"I'm sorry?" she asked.

"Please!" Hisoka yelled. His predator eyed him curiously.

"Please what?" she asked, ever so sweetly.

"Please� fuck me!" he screamed. "Fuck me hard!" Jessie reached behind and unhooked her black, lacy bra. Hisoka watched it fly across the room. Her face came within inches of his. He never knew she had such pearly fangs.

"Looks like I'll have to reward you," she said in a low voice.

"Jessie�" Hisoka bellowed. The demon rolled off her panties and swallowed her prey up with a kiss. Hisoka felt like throwing up. It embarrassed him that he enjoyed this. He wished it to be Tsuzuki in his bed instead. As Jessie rode the strung-out shinigami like a wild animal, he came to realize something.

I� can't feel anything anymore. His powers must have died within him. The partying and drugs had robbed him of the ability to care. The shinigami smirked as Jessie dug her nails into his hips. He even separated himself from the pain and empty pleasure.

"Oh God!" Jessie screamed at the climax. Her body stiffened as Hisoka's seed filled her pussy. Hisoka shook his head as Jessie fell asleep beside him. Is this what has become of me? Hisoka looked at the stained ceiling. He already knew what would come tomorrow night. I am so fucked up�