Chapter Twenty-Six: Dear Friend:

Anna tried to dial Kiko’s number.

“I don’t know how this will help,” she said.

“Just go with me on this,” Tsuzuki told her.

“Alright,” Anna said. The other line rang.

“Hello?” a man’s voice asked.

“Who this?” Anna asked.

“Who are you?” the man asked. Anna looked up at Tsuzuki. He gave her a quick nod.

“My name is Kimoto-Tsuzuki Anna. I am an old friend of Kate Kiko. Is she around?” she asked. There was a pause on the other line.

“Her friend?” the man asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Did something happen to her?”

“Would you like to come in and talk?” the man asked. Anna had a puzzled look on her face.

“Why?” she asked. “Who is this?”

“I’m with the Nagasaki PD,” Anna looked up at Tsuzuki.

“Now what?” she mouthed.

“Do it,” he mouthed back.

“You sure?” she asked. Her husband nodded.

“Okay,” Anna said. “I will be right there. Thank you.” She hung up her phone.


Meanwhile, Tsuzuki returned to Ju-Oh-Cho. He received a text for another case minutes ago. Hisoka stood in the lobby, waiting.

“What’s going on?” Tsuzuki asked.

“We have to go to Konoe’s office,” his partner said. The shinigami teleported to their destination.


Anna sat in a police interrogation room. Kiko’s phone ended up in the hands of the police. The woman’s eyes trailed upwards. The cops wouldn’t tell her much.

Where are you, Kiko? Anna froze as a whispering filled her ear.

Find me.

Anna jerked her head upwards. The ghostly image of a woman sat across from her at the table. She couldn’t see her face. Yet, her appearance felt so calming.

“Kiko… -san?” Anna asked. The faceless woman did not speak.

“Where did you go?” Anna asked. “Are you still alive? What happened to you? Talk to me.” The other woman did not answer. Instead, she vanished into thin air.

“Kiko-san!” the living woman said. Anna looked down on the table when she noticed a small silver hairclip in front of where the ghostly woman sat. She quickly grabbed the clip and stuffed it in the pocket.

Suddenly, the door opened.


Drag. Drag. Drag. Drag.

She won’t go down. How was she still alive? She couldn’t survive for much longer. It didn’t make sense.

Drag. Drag. Drag. Drag.

There was growth now. Yes, there was that. A voice. But, it only managed to scream one thing.


The hunger out for more.


Drag. Drag. Drag. Drag.