Chapter Four: Death Hunters:

Tokyo changed into its nightwear. Outside the city, she puffed on her cigarette. Anna was here; she could sense it. She turned to her partner.

“I found her!” she said excited. Her partner said nothing in the shadows. She tried her best to keep down her excitement. Twenty-six long years; the chase had taken that long.

“Shall we go?” she asked. When he didn’t say a word, she smiled at him. He played her perfect match.

“Okay,” she said, “Let’s go!” She headed into the city while her partner following behind.

Meanwhile, Emiko and Hotaru monitored Anna’s recovery as she slept.

“She looks so peaceful,” Hotaru said.

“Yeah,” Emiko agreed.

Her girlfriend pouted at her, “Can’t believe you tried to break the shield without me!”

The butch demon put up her hands, “Sorry!” Hotaru frowned at her apology. Emiko sighed and gave her a little smile.

“Okay. I’ll let you join in tomorrow’s session,” she added. Hotaru still pouted and frowned at her as if she didn’t believe her. Emiko shook her head.

“Okay, I’ll make it up to you in bed tonight!” she said in defeat. Hotaru smiled at her.

“Okay!” she perked up. Emiko smiled back and rubbed her on the cheek with her thumb.

“Spoiled!” she said. Hotaru giggled.

“Your fault,” the loli demon replied. Both women laughed. Then, another thought intervened.

“Hey Emiko,” Hotaru spoke up.

“Mm-hm,” her lover replied.

“So how do we… you know… carry out the plan?” the loli demon asked ever so innocently. Emiko grinned at her girlfriend.

“Glad you asked! You get to the boy and I get to the girl, sound good?” she announced.

“Yes ma’am!” Hotaru said with a salute. Emiko giggled and patted her on the head.

“You’re so cute,” she told her. Hotaru smiled at her like a little girl. They turned back to a sleeping Anna on the bed in their guest room. The butch demon rubbed on Hotaru’s arm.

“You know, I’m turned on by tonight’s whipping!” she purred in excitement. The loli demon pulled away and pouted. Emiko frowned when she saw her face.

“Hoto-chan, what’s the matter?” she asked. Hotaru looked up at her like a disappointed puppy.

“Still can’t believe you did it without me,” she complained. Emiko massaged her on the neck while giving her a sweet, sly look.

“Aw, I promise to make it up to you tonight and tomorrow,” she whimpered. The loli demon folded her arms across her chest and turned away.

“Make it up to me right now!” she demanded. Emiko blinked her with a lost look on her face.

“Now?” she asked.

“Now!” her girlfriend demanded. She stuck out her tongue at her. Emiko smiled at her wickedly.

“Your wish is my command, my lady!” she said with an elegant bow. Hotaru giggled as her girlfriend kissed her on the lips. The girls kissed all the way to their bedroom for the night.

In the city, she and her partner came into a bar. He didn’t understand why she just had to have a drink already, but he didn’t voice this. She flagged down the bar tender.

“Eh!” she yelled, “Double sake and fizzy cherry water for my partner! Make it quick!” The bar tender nodded in silence. She sat back in pride. She was a loud and demanding soul; had been ever since before her death in 1977. Her partner learned that in a course of three days with her after they first met. Ever since then, he did everything in his power to stay on her good side. The bar tender came back with their drinks and she drank up right away.

“More!” she yelled. The bar tender calmly served her more. Her partner kept watch over her while he had time with his first drink! She’s going to get blink drunk before the night was over. That meant dragging her out of the bar and checking into a motel. It was always the same thing with her on this twenty-six year long hunt. She always drank night after night in any place that served alcohol. Because of her drinking, they had to pick up extra escaped soul hunts to make ends meet. It was lucky that her liver always healed itself by morning. Part of the reason that he himself never drank, this was. By closing time, she had blacked out after her last drink of the night. The bar tender look on with worry.

“Does she need a doctor?” he asked. Her partner shook his head as he held her up.

“Need a taxi?” the bar tender asked. The partner nodded and the bar tender quickly got on the phone. Her partner slowly dragged her out of the bar. He sighed and shook his head at her. All in a day’s work really. There is still tomorrow to work things out. Lucky for them both, he was the saner one of the two.

Meanwhile, Hisoka just found a reason to reopen the Kimoto Yumiko and Kirika cases.

“Tsuzuki, look!” he exclaimed as he came across a document from the locked archives.

“Hm?” his partner asked as he looked up from nearly falling asleep on the paper version of the old Eda-Kimoto case files.

“I think you and Anna might be right,” Hisoka said in one breath, “Come and look at this!” The older Shinigami quickly snapped awake and hurried over to the computer. He read over the forbidden document. Most of it had been marked out.

“Where did you find this?” Tsuzuki asked as he scrolled down on the screen. Tsuzuki’s violet eyes grew wide in shock at the pictures and the uncensored captions under them. He quickly ran to Konoe’s office.

“Tsuzuki, wait! The…” Hisoka yelled at him.

“Take it with us!” the older Shinigami yelled back. The boy quickly printed up the document and raced after Tsuzuki. The pretty tent of lies had just been ripped open by old ugly truths and that would start a lingering war of revenge.