Chapter Five: Declaration of War:

-7:00 p.m.-

Tsuzuki got up to get the paper. He happened to look down to see a medium-sized box at his feet.

“Hm?” he asked. The shinigami picked up the box. He took a listen inside. It’s not ticking.

“Hey Anna!” Tsuzuki shouted.

“What is it?” she asked. He turned around as she walked into the living room. Tsuzuki held up the box.

“We just got this box this morning,” he said. Anna walked over for a closer look.

“Is this it?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Tsuzuki said. He took the box over to the coffee table.

“Get a knife,” Tsuzuki said.

“Right,” his wife said. She dashed into and came with a small kitchen knife.

“Thanks,” he said. The shinigami cut along the tapped line. He pulled the box open. The couple looked inside.

“What is that?” Anna asked. Tsuzuki picked up the letter inside. His wife saw a black velvet black at the bottom.

“Let’s see,” the shinigami said. He read to himself at first. One line caught his eye.

“Usagi,” he said.

“Yeah?” Anna asked. Tsuzuki handed her the letter. She read it to herself. She narrowed her eyes.

“She wants to play a game,” Anna said.

“What kind of game?” he asked. Anna read further down the letter. She reached in and pulled out the smaller box. She opened the lid. She gritted her teeth.

“She wouldn’t…” Anna muttered. She reached in and pulled out a handful of photos. All of them her friends. Tsuzuki saw one of Allison. The color drained from his face as he looked up.  Anna tried to swallow her anger.

“Can we act now?” she asked.

“Yes,” her husband said.

“Thank you,” she said. Her husband held up his hand.

“Before we do that,” he said. Tsuzuki pulled out his phone.

“What are you doing?” Anna asked. Her husband held up his hand as the other line.

“Yes, it’s me” Tsuzuki said. “We got it today. Do you have your end ready? Good, how soon should we get it? Three days?” Tsuzuki looked over at Anna eyeing him. She started tapping her foot as she frowned. Tsuzuki nodded as he listened to the phone.

“Can’t it go faster?” the shinigami asked. “Are you sure? Isn’t there something… fine. At least give us something to work with for the time being. Huh? That could work, I guess.” Tsuzuki listened a bit longer.

“Okay, I understand. Thank you.” He hung up his phone. The shinigami turned to an anxious Anna. He began to smile.

“Ready to go?” he asked. His wife could finally relax. She clenched her fists and nodded.

“Where to?” she asked. Tsuzuki took hold of her wrist.

“I have a clue where,” he said. Anna now had to put her trust in her husband.