Chapter eleven: Depression:

    “Around me everything was dancing a dance of death. It made my head reel. I was walking in a cemetery, among stiffened corpses, logs of wood. Not a cry of distress, not a groan, noting but a mass agony, in silence.”

-Elie Wiesel “Night”

    The problem worsened day by day. Takeru soon grew depressed. He wouldn’t eat anything for weeks. Concerns grew high. Especially Aneko’s.

    “Takeru!” she called as she tried to look for him. She found him on the roof. He was staring at the sky. “Takeru!” Aneko called out. Nai answer. The princess walked closer. Her boyfriend looked up. She froze. “Teddy…” Aneko said. “I’m worried about you. You barely eat, you look tired, you’re always sad, you’re not yourself…”

    “Leave me alone!!!” Takeru yelled. Then he got up and ran down the stairs. Aneko just stood there in pure worry. “Teddy…” she thought.

    Takeru tired to fight off sleep. But in the end, he would always lose. Oh! The nightmares were awful. Each was worse than the last. Takeru would scream until his voice was hoarse. But the mother-load of problems hadn’t begun yet.