Chapter Forty-Six: The Devil�s Joy:

Lucy�s happy again and that could only mean one thing.

�Jared�s back, isn�t her?� Tsuzuki asked.

�Uh-huh!� Lucy said.

�For how long?�

�Two years.�

�Ah,� he replied. Lucy being happy� Oh boy! Yeah. Plus for two years too? Oh boy!

�What�s wrong with that?� Anna asked. Tsuzuki looked up from eating his cake.

�That�s just it,� he said. �You�ve gotten to know her, right?�

�Yeah,� Anna said. Her love put up his hands.

�So?� he asked. Anna thought about this and her face dropped. �Oh.� The shinigami nodded.

�Yeah,� he said. It didn�t end there. Lucy always came around with cuff bruises on her wrists. She grinned� no, she bragged about them.

�Good night?� Hisoka asked to get it over with. She grinned at him.

�Uh-huh!� Lucy said.

�Jared, huh?�

�Yep, for two more years!�

Hisoka rolled his eyes. �Yes, I know.� Jared�s not a bad guy. He has a decent job. He doesn�t play around on Lucy. He doesn�t hit her except as their fun in the bedroom. It�s just�

�When he�s around,� Tsuzuki broke down to Anna. �Everyone knows it.�

�How?� she asked.

�First,� he said. �There are the marks on her body. Cuff marks, hickeys, bite marks, things like that.�

�Oh my,� Anna said. �She really does like it rough.�

�Don�t see why you�re surprised. You�ve known her close to a year now.�

Anna nodded. �True�� Her eyes turned to him. �What else?�

�Well, she brags about it next.�

�Yeah, I�ve heard that from the others.�

�And then, something else happens.�

She peered at him. �Like what?�

�Last time, they moved in together.�

�And this time?�

Tsuzuki shrugged. �Don�t know yet.�

�It�s funny,� Anna said. �She�s usually anti-love.� Tsuzuki nodded.

�Yeah,� he said. �But Jared�s different, want to know why?�

�You�re just itching to tell me, aren�t you?�

Tsuzuki smiled like a hyper little puppy. �You know me so well. Alright.� He leaned in to her ear. �He�s like a male version of her.�

�Oh�� Anna murmured. �Her better half?�


�Just like you and me?�

Tsuzuki nodded uneasily. �Minus the S&M parts.� She nuzzled him on the ear.

�Ooo!� he said. Anna giggled. Tsuzuki smiled and shook his head.

�You,� he said. On the thirty-first, Lucy�s big news came that morning. It began with a text.

Big news. Meet me at noon at the Viron.

What could this be? The shinigami, Anna, demons, Rihoko, and Vivian all waited at the caf�. Anna leaned over to Tsuzuki.

�So what�s this news she has?� she whispered. Tsuzuki shrugged and shook his head.

�We�ll have to see,� he said. Anna sat back in place. In twenty minutes, Lucy and Jared walked over to their table. She leaned on him, smiling, not smiling but grinning.

�Hey guys,� she said. Jared waved at them. The crew waved back rather confused.

�Okay,� Anna said. �What�s this about?� Lucy held up her hand.

�Patience, Barbie,� she said. �I�m getting there.� Tsuzuki held Anna�s hand as Lucy grinned.

�Everyone,� she said. �We got married.� She held up her left hand to show off her deep black wedding band. Shock just bitch-slapped the crew where they sat.

�What?!� they yelled.

�It�s true,� Jared said, smirking. �We are now married.�

�When did this happen?� Hotaru asked as she bounced Akira-kun in her lap.

�Two weeks ago,� Lucy said.

�In the courthouse,� Jared added. Okay� No one expected this, they should have, but still�

�Anything else?� Anna asked.

�Nope,� the S&M queen said. �That was it.� Lucy�s smile became brighter than the sun. �He needs to go work now, Bye.� Jared grabbed on her ass as they walked away. The others sat there trying to process what they just learned.


�So, Lucy�s married now,� Tsuzuki said later that afternoon.

�Yep,� Anna said. The couple passed a bridal shop.

�That�s going to be the talk around Ju-Oh-Cho,� he said.

�Uh-huh,� Anna replied.

�Takes some of suspicion off of us,� Tsuzuki mumbled under his breath, averting his eyes. Anna glanced up at him.

�What?� she asked.

�Oh shit!� Tsuzuki muttered as he froze, trembling. Anna frowned.

�You haven�t told them yet, have you?� she asked. Tsuzuki tried not to look at her, chuckling to himself.

�You weren�t going to tell them, were you?� she asked.

�Not yet�� he mumbled.


�I don�t know.�

�It can�t stay a secret forever.�

�I know that!� Tsuzuki took a deep breath and rested his hand on her shoulder. �Look, we�ll tell them together tomorrow.�

Anna looked him in the eye. �You promise?�

Her love nodded. �Yes, I mean it, I really do.�

Anna gave him a little smile. �I�ll hold you to it.�

�Alright,� Tsuzuki replied. Anna was about to speak when her cell phone rang.

�Excuse me,� she said. The woman reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone.

�Hello?� she asked.

�My dear niece,� a creepy voice croaked on the other line. �It�s been so long.�