Diamond's Bio
Name: Diamond Rosetta Donna Montale

AKA: Italian Princess and Bitch

Birthdate: 3/3/85

Age: 17

P.O.B.: Venice, Italy

Species: Kamimortal

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'8.5"

Occupation: Writer and Student

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Money, Venice, her boyfriend, shopping, Italy, shoujo manga and anime, snow, European chocolate, sweets, lobster, sushi, being in control, yuri, shoujo-ai, fugu, Placebo, wine, the riches of life, RPG games, Kylie Minogue, pearls, cherry blossoms, diamonds, video games, gold, roses, silver, Moby, jewelry, Gunslinger Girl, cannoli, gelato, honey, yaoi, bishounen, make-up, Gorillaz, music, Zero 7, coffee, cats, pop, and fashion

Outfit: White tank top that shows her midriff, dark blue baggy jeans, white sandals, and silver chain necklace that has her name in diamonds

Animal Chibi: Swan

    Sexy and charming, Diamond is convinced she is a goddess. Since birth, her parents have spoiled her rotten. Daddy's little princess enjoys getting her way. She always had the finest things in life. At the age of five, her father put her through the finest private school in Venice. Diamond made straight A's in her classes, but yet she couldn't really make any friends. The main reason was because was that she was too used to having her way. Many of the girls hated her, but yet they wanted to be her at the same time. Diamond learned this really quickly and used it to her advantage. The Italian diva quickly rose to the status of Queen Bee in junior high and kept her power through high school.

    Descendant of Helen, Diamond drink a piece of the maiden's heart in some coffee. Helen took care of her for eighty days. By the time Diamond was fifteen, her mother and father began to debate about how to raise their teenage daughter. The mother wanted to get her daughter to become a mature adult and make it herself in the real world. However, the father still wants to spoil her rotten and give her anything that she wanted. Unable to take anymore headaches from her husband, Diamond's mother looked online to find her daughter a job. It took her days, but she came across Tokyo-Zion Academy and signed up her daughter as intern. Against her will, Diamond ended up shipped all the way to Japan.

    Diamond showed up to Tokyo-Zion Academy on the staff girls' birthday party and won't leave. She quickly rose to the status of being a teacher in under six months. The rest of the staff girls can't stand Diamond, but they have to put up with her because her mother insisted that she work there and learn some responsibility. The little diva doesn't care; she still has money from her parents and can do anything she wants in her downtime. The staff all pity her boyfriend. Diamond is quickly learning to love Japan just as much as Italy itself. She lives with her parents and has a cat named Diana whom Bemmer hates.