Diva Rising

    At eleven o'clock, Ophelia made her grand entrance into the hotel. She walked in with camera crew following behind. The diva lowered her shades.

    "Heh," she said, "Fair enough." Ophelia walked up the front desk and rang the bell. The receptionist greeted her with a bright smile.

    "Hi and welcome to Grand Hyatt Hotel," she said. Ophelia's face didn't change.

    "Do you have suite open for Ophelia Dayton under the billing of Andy Teach, dear?" she asked.

    "Hang on one moment," the receptionist said. She got on her computer and typed in the information. "Dayton and Teach, right?" the young woman asked.

    "That's correct," Ophelia said, flipping back her blonde ponytail. The receptionist kept typing and looked up at the diva.

    "We have the room for you," she said, "They aren't finished cleaning it." Ophelia's face dropped.

    "Not finished cleaning?" she repeated.

    "I'm so sorry, miss!" the receptionist said with her bowed. Ophelia gritted her teeth and snorted.

    "This is unacceptable," she hissed. The hairs in her ponytail started to stand up as she saw fire. Her poor victim's eyes darted around for help.

    "They'll be done in ten minutes!" the receptionist said quickly in a high-pitched voice. Ophelia's eyes darted on her.

    "Ten minutes?" she asked. The young woman behind the desk nodded.

    "Yes!" she yelped. Ophelia pondered this for one second before cooling down.

    "Fine," she said, "Any shops available?"

    "Sure," the receptionist said. She reached over and pulled out a guidebook. Ophelia snatched it right out of her hand.

    "Thank you," she said. The woman turned to walk out the door. Before reaching the sliding glass, she glanced over her shoulder.

    "My room better be ready by the time I come back," she hissed. The receptionist swallowed and nodded. The diva smiled and walked out the doors with the cameramen.