Fire Dreams

Dateline: The children have now crossed though the the portal of darkness but they had to fight their fears first.

    "Those annoying kids have got into my way for too long!!!" yelled Sepheroth. "Is something wrong?" asked Amberus. "It's these annoying children!" yelled Sepheroth. Then he came up with a great idea. "Amberus." he said. "Yes master." she said. "I want you to go out and attack those annoying pests." said Sepheroth. "Yes sir." she said with joy. Then she teleported down to where the children were. "This will be good to watch." he thought.

    "How much farther?" asked Gezzele. "I don't know." said Grace. "Oh children! Come out and play!" said a voice. The children stopped in their tracks. "Did you hear that?" asked Grace. "Yes." said Ash. "Where is it coming from?" asked Jen. They all looked around. "Oh children! Come out and play!" voice the said again, this time even louder. "It's getting louder." said Chillie. Then a black hole opened and Amberus came out of it. "It's Amberus!" yelled Izzy. "Time to play!" she said. The children were silent. "Oh! Don't tell me you don't want to play." said Amberus. "What should we do?" asked Sabrina. "I guess we should attack." said Grace. "But we're not strong enough." said Jessi. "But have you no choice." said Grace. "Much better! Now get ready for.... Fire blast!" yelled Amberus. The children were sent running for their lives. "Not enough you then try this... Fire rings!" yelled Amberus. The children kept running. "Fire blaze!" she yelled. That caused a terrible fire. Soon the found themselves trapped in the flames. "I might as well burn to death." thought Amberus. While she was throwing all of her fire attacks, Katrina got onto her computer and did some research on how to defeat Amberus. "You guys!" she yelled. The other children turned to her. "Amberus is a fire type and fire is weak against water, Right?" said Katrina. "Right." said the other children. "So, What's you point?" asked Matt. "So I was thinking we could use Nina and Sabrina to defeat her and then Grace to bring her back to good." Katrina continued. The other children thought about this for a while.
    "All right. We'll give it a try." said Grace. "We'll do our best." said Nina. Then she and Sabrina flew out of the fiery circle. "So, two of you decided to play. Fire rings!" yelled Amberus. "Watch out! Here it comes!" yelled Nina. The two girls got ready. "Hydro pump!" yelled Sabrina. The fire rings got wet. Amberus became scared. "Ocean cyclone!" yelled Nina. Amberus became weak. The flames disappeared. "Get away from me!" yelled Amberus. "I'll take it from here." said Grace. Then she took out her bloodstone off of her bow on her blouse. "Bloodstone healing!" she yelled. "Noooo!" yelled Amberus. * You see cherry blossom pedals in her eyes * Amberus was slowly turning good. "It's working!" yelled Grace. Then she fell to the ground.
    The children walked over to where Amberus laid. Then she slowly got up. They quickly ran away. "What's wrong? I'm not going to hurt you." she said. The children began relax and then they continued with their journey.
The End