Chapter Five: Drowning:

Hisoka felt so cold on the outside. Last night kept playing itself out in his head. Tsuzuki and Anna, one month alone together and this happens. He didn’t see it in time.

“Bon!” he heard someone say. Hisoka quickly looked up to see Watari’s smiled face was just inches from his.

"Watari?" he asked as he blinked at him. The older shinigami tilted his head at him.

"Something the matter, Bon?" the scientist asked. Hisoka quickly shook his head.

"Nothing, nothing," he said. Watari gave him an odd look, but he said nothing. Everyone knew the truth. Hisoka was in pain and the fact that everyone could see it made it even worse. To tell the truth, Hisoka didn't hate Anna. In fact, he felt rather neutral towards her; maybe a little irritated by her. However, she became like a parasite to his life. Tsuzuki brought her back to life; they reconnected and got closer. Now, they were in love. Hisoka didn't notice until too late. He wished he had said something sooner, but what good would that have done?

The bond itself was hard to stomach. Tsuzuki and Anna had a serious relationship, not a fling. The older shinigami had grown closer to Anna than he was with anyone in Meifu. Hisoka couldn't explain this fear he felt every time he saw them together. He felt as if he was standing on the outside in the cold always looking in. The boy shuddered at that thought again.

"Something wrong?" he heard someone ask. Hisoka jerked his head upwards and noticed Tsuzuki and Watari staring at him. Something wrong? It was just rubbing salt into the wound. Hisoka wished that he didn't have to hear that question anymore. In the beginning, he could mask it all with his usual stoic face, but now the façade was starting to crack.

Hisoka looked rather agitated as he glared at them, "Nothing I am fine! Will you all stop asking me?" He walked down the hall to Dr. Yamashita's main office in the Kyoto Psychology Center. Watari and Tsuzuki watched him bewildered.

"What's the matter with him?" the scientist whispered to his friend. Tsuzuki didn't answer; they knew why already.

I've got to fix this, Tsuzuki thought.